The Best Cheap SSL Certificates to Secure Your Site Now

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Best Cheap SSL Certificates to Secure Your Site Now

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Do you know what does SSL stands for? Yeah…You’re right! SSL means Secure Sockets Layer! And also one more question, “Do you aware of the importance of SSL certificate?” If not, wait, let me explain. SSL is the backbone of secure internet connection, and it provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for your websites and your users' information. 
Best Cheap SSL Certificates
If the site is not encrypted with SSL certificate, the data you entered will be vulnerable to theft, and any computer between the server and your system can see your sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other confidential information. Having your website encrypted with SSL certificate protects your site and the user’s information from hackers and identity thieves.

Importance of SSL Certificate

  • SSL Certificate Provides Authentication: Which simply means you can rest assured that you are sending information to the right server and not to a fraudulent trying to steal your information. 
  • SSL Certificate Provides Trust: If your website is secured, you will see a lock icon or a green bar in front of your web address, this gives peace of mind to the visitors know their connection is secured. 
  • SSL Certificate is required for PCI Compliance: PCI Standards mean Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. If your website needs to accept credit card information, then you must pass certain audits; among them complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards is the MUST. It would be possible only if your website is SSL encrypted.

The Best SSL Certificates Available

Now, we’re going to discuss on the list of the best SSL certificates available.
  1. Comodo: This ranks top on the list of the best SSL certificate providers 2017. It provides great security solutions to businesses of all sizes including small, mid and large. Comodo provides 256-bit encryption which is trusted by all web browsers. It also comes with an expert warranty of $250, 000 and provides unlimited licenses. 
  2. IdenTrust: This holds the second place in the list right after Comodo with the active 5 million users. This certificate offers 256-bit encryption and uses SHA-2 Algorithm.  
  3. Symantec: This comes to the Third place by providing $1.5 million warranty and 256-bit encryption. The main disadvantage of this SSL certificate is: It is a bit expensive with the cost of its products, and they are sometimes over $1,000.  
  4. GoDaddy: Hope, we all aware of this name “GoDaddy.” They are well known for domain name registration and also for SSL Certification. The price ranges from $69 to $299. It also lets the customers customize their needs. It also provides 24/7 technical Support. 
  5. Digicert: This certificate is designed with more features to secure websitesafe guarding its customer’s sensitive information while performing online transactions. They provide 2048 bit SSL certificates. The certificate costs from $175 to $595 a year. 
  6. GeoTrust: This is the largest SSL Certificate provider and is now owned by Symantec. The basic encryption plan cost starts from $149, while maximum security is guaranteed at only $299.  
  7. Thawte: The affordable yet effective SSL certificate provider with the plan starts from $149 a year and offers up to 256- bit encryption.  
  8. Network Solutions: This SSL certificate provider provides multi-year term. And it supports 256-bit encryption with 24X7 online chat help and 99% browser recognition.  
  9. VeriSign: The most trusted SSL certificate provider supports up to 256-bit encryption, and it comes with amazing features such as extended validation, $1.5 million warranty and vulnerability assessment. 
  10. Secom Trust: It’s a Japanese based company offering the best yet cost effective SSL encryption for the website with affordable plans.
These are few of the best SSL certificate providers 2017.

Advantages of Having SSL certificate Encrypted Website

Thinking why having SSL certificate is the best? Here are the few benefits listed below: 
  • Improve your business and website credibility 
  • Increase the site visitors’ loyalty to your site 
  • Attract more online users and shoppers 
  • Increase sales and profit  
  • Protect your information

Choosing an SSL Certificate for your Website

Selecting the right cheap SSL certificate is a daunting task. Overwhelmed with so many options, choosing the best one needs more research. Before choosing the certificate, you need to know exactly what you need, and which has an equal importance of understanding the types of certificates.

Having an SSL increases your chances of gaining more customers who come to your site. Want to learn more? Stay tuned with us!


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