Lucky Patcher Apk for Android: Download Latest Version for Free

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lucky Patcher Apk for Android: Download Latest Version for Free

Posted by Rahul Gupta
I can’t remember the last when we used to play video games in the good old school style, where we used to be stuck on a particular mission for days. However, as the technology grew smarter, innovation took the remote controls and replaced them with our smartphones on which we now spend hours of intensive gaming.

However, most of the people now want to crack games using different apps. It has become such a widespread practice, specifically on the Android Platform that it’s prompted a sad exodus on most of the games that are based on Freemium Model, and trust me on this; piracy is not good for all us.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download
Fortunately, there's an app that we're going to review today that is far from pirated cracking. The Lucky Patcher is a tool that isn't aimed to crack the game algorithms, but it is designed to offer a series of features that can manipulate apps that, illegalities aside, would allow you to do certain operations which are impossible to carry out in the normal modes. Also, in particular situations, this app might be of great help irrespective of how much the game is seemed to be in the opposite direction.

Since a little manipulation would harm the Google Policies, therefore you can't download them officially from the Play Store. However, you have to download Lucky Patcher App and install it manually on your smartphone or Tablet PC. Be sure to enable Unknown Sources before installation. It is free to download is only 6.21 MB in size.

Once successfully setup, Lucky Patcher then smartly analyses the list of all installed apps and games on your device. It then indicates the actions you can carry out, and you're entitled to remove the license verification using Lucky Patcher that is included on many apps that require them to be downloaded from Google Play Store.

The following features that you can avail from the are: 

  • To modify the associated app permissions.
  • Do backups by extracting the APKs. 
  • Some illicit actions like removing Google Ads.  
  • Unlocking Paid Apps to be able to install them on other devices. However, we are strictly against the use of this app for any restricted activity, and this post is only for educational purpose only.  
  • It also allows you to get premium features like coins, gems and much more. 
  • You gain the control to access all your Android apps and to modify them. 
  • Frequent Updates of this app is available. 
  • It helps you to escape security verification from the apps.
The only requirement to use the app, Lucky Patcher requires the device to be rooted, and it is really easy to do with tools like TowelRoot or KingRoot these days.

Even if you’re not aware of all these root and development content, it's pretty easy to root and use Lucky Patcher on your smartphone. After installing and running Lucky Patcher, you’ll get a list of all your installed apps alongside the actions you can do with them. The app works in a different manner and displays as different color codes on the title of apps that indicate the compatibility of the tool with apps for any operation.

  • Green: - As the color suggests, it can be registered and easily disconnected from Google Play.
  • Yellow: - A particular patch is available for this app.
  • Blue: - The app includes Google Ads. 
  • Purple: - A startup app of System. 
  • Orange: - A system app. 
  • Red: - Unfortunately, all the apps with red color cannot be modified.
Although some of the mentioned operations are entirely illegal and, the others can easily get you out of more than one condition. As almost every app is associated with the Google Play, so to use the Patch correctly, you need to bypass some forced redirects by your smartphone. Most of the apps would force you to go through the Play Store rather than external sources which usually don't prefer to do so. 

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Moreover, by extracting apps and eliminating the app permissions, you can make the apps run on your devices that on the versions that are even incompatible. You can also transfer apps between smartphones and your tablets that are officially not compatible with different platforms.

All this is just a glimpse of what you can do with the Lucky Patcher App. The app offers a load of information and compatibility details about each app that could come handy in in multiple situations.

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From a position of all the associated permissions and their descriptions to the minimum version of Android required to run the app. So, do share your thoughts and let me know you’ve successfully used to patch some of the games that you’ve been stuck on for ages. Lucky Patcher even tells you if an app has been modified or is the original, an ideal feature for checking the trust of an app you may have downloaded from some any part of the Internet. Cheers!


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