How to Recover Lost Files on Android Phones

Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to Recover Lost Files on Android Phones

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Deleted one of your important files unintentionally? Want to get it back, but don’t know how? 

Well, this is one of the common mistakes that we all make. So, instead of cursing yourself try to find a solution to bring it back. As, all the files that are deleted from your mobile are just gone from the screen, but are stored somewhere in the system. 

Recover Lost Files on Android
So, what you need here is a software that can detect6 your deleted file. We will get back to them that, but first for such software to work you need a good cell phone signals. And if you are living in New Zealand this can be a problem as the landscapes here become an obstacle between your phone and the signal source. 

That is why you need a cell signal booster for enhancing reception of your phone. Mobile Signal Boosters Ltd. in New Zealand can help you to boost your cell signal.

1. Dumpster Android Data Recovery App

The dumpster is one of the best apps for data recovery. It acts as a recycle bin for your android phone and stores all the files that have been deleted for some time. Thus, you can restore your files whenever you want. Besides this, you can also set a particular time after which the files can be removed from the dumpster. The only problem is that currently it can store only media files and there is no storage for contacts and messages.

2. Disk Digger Photo Recovery

Lost your favorite pictures while restoring your mobile phone or deleted one by mistake, then Disk digger is perfect for you. As it can find and restore all your favorite photos. Besides this, it can work on both rooted and not rooted mobile phones, all you need to do is locate the app on Google play store and install it on your cell phone. Easy to use interface is what made it one of the favorite apps for restoring lost pictures. 

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3. Hexamob Recovery

Hexamob is also among some of the best apps to recover your lost files although it works only with root devices. The app can restore all your lost data from images, pictures to videos. The thing is that it cannot recover the file if the anything is overwritten in the system, so be quick if you are using this app, as you have to restore your files immediately when it is lost. Besides this, the app is straightforward to use. 

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4. Undeleter

Lost all your data from pictures to important contacts? Well, then nothing can be more suitable for you then undeleter, as it can restore everything. Besides this, it scans for all your deleted files and restores it within a second. The best thing is that it can also restore your old messages, WhatsApp's texts, call logs, etc. 

So, these were some of the tools that you can use to recover your lost data. It would be difficult for you to revive your lost files if you have adware in your system which intervenes with the restoring tools. To help you out, you can download malware on your phone to block ads.


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