How to Harness the Power of Your Smartphone

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to Harness the Power of Your Smartphone

Posted by Rahul Gupta
2017 is about to end, and there's a stack full of smartphones lined up for selling, while others are yet to be launched. The arrival of the bezel-less phones and the Dual-Primary Cameras is ruling the market nowadays. Being said that, there's an emerging approach towards latest innovations and technologies to upgrade your mobiles into a superpower entity. 
How to Harness Power of Smartphone

Attractive Features

With newer features coming daily into the smartphones and the growing competition to get the most out of sales, many companies have started to offer amazing smartphones under an affordable price range, but the problem lies in having too many choices and less knowledge regarding the emerging tech. So, whenever you're going to buy a new smartphone for you or someone else, there's always a dilemma that everyone faces on how to buy the best one in your price range and how to get the most out of your smartphone. 

You usually get your geeky tech-savvy friend to get you a second opinion on your choice, but that usually ends up becoming more confusing for you. So, without getting into the chipsets of the device, there are few good ways on how you can harness the power of your smartphone. We took to liberty of creating a quick guide that can help you to choose from the best easily.

How to choose a Smartphone with the right features

The first thing is to set your priorities. Why do you need a smartphone? Because that will eliminate most of the hassles from the way. Suppose if you're a photography enthusiast, then you'll probably go for a phone with good camera and display. Moreover, if you're into gaming, then a good battery life and faster GPU would be your priority. Now, there are a few labels like One Plus 5 and Honor 8 Pro that provide all of the above criteria, but we still end up with the same question, which one should I buy? 

Fortunately, few good people came up with an idea to compare the devices and get the best one which satisfies your whim. These websites are like a collective supergiant that help you choose and compare more than hundreds of different electronic devices, including mobiles.

Not only do these sites compare the smartphone specifications but they are best known for comparing and finding the best possible price for the device on popular e-commerce websites. Most of the listings from these sites are from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. which show the availability of the device on the website and the reviews as well.

User Interface

Moreover, there are other important criteria which you should ponder on before comparing the smartphone. First is the OS. Now, only two platforms are dominating the market, namely Android, and iOS. And to be honest, choosing an iOS is easier. While Android gives you more choices, iOS is exclusively available on Apple devices.

Is your mobile pocket friendly?

Next thing is your budget and to be frank, it is the most important point that one focuses on before buying any electronic commodity. That being an essential factor, some sites have also enabled a price filter to get the best possible devices out of your budget. Now setting these things aside, you can focus on the specs of the smartphone like the CPU Configuration, Screen Size, and Resolution, Camera, Battery Life, Internal Storage, Expandable Storage, Sensors, and much more.

Screen Resolution and Quality

For a smartphone’s display, the colour quality and brightness matter more than the resolution. You can even get a Full HD display with brighter colours, higher PPI including it would look better than a dull 2K Display. The Snapdragon Processors are the best and do look out for GPU if you're into gaming. Ignore the camera pixels and focus more on the details like Aperture and the Shutter Speed of the smartphone. 

Apart from displaying the smartphone configurations, the websites also rate the specs in accordance with the standard criteria and budget available. Suppose if the device that you’re comparing has 4000 mAh of battery, then it will display Very Good alongside the ratings.

So, if you’re hunting for the best smartphone under your budget and want to harness the most out of your smartphone, then this guide would definitely help you compare mobiles online. Do let us know if you’ve found the ideal device with the price range that you can afford.


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