5 SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Rankings in 2018

Sunday, 10 December 2017

5 SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Rankings in 2018

Posted by Rahul Gupta
SEO is the process of enhancing your visibility online. The technique is widely used by various business owners worldwide to bourost their businesses to appear among the top ranks in the Google. 
SEO Tools
Getting your website among the top of the search results is not easy since there is a massive competition from millions of companies in the marketing industry. Therefore, apart from using tried and true SEO techniques, many search marketers take advantage of the many SEO tools that are at their disposal. 

In this article, we’re going to be covering the 6 most influential tools that you can use to make ranking your site a smoother process. These tools have been tested, and a lot of website owners have found them helpful in improving their search engine rankings, and in turn their businesses. This is most important for small business owners.

Here are 6 essential SEO tools to improve your website's rankings:


Ever wondered what your site looks like in the eyes of Google’s crawler. BrowSEO is an excellent tool that allows you to view your web pages content as Google’s crawler see’s it. 

Google and other related search engines usually focus on the content that your overall webpage has before they can give you a position in the search engine results. Learning what to add, remove or how you can improve your site, is essential, and simple to do with BrowSEO. 

The tool analyzes your entire website by highlighting the parts that require to either be changed or upgraded. It also gives you a chance to have a full view of your site and what you need to do to improve its appearance. It is quite simple to use the tool as all you need to do is key-in your URL to the site, to begin with, the analysis.

Screaming Frog

Have you ever researched online but after clicking on the website instead of getting the information you are looking for you find an error notification displayed? Well, this is a problem that is experienced by different website owners. Various issues that cause these errors in the page include; large images on the website, broken links, duplicated information and so on. Note that this is one of the primary drawbacks that lead to researchers not to have faith in what you are marketing. 

If you find your site with such problems, then use Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool. This is the kind of SEO tool that works by investigating all the issues related to the website. The problems can be internal or even external. Then it directly reports to you. Screaming frog tool enables you to see the specific area that requires your attention from there you will be able to know what you need to either improve or remove to make your site functional.

Webris Tools

Webris has an impressive selection of tools that are extremely handy for SEOs. Ryan Stewart and his team have done a great job creating a bunch of tools that help make the ranking process much more accessible. The WEBRIS Tools include:

  • Capture & Convert tool

This tool helps you increase sign-ups and social shares which are crucial for SEO. Social proof is a big ranking factor in Google’s current algorithm. 

  • Content Audit tool

The content audit tool is handy since it allows you to analyze the quality of any given web page. It will tell you the number of links pointing to a particular URL, traffic, bounce rate and more.

  • Keyword Rank Tracker

Rank tracking is essential for anyone trying to rank in Google. It will save you a ton of time manually searching for your target keywords to see if they've improved. WEBRIS has created an impressive and easy to use the rank tracker that will do precisely that.

  • Agency Project Management tool

This tool is excellent for SEO agencies as it helps you manage client workflow, deliverables, and tasks.

  • Agency SEO Report tool

If you run an SEO agency, you know that creating SEO reports can be time-consuming. This tool makes sending reports a breeze.


The speed at which your website takes to load determines how much traffic it will generate. Since most people have short attention spans when browsing the Internet, most users are looking for sites that only take a few seconds to load. If your website takes too long to load, many impatient users will click the back button and select another page to solve their problem. This can be problematic since, in Google’s current algorithm, user metrics (average time spent on site, bounce rate, etc.) are taken into consideration when they rank websites. 

Using a tool like GTmetrix will help you determine the speed of your website. A good rule of thumb is to shoot for a load time of under 2 seconds. The best part is it’s free to use.

Mobile Friendly Testing tool

How does your website respond to different devices? 

Since the majority of online traffic now comes from mobile devices, it’s critical that your website has a mobile-friendly design. Google has created a convenient tool that allows you to check if your site is mobile friendly. It’s called the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. This tool will enable you to see what your web pages look like on a mobile device. It helps the website owners to test if the researchers will be able to access their website using various devices. If the site is not responsive, you should update it immediately.

The above six tools will help get your website among the top ranks on different search engines. They also help you monitor how your site is doing and show you where there is room to improve. 


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