3 Best Android-Specific Apps to Download Right Now

Thursday, 19 April 2018

3 Best Android-Specific Apps to Download Right Now

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The battle between Android and iOS continues. With many devout iOS users and more and more switching across, it is no wonder that Android is pulling out all the stops. According to The Verge, 99.6% of smartphone sales in 2016 were made up of Android and iOS sales – 81.7% of this ran Android and 17.9% ran iOS. While there are a few major differences regarding hardware, price, security, software and integration, it can often come down to the app selection.
Best Android Specific Apps
While many often think that Google Play is a less safe version of the App Store – especially after a fake version of WhatsApp was downloaded by over 1 million Android users last year – the Android Developers Blog stated last month that they removed over 700,000 bad apps from Google Play. So, while the sheer volume of apps on Google Play has previously meant a fair amount of bad apps, serious steps are being taken to tidy it up. Many new apps are available to both iOS and Android – such as these Bitcoin Wallets - but there are a number of Android-specific apps that make being an Android owner worthwhile:

Muzei Live Wallpaper

The Muzei app randomly selects a famous work of art for the wallpaper on your Android home screen every day. To find out more about the piece of art or to browse others, you simply need to double tap on your home screen or open the Muzei app. If your piece of art for the day does not necessarily appeal to you, you can simply change it. Android developers have added heaps of different extensions to ensure it is up to scratch and constantly evolving.

Solid Explorer

Although there is no shortage of filing system apps for Android, Solid Explorer certainly stands out from the rest. Its clean-cut design makes it easy to manage files and the app also boasts a number of advanced security features. Solid Explorer allows you to create an FTP server to transfer files to and from your Android device. It can connect to all cloud server services like this one, as well as personal or business FTP servers. And finally, the app allows users to hide files in particular folders, allowing you to customize what you want to be seen or not seen when you hand someone else your phone.

Light Flow

For those who struggle to interpret their phone’s light signals, this Android-only app allows users to control the colors and patterns of the LED lights on the Android. As soon as you have remembered which colors and patterns you have assigned to which app, your confusion surrounding your phone notifications will be kept to a minimum.


The UCCW app is the ideal way to customize widgets on your home screen. It allows users to create their widget from a range of different options that vary in style and features. Depending on what you deem most important, you can design your widget and even publish it in the Google Play store. From custom clocks, battery meters, weather info and a whole lot more, users will have everything they want and need at the tip of their fingertips.


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