Why Apple has the Better iOS?

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Why Apple has the Better iOS?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
As far as operating systems used in smartphones are concerned, there is a two horse race when it comes to claiming the first position between iOS and Android. There is a fraction of people who believe that Android ranks higher than iOS but there are so many suggestions that have been put forward to differ with this opinion respectfully. 
Apple has better iOS
Android has some great and strong points that are considered but the iOS comes armed with far sharper weapons on its sleeves to defeat Android. Here are several reasons why Apple has the better smartphone OS.

Hardware and Software Integration

Apple manufactures both the hardware and software of all its devices, which gives it a great edge in the game as it helps it become more optimized than Android. Apple can develop software that will run in a flowing synchronization with the hardware. It is easier to take quick actions from your home screen when using an iPhone by just long pressing on an app icon.

Clean User Interface

Android offers a number of options meant to tweak and play with its looks. An iPhone makes its UI simple thus making it easier for new-adopters. This absence of a myriad of options comes in handy as it does not confuse users thereby creating a great user experience. 

Always Updated

Apple understands both its hardware and software and therefore when there are any updates; they usually roll at the same time for everyone. It does not matter whether the update is a key incremental update or a small security patch, all devices are updated on the same day without any form of discrimination. This is completely different when it comes to Android, which is known for its pitiable update timeline as different smartphone makers usually schedule the updates at different times. Each manufacturer has their skin that needs to be tweaked for any upcoming update thereby causing an immense delay. 

Security and Encryption

When it comes to encryption and security, iOS and iPhones are reputed for being built like a tank. The memory on the smartphone is well encrypted and nobody can hack into its hardware using confidential information. The fingerprint and the face ID data is stored on the iPhone and not on any cloud server thereby ensuring that your data is always safe with you. Android, on the other hand, is quite flexible given that it can be easily flashed, rooted and there have been a number of times it has been hacked meaning that it is not all that secure. 

Fixed iOS Choices

iPhones do not have a huge variety compared to the myriad of Android devices on the market. In a year, iPhone through its Apple deals launches two or three models that do not differ a lot as the only difference that exists between them is their storage space, camera modules and screen size. Android, on the other hand, comes with a lot of options bearing different hardware options and specifications that can confuse an innocent buyer and cause him to make a mistake.

3D Touch

Apple supports 3D Touch which enables the device to have separate touch inputs that enable various micro-menu options. The 3D Touch will sense your pressure sensitivity on your touch screen enabling various input options. Various app developers have adopted this new goodness and Android is yet to inculcate it into its devices. It only has the long press menu option but the 3D Touch is just out of this world.

App developers love the iOS and this explains why most new apps are released on this platform. The iOS is secure and no person can be able to crack the paid for apps unlike in Android where there are various ways of cracking the paid apps. All the above are some of the reasons why Apple has the better iOS when compared to Android. From all the above reasons, it is easy to see why the iOS takes the lead in this two-horse race. 


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