USB Network Gate Review: Share USB over Ethernet for Windows

Saturday, 17 March 2018

USB Network Gate Review: Share USB over Ethernet for Windows

Posted by Rahul Gupta
USB Network Gate is used for the connection of more than one USB devices. This is done by connecting it to the computer network using the Internet, LAN, or WAN. It almost feels like the device is connected to our machine.
USB Network Gate
Honestly, your location doesn’t matter and you can have yourself located in any part of the world. The different devices that can be used for the purpose can include Modem, Scanner, Dongle, and Printer. Apart from these, one can also use anything else that is connected to their computer or PC for the time being.

Why USB?

Sharing becomes one of the sole purposes when you have your PC. Transfer of files and data is often required. By sharing USB all over the network as well as multiple computers, it becomes easy for people all over the world to have access to your computer and can use it.

With this facility, it becomes simple to have access to your hardware devices. These include a printer, scanner, Dongle, and any other USB device that your PC supports. Accessing them becomes easy anywhere and at any time.

USB Network Gate also brings along a high desirable capacity with the help of which, sharing becomes flexible. All that is needed for one to do is, connect your USB device to your PC or MAC, and further connect it to a Linux device. That is all, and you are completely good to go.

Features to fall for

Some of the useful features are mentioned below:

Sharing is easy

It might so happen that there is a need to share more than one USB device on various computers. USB Network Gate does the needful and brings in the solution. Printing, Scanning, and Fixing, to any other PC, becomes easy and flexible. Also, add a password to get access to the users.

Plug in

Do you want to connect your USB device to your virtual machine? Well, all that you need to do is install the network gate on some random OS, i.e., virtual machine. After this, you can easily have access to your peripherals even if your desktop is far away. The compatible devices include Microsoft Hyper -V, VMWare, Citrix, and so on.

Get Access

With the Remote desktop connection, troubles are likely to bother you. One of the most common issues that pop up while using a remote connection is accessing the other USB local devices becomes a problem. In a remote session, working with any other USB device becomes easy with USB Network Gate. Apart from that, one can also set their machines automatically to find out and connect to the other USB devices.

Access to Wi-Fi

The network configuration doesn’t require any changes from your side. Without that, the sharing process can be easily done. They can be directly accessed from anywhere, i.e., laptops or any other device. If the devices like your printer, scanner, etc. are connected to your computer, then you are good to go. All the users in the network can work without any trouble.

Some more Add-ons

You might love these extra add-ons exclusively available in it.

Nothing stays Limited

The connector of USB over Ethernet provides one with all the facility. It brings along high desired capacity for one to share their USB devices all over the network. This can either be on Windows or Linux. Looking for more? Well, it also allows creating a connection between server and client. It can either be Mac-Linux, Linux-Windows, or Mac-Windows.

Optimizes Traffic

The USB over Ethernet brings with it a convenient option with the help of which it becomes easy to compress the traffic. All the things like transfer of data and bandwidth, high transfer speed can be done easily. This turns out to be convenient when there is data that are available in an uncompressed way.

Keeps Data Safe

One of the most important and valuable thing to all of us is Data and Information. It often becomes a problem when it is mishandled or when it drives out to some unusual hands. This can bring in serious trouble. With the USB software for sharing, it is guaranteed that the data is safe. It ensures that the data doesn’t reach out to any other third party. What is yours, remains yours and that too, totally safe. This USB software comes embedded with the high and secured connection. That is not all as there are hidden options that provide traffic encryption too. In addition to that, one can also keep it password protected to control the access from other users.

Swap Support

There is no need for you to restart your PC if you wish to share some different device or USB over the Ethernet. All that one has to do is unplug their device from the shared USB and get it plugged into some other device. The remote client will have its new target directly on its screen.


Well, this brings us to a conclusion and also to mention the fact that how much efficient USB network gate is. Apart from the bunch of advantages, it is going to bring for you; it will also make sure to serve you with the best. So, make sure to have your hands on this sturdy gate once in a while.


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