How Much Money Can You Make from YouTube?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How Much Money Can You Make from YouTube?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Everybody wants to become a YouTube celebrity these days. Video-makers from different background yearn to become wealthy and famous by just uploading videos on YouTube.
Make Money From Youtube
But there is a huge difference between what you wish and the ground reality. Is it really possible to make enough money from YouTube?

Can you become rich from YouTube? 

Well! To find answers, you need to read the following article.

10 Different Ways to Make Money with YouTube

There are at least 10 different methods to make money from YouTube, but the Partner Program is one of the biggest methods to make money. 

So first we will describe YouTube Partner program in great details, and then we will talk about different ways to make money from YouTube.

1. YouTube Partner Program

The first and foremost way to make money with YouTube is joining their partner program. We will talk about this in great details in the next section. Here, I just want to say after joining their program Google pays you by some views your videos get.

How Much YouTube Partner Program Pays You?

As you saw in the last paragraph that there are 10 different ways to make money with YouTube. However, only the first one in the list matters and the rest of the 9 depends on them. The income from the YouTube Partner program is the real one, and the revenue from the rest of the 9 is just a supplement.

So how much can you earn from the YouTube Partner program? Well, it depends upon the number of views your videos get. Here is the complete breakdown of money that Google pays you.

Two types of ads show on your video:
  • Banner Ads: - Static banner ads can be seen just below the videos. 
  • Roll-out Ads:-  10 seconds to 40 seconds long commercial that you see before starting a video. 
$.8 - $1
$40 - $50
$400 - $500
$800 - $1000
$1200 - $1500
$12000 - $15000
$5 - $8
$250 - $400
$2500 - $4000
$5000 - $8000
$7500 - $12,000
$75000 - $120,000
CPM (Cost Per Impression) will depend upon the quality and niche of your videos. Some YouTubers even earn $10 per thousand views for Roll out ads depending upon how good content they create. Try to increase your CPM for both banner and roll out ads.

Top 10 YouTube Earners in the World

If you want to get some inspirations then here are top 10 YouTubers in the world. 

Earnings mentioned in the list are of Dec 2016. 

  1. PewDiePie: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the creator of the most famous YouTube channel named PewDiePie. His channel PewDiePie is number one in our list with $15 Million yearly income and has over 50 million subscribers. PewDiePie is the first person to reach the mark of 10 billion views for all his videos. He is an inspiration for every YouTuber. 
  2. Roman Atwood: Roman Atwood earned over $8 million last year and had 11 million subscribers. He usually makes prankster videos which people love to watch. He pioneered the concept of prank videos on YouTube.  
  3. Lily Singh: Lily Singh is slightly behind Roman Atwood with a yearly income of $7.5 million. She has over 10 million subscribers with 1.4 billion views on her YouTube channel. Lily has also appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show.  
  4. SMOSH: SMOSH is a joint venture between Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. They earn over $7 million annually but surprisingly has more subscribers than Roman Atwood and Lily Singh both, over 23 million. The income has to be divided in two.  
  5. Tyler Oakley: He earns $6 million in a year and has 8 million plus subscribers. Tyler Oakley is a humorist who makes videos about celebrities and other well-known personalities.  
  6. Rosanna Pansino: There is a tie between Tyler and Rosanna Pansino who also make $6 million and has over 7 million subscribers. Her cooking channel tells you about certain exotic recipes inspired by Sci-Fi, comic books, movies, video games, etc.  
  7. Markiplier: Markiplier is the channel run by Mark Fishbach. He has earned over $5.5 million with 16 million subscribers for his channel. Much like PewDiePie, he gives commentary on video game clips.  
  8. German Garmendia: German Garmendia's is in a tie with Markiplier earning $5.5 million each. German has over 30 million subscribers. He is the youngest YouTuber in this top 10 list. His channel is most famous in the Spanish language.  
  9. Colleen Ballinger: Colleen Ballinger also known as Miranda Sings earns $5 million annually and has over 7 million subscribers. She appeared on Jerry Seindfeld's and Jimmy Fallon’s show. She also guests co-hosted The View.  
  10. Rhett and Link: Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Link also make $5 million with 11 million subscribers. They make people laugh by doing different kinds of show. So the earning of YouTubers mentioned above is going to inspire you.
Similarly, you can find top earners in your respective countries as well. Create great videos then try to get over 10,000 views and then join YouTube Partner program. 

Here are 9 other methods for making money from YouTube. I have given income potential of each of this method at the end.

2. Affiliate Programs

After AdSense, affiliate marketing is my favorite methods to make money online, and YouTube is a great platform for any marketer to promote affiliate products. If you are creating videos where you can use some affiliate product related to your video, then you can earn a significant income from this.

3. Direct Sponsorship and Brand Deals

YouTubers with lots of following and trusted viewership can start sponsoring products on behalf of other companies. You can leverage the power of your brand and become a brand ambassador for a particular product or merchandise.

4. Selling Physical Products and Merchandise

You can sell your products and merchandise like T-Shirts, Cups, and Stationery, etc. Most of the famous YouTubers sell T-Shirts by setting up an eCommerce storefront using Shopify. You can check this post on Neil Patel on how to market your e-commerce store on YouTube.

5. Selling Digital Products

If you can’t sell physical products, then you can afford to sell digital products like eBooks, software downloads and podcasts. Digital products are easier to create and sell than physical products.

6. Subscriptions and Memberships for Premium Content

You can only sell subscriptions and premium memberships if your content is great and people just crave for your videos. Just ask them to join premium membership for a monthly/yearly fee for accessing more content.

7. Licensing Your Content

You can license your cute baby or animal videos to other companies who want to use these videos in their commercials and other promotional campaigns. They will pay you a fee for using your videos.

8. Consultancy and Services

You can consult other video creators and small businesses on how to create videos with great content. You get paid by them if you consult for just an hour.

9. Paid Speaking Gigs/Live Speaking Engagements

After all these years, you become famous and then you can look for speaking opportunities in not just your country but around the world. You speak at events, parties, seminars, workshop, academies, etc.

10. Patreon

You can create a page at and earn some extra cash. So these were not one, but 10 different ways to make money from YouTube.

Total Earning from 10 Different Ways

Now we will be able to answer how much you can make with YouTube. If you are getting 500,000 views for a video, then you can easily make up to $500 or $4000 depending upon the ads showing on your videos. This is income from YouTube Partner Program for just one video.
Let us add income from other 9 streams:

  • Affiliate Program - $100 - $800 
  • Selling Merchandise - $50 - $200  
  • Selling Digital Products - $25 - $100  
  • Direct Sponsorship - $200 - $300 (Not for Everyone)  
  • Premium Content - $100 - $400  
  • Consultancy - $300 - $500  
  • Paid Speaking Gigs - $500 - $1000 (Not for Everyone)  
  • Patreon - $50 - $200
If you add all the 10 ways then you can easily make $1500 to $8,000 per video. So if you create 4 videos in a month then you can make $6000 to $32,000 per month depending upon how well you leverage all the 10 different income streams. 

These earning are tentative, and I am assuming that the CPM is $5 to $8. 

If your CPM is less than $5 or $8, then you can expect to make $3000 to $15000 in a month. However, a new YouTuber on an average makes only $200 to $500 a month. 

I think after reading this paragraph, it will be clear how much money you can make with YouTube videos.


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