7 Easy-to-use, Cheap & Convenient Editing Apps for Writers

Sunday, 1 April 2018

7 Easy-to-use, Cheap & Convenient Editing Apps for Writers

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The need for education has led to new developments in the education sector worldwide. To be able to get a quality education, communication basics of writing are on demand. Individual who do not know how to communicate effectively through writing need some professionals to help them. Education systems in early childhood development are focusing on the writing skills because of the shift in technology and market demand base on it. 
Editing Apps for Writers
In higher learning institutions, students are depending on many writing companies to help them to get coherently written pieces. It all starts with developing writing skills. Understanding the client's level of education to get the right content comes second after an integral part of writing is met. Different writing styles convey different messages effectively. At our service, we offer professional essay writing service to scholars. Our expertise lies in writing and our establishment is to ensure that our clients get the best service on the market. Every person is in search of a service that meets his or demands. Various online tools help us in the course of work execution to provide quality writings. 

Many apps are available online to help writer provide presentable work with specific requirements that conform to the writing laws and guide. Some of the best editing apps include


The writer’s efficient online tool to perfect writing work is Grammarly. The online grammar checker scans through the document and identifies mistakes and highlight to allow you know where the mistakes are and give you suggestions on what to write in an attempt to correct. It identifies the wrong sentence structures and shows you what ought to be written. It highlights punctuation mistakes that are not captured by MS Word- as some settings do not enable the program to detect grammar mistakes. Also, the provision of synonyms helps you avoid repetition. 

After the deadline

Many writers use passive voice many times while writing. In as much is not an offence, best communication and delivery of content is efficient well in an active voice. After the deadline, it helps to identify the passive voice, and complex sentence phrasing. The artificial ability makes the editing tool superior to locate misused words, spelling errors and many other common faults that writers commit. With it, you can correct redundant phrases and set your texts correctly. 

Zoho writer

Zoho Writer is a free online writing tool. The design is to help any user to make use efficiently. It has sleek easy to use interface. Anyone can access it online through a machine or a smartphone. It is an alternative to Microsoft with formatting options. Writing becomes simplified when you access it. It will allow you get the right spellings and avoid a lot of error. Everyone is running away from the instance where a good percentage of a piece is full of simple mistakes that otherwise could be avoided.


The tool is amazing. It is created with a ghostwriter in mind. The focus is on the word choice, dialogue, momentum and pacing, and repetition to give you strong writing experience. Many people have the right contents but their work is not up to standards because of the petty mistakes. The tool is efficient in helping you erase and correct to have a well-written piece. Editing is very crucial to any writer; the purpose is to remove as many mistakes. Without efficient editing tool, it is possible in the event of editing you create many more mistakes. Autocrit tool will help you get the best editing service for your writings.


Line online writing service, the purpose the writing tools is to give the best information to the user to develop in language. Have a well-developed language will reduce the number of mistakes that you will find in your piece. The interface of prowritingaid is to help the users get an easy reference to the services, just like many tools. It helps you correct mistakes you have done and gives you the best alternative words that correspond to the flow of your text. 

Navigating through the tabs is easy for beginners. It offers excellent services to both familiar users and the learners. You do not have to get a lot of experience to use. Any person can log in and start using. It is simple but very essential in the writers work.

Hemingway app

It uses a large font that allows you to scan through the text and read as you correct the mistakes. A large font helps you to note mistakes easily. The bright colours that used allow you to revise your work comprehensively without missing any correction. It breaks down the number of paragraphs to increase readability. Getting the most appropriate app for your use is beneficial for your writing and writing skill growth.

Importance of editing tool in the contemporary world

In the current generation, writing is driving every change. Ranging from the social media to professional writing in tenders and other inter-government communication, we interact with it on a daily basis. The editing services help you improve your writing skills. With repeated use of the services, writers get accustomed to writing techniques that are important in writing. Common mistakes that used to be prominent in your writing fade. Many people want a service that makes them outstanding. Being able to use the editing tools effectively will help you groom your language and provide the requirements that are accepted in the market. 

For professional writers, they will get more traffic to their blogs and accounts. It increases the income because many people will identify with your work and transform what you do into a growing business. Students desire to score highly in essays. Being equipped will allow them to provide quality work with the correct content concerning the choice of words. They will be able to score high marks and excel in academic work.

The New Yorker festival featured George Saunders being interviewed by Debora Treisman who is the fiction editor. The subject was on the writing and the tactics for editing. Writer George Saunders expounded on the importance of editing and the best way to achieve it. Practice always makes people perfect. When you get editing tool and work with it, progressively, you grow your mind and understand the basic guidelines in writing that you will keep while writing. Keeping the guidelines makes you a perfect writer. 

Another setting featured editor victor Dwyer and Charlotte Gill at Banff Center for arts and creativity. The modern apps are mentioned and how to use them to get competently written work. As we progress, we develop new ideas on how to make work easier; such apps are essential to use if you cannot get an experienced writer to help you edit your work. They are also cheaper and effective.


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