Awario Review: Now Track Your Audience Around the Globe

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Awario Review: Now Track Your Audience Around the Globe

Posted by Rahul Gupta
You may find it hard to locate the information that is hidden somewhere on the web. It is challenging to find the information about the keywords that might not be popular enough. But have you ever thought how to track such keywords? 

Are you using some tool to track these keywords? If not then Awario can turn out to be a brilliant tool to find the mentions about a particular keyword anywhere on the internet. Let’s go through a brief review of this tool.

Awario: The Brief Knowhow

Awario is a phenomenal tool that allows you to find your mentions on social media all across the web. This tool doesn’t rely on 3rd-party providers to fetch you the data of latest mentions, unlike many monitoring platforms. Awario is a handy tool that crawls over 13 billion pages every day including the APIs and finds the recent mentions about a particular keyword/product. 
Awario Review
After finding the mentions, you can target the new audience by word of mouth. Not only this, you can even join these conversations and be the part. Most of the businesses use this software to spread brand awareness and enhance their customer reach.

Ultimate Features of Awario

Awario can be the lifeline of big brands and for the individuals too. It can help them to find the mentions of their specific keywords or products. Check out some of the most overwhelming features of Awario below:

1. Check the Social insights in Real-Time with Non-Stop Monitoring

The brands/keywords are widely talked among the people all over the world. Awario helps you in finding the keywords/products in different languages all over the internet. It will search the web and will notify you about your keyword/products mentions. 
Check Social Insights
You will receive the notification in real time. This will ensure that no meaningful conversation is missed out and you don’t miss an opportunity to spread brand awareness.

2. Check the Important Discussions First

You can find out the number of people who are involved in your discussions. Your mentions can be quickly sorted by ‘Reach.' This will help you in the search for the most meaningful debates and take the necessary measures to target the larger audience for marketing of your products.

3. Keyword Tracking in Different Languages

Awario can even track your keywords/products in various languages across the internet. It hardly matters that you are big firm having global reach or a small scale organization monitoring just a few products in a restricted region, Awario has a solution for all.
Keyword Tracking in Various Languages

4. View Only the Relevant Discussions

You might be having vague search terms, but it is not necessary to waste your precious time in searching the mentions those are waif-like for your business. You can exclude the posts containing the negative keywords/terms by setting them up in the tool’s interface.

5. Powerful Analytic System

Powerful Analytic System
Its robust analytic system allows you to track the reach of mentions, compare different alerts, identify the top influencers, monitor the growth by a number of mentions, and analyze your overall progress. These reports can also be shared with your colleagues and clients through a shareable link. 
Powerful Analytic System 2

6. Email Alerts for New Discussions

One can set the email alerts to get notified about the mentions or can get the daily/weekly reports delivered to the email. This will ensure that you stay informed about every mention on the web.

Pricing & Plans

Awario provides 30-days free trial pack to every customer who sign-up. If you are happy with its services after using the free version, you can upgrade your subscription choosing from different plans.
Awario Plans & Pricing


  • Find mentions around the web. 
  • No strings attached free trial to try all the features before buying the pro version. 
  • Mobile-friendly navigation. 
  • Train yourself watching video tutorials and learn from FAQs. 
  • Set email alerts for tracking mentions. 
  • Share reports with clients.


  • No ‘Export’ option in its ‘Starter’ plan.

Over to You

Awario is the ultimate tool for big brands that have gained so much of popularity in no time. It is one of the most efficient ways to track your mentions throughout the web and also on social media websites and reach larger audience promoting your products/business. Try it now and get practical results.


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