5 Things To Remember Before Buying A Domain

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

5 Things To Remember Before Buying A Domain

Posted by Rahul Gupta
All set for launching a new website? Be it an E-commerce website or a blogging website; there is always a fear in mind of being lost in these millions and millions of other sites that are already crawling all over the Internet. More than 1 billion websites are hovering all over the earth in the cloud. Websites are now an integral part of our life. Whether we need to purchase a new Shirt or just want to know the recipe for making an Italian dish, just settle down and use your magical fingers on the keyboard and the spell is cast. You just have to type the right words that will land you on a website which fulfills all your necessities.
Things to Remember Before Buying Domain
To stand out in this overcrowded world, you need to have that aura reflecting on your website that will entice your audience. Your domain name produces the first glimpse of that aura. Yes, you heard it right. YOUR DOMAIN NAME, it will be the deciding factor which will push or pull your audience.

There are a few things that you should ponder upon when you are using your gray matter to come up with a domain name for your website.

1. Poised

You don’t want your audience to struggle to type or to read your website’s name, Right? We call this the CSR Rule. The domain name should be concise, short and relevant. By short and concise we mean it shouldn’t be too long that someone has to struggle to type it. Tough, you might face some difficulty finding a single word domain but you can always artistically fuse two or three words. Like “YouTube,” “Microsoft” etc. Be creative when making a domain name. Don’t rush for any domain name, take time, jot down its pros and cons. Ask your close ones about their views on the domain name and then make a decision.

By complete we mean that the domain name is the face of your website. So, try relating it to the website’s content, i.e., relevancy should be there, it should connect with the products. This connection will help you in the long run; Google ranks every website and website’s pages as per the relevancy of the keyword used concerning the site. This will be discussed later in the article in the SEO section.

2. Uniqueness

The domain name will represent your brand. Be clear about the idea. Look for domain names that are specific to your brand. The domain name that will add credibility to your website’s stature. Make the domain name ephemeral. Do some research, googling over the Internet, refer directories and online tools like domain checker to check for the authenticity and uniqueness of the name. Pen down the words that are coming to your mind, try making a melody out of it. Make it crisp as a wafer.

3. Extensions

Here comes the confusing part, that what extension should one purchase that is best for his website. It is observed that people fall for .com domain very quickly and are unaware of other domain extensions that are readily available in the market. So, use tools like domain checker to find the best tail for your domain name. Explore from a list of extensions and judge wisely on the extension that best suits your purpose. Think on a few questions like:

What is your target audience?
How far you want to explore the globe?
What type is your website?
Is it educational?
Is it an NGO?
Is it related to Football? 
Is it specific to a particular country?

4. SEO

Having a domain name is one thing but wait the battle doesn’t end now. The primary battle has just begun and your competitors are those 1 billion other websites. The battlefield is search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The main battlefield, Google, it ranks your site as per the content and relevancy. A lot of parameters are judged by the google page rank tools like keywords, backlinks, etc. For the domain name, keywords play a prominent role, the domain name should not be any top searched keyword or the one that has least competition but it should also be in relevance to your website’s theme.

Google has launched many updates in the past years to rank the pages and has become very precise with the domain name as well. Keeping in mind the Search engine optimization (SEO), it is advised that the domain name should include the brand name or the theme of the website. It will help in ranking well by Google page ranking tools. You can refer to Moz tools for knowing about the suitability of a particular tool and accordingly look for the best domain name using domain checker tool.

5.  Registrar

You should be cautious about the place from where you are purchasing the website’s domain and extension. A registrar is where your site will be registered and will gain legal rights. There are two types of registrars:
  1. Retail Registrar 
  2. Corporate Registrar
Depending on the DNS, accounts access, number, Interference, domain type pick amongst these two wisely. A corporate is preferred over the Retail when the number of extensions is required with professional guidance with no breach of securities. Whereas in Retail one might face a few issues with the breach of securities like the service provider advertising on your domain name etc.

You must also see for the copyright/trademark while purchasing a domain name as there might be a possibility that if you are buying an old domain name, then that domain name might have been into some legal cases. You must also look for SEO perspective as it might be possible that the domain name has been black marked in Google page ranking earlier. 

You must be cautious while selecting a platform from where you are purchasing the domain name. You can check various websites that provide copyright and legal status information about the domain name before making a purchase.


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