Download OGYouTube Apk Latest Version for Android {Official}

Friday, 7 July 2017

Download OGYouTube Apk Latest Version for Android {Official}

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you are a fun loving and use YouTube to watch videos and listen to music over it, then you must have felt the limitations of YouTube like you cannot play videos while the screen is off. Or like you cannot play videos in the background, and you need to keep the YouTube app open. 

Though YouTube allows you to download videos for offline use, not all videos are available to save, and even the downloaded videos can be played only using YouTube application. Moreover, YouTube does not support multiple downloads as well. You can directly download OGYouTube apk and install it on your device within minutes.

Fortunately, Android users have got a different YouTube app by Google to access YouTube's services from your device with ease. But OGYouTube is the app amongst the rising modded applications for Android users with some great features. 

Consider it as a more advanced version of YouTube and is quite simple to use. Hopefully, this post is about how to download videos from YouTube on Android devices. No, you wouldn't require any third-party app like YTDownloader or redirect the link to another website, OGYouTube does it all. 
OGYouTube APK Download
OGYouTube Downloader apk lets you download multiple videos at once and works exactly like YouTube on your Android devices. The major success of using OGYouTube is that the apk does not require any root access or special permissions. Most importantly, the best feature is to run YouTube videos in the background. 

This mod apk also provides an option for Popup Windows so that you can watch YouTube videos along with using other apps and move the Popup window anywhere on the screen and perform multiple operations.

OGYouTube also lets you watch videos when the display is off. So, either if you just want to listen to new music, newly released movies or and podcast then this feature would come handy and works like a charm even when the user locks the screen. You are also capable of selecting resolution settings for all videos that support ranging from 140p to 1440p.

OGYouTube also provides an option only to download the audio in standard Mp3 format. Pretty thing about the OGYouTube apk is the specific functionality that has been added. You can download subtitles and exit without any disruption, just double tap the back button.

Disclaimer: - We do not encourage to download any YouTube videos due to standard Content Distribution policies, and Google does not allow users to download YouTube videos. However, this is a post about all the right features of OGYouTube Downloader. You can use the exclusive features like Background Play, Window Playback on Popups, etc.

Features of OGYouTube Apk 2017

Apart from the standard features which YouTube provides, the developers have included some of the coolest ones into this mod apk of OGYouTube.
  • Download Videos: - The best and most remarkable feature of OGYouTube is that you're capable of downloading any YouTube video very quickly and directly from the app and in different resolutions as well. 
  • Audio Downloads: - The downloads are not just limited to videos. With the OGYouTube app, you can download the audio of any video in the standard MP3 format as well. You don't need any third-party converter for it, and the app is itself the one-man army. 
  • Multiple Resolutions Supported: - You can also play videos from 140p to 1440p videos on your Android devices using the OGYouTube app. 
  • Multiple Video Downloads: - You can also download multiple videos from YouTube at the same time. Since YouTube only allows one download at a time, but with this mod apk, you can simultaneously queue the downloading videos.  
  • Rename Videos: - You can also rename any video which you are downloading from YouTube, then there is an option for renaming the video with any name which you like. 
  • Play Videos in Background: - One of the best features of OGYouTube in the latest version is that you can now play videos in the background and no need to stay on the app until the video closes, you can run videos in the background while running other apps at the same time.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for OGYouTube

Here are some of the most asked questions, just in case you have any query or issue related to the app. Most of the questions have been answered by us so that you can grab a bite of much detail on how to use OGYouTube up to its full power.

1. Can I Remove OGYouTube and not YouTube? 

Yes, you can easily uninstall OGYouTube and its just like the process of removing any other typical app or game. Moreover, the existence of OGYouTube does not effects the YouTube official app which makes it easy for the users to use both the apps without any complications.

2. Can I update OGYouTube? If possible, How?

Since the Mod app is not available on the official PlayStore, so it is not possible directly. But you can always update the app by clicking on the Update button mentioned in the OGYouTube app settings. However, the best way is to download the latest update from our site which is available frequently.

3. How to use YouTube Playback?

It's simple, but you have to enable Background Playback from the settings option because, by default, it is kept Off on all the devices.
  • Tap back twice to exit video
It is the coolest feature which is beautifully infused into the app. However, you need to enable it from settings. So that users can tap back twice to exit the video work

4. Does OGYouTube support ART?

Yes, it supports ART.
But currently, you cannot log in to the Google account and use the Download option simultaneously. Usually, it ends up displaying an error and download might not work correctly. It is best to download the videos without logging in.

Why only OGYouTube?

Even though the market is filled with so many YouTube video downloaders, OGYouTube serves the best because it packs every possible feature in itself. You wouldn't require any third-party app later for downloading.

So, this was my take on the useful and feature lit tool, OGYouTube which you can download the apk directly from the links mentioned below. This is a not a guide on how to use the download OGYouTube apk. Do share your thoughts and let me know if you're using this as your standard YouTube replacement or not. Cheers!


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