Top 5 Cool Android Games to Play in 2018

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Top 5 Cool Android Games to Play in 2018

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Best Android Games: Android was launched in the year 2008. Now, it has been ten years since the evolution of Android Operating System. Since the inception of Android, many numbers of games have been introduced in the play store. 
Cool Android Games
And people love playing the Android Games. But it is quite hectic to find some selective android games from the play store. We have selected few cool android games for you. In this article, we have bestowed the top 5 cool android games to play in 2018.

Best Cool Android Games of 2018

Clash of Lights

You might have played Clash of Clans.The clash of lights s2 is almost similar to clash of clans. Both the games look identical, but they are hosted on different servers. Unlike clash of clans, there is no limitation in the clash of lights s2.

You get unlimited troops, unlimited money, and many other features in the clash of lights s2. If you love playing clash of clans, then you should play clash of lights s2. You can record the screen using any reliable screen recorder for PC.

Shadow Fight 3

After the huge success of Shadow Fight 1 and 2, NEKKI developers have developed shadow fight 3. It is one of the best fighting games present on the play store.

In every stage, the user has to finish the opponent and collect the new weapons and pearls. And there are many fighting modes; the user can select any one among them. 

The game has some fantastic animations and great fighting mechanisms.

Stranger Things

It is an official game released by Bonux XP and Netflix. In the game, the player has to move around and should solve the puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle, you will be greeted with a new task. The task is to defend yourself from the various enemies. If you love tostorus types of games, then this games is precisely for you.

Sky Force Reloaded

You might have played space impact game in the traditional Nokia phones. Sky force reloaded is an advanced version of space impact.

It is one of the best retro arcade shooting games in the play store. You have to rescue the pilot on the battlefield by using the shooting tactics. If the pilot is wrecked more than five times, then the game is over, and all the game progress will be lost.


Unkilled in an epic zombie shooter games from the developers of the dead trigger game. There are different human characters in the game, and you have to select one and move on to the mission. Make the team, and you should finish the zombie before it reaches you to kill you.You can also play the game in the real-time with your friends.

To finish the game, you should complete all the 150 missions. On every mission completion, you will be rewarded with new tools and weapons to kill the zombie.


These were some of the best android games to play in 2018. You can play these cool android games in your free time. And we hope that you have liked this post on the cool android games of 2018. You can appreciate our efforts by sharing this post with your friends on social media sites. For any queries related to the android games, you can comment down below.


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