How Much Does YouTuber Make Per View?

Saturday, 4 March 2017

How Much Does YouTuber Make Per View?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
With more than a billion visitors every month, YouTube is the best option for video logging or say vlogging. Having such amount of viewers, it is not incorrect to say that there is a large potential audience for each and every video uploaded to YouTube.

Whether it’s a video of someone performing a prank or a video of tech product by some geek, YouTube is the go-to platform for video consumption. The active internet user base in India nearly doubled from 323 million in 2015 to 503 million in 2017. According to data, in India, every month around 30,000 active YouTube channels upload 5.2 lakh videos and attract millions of new subscribers.

YouTubers Earn Per View
The average Indian viewer spends 521 minutes watching 89 videos a month. This surge is reshaping content and viewership and creating an alternate universe of stars and fans on YouTube.
Anybody who is interested in vlogging must be eager to know how much one earns per view.

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Does making money on YouTube depend on other factors?

The earning varies a bit. Money can come from a few different places like ad revenue from CPMs, product placement, affiliating links of goods to videos, and sponsored videos.
  • Location: - The amount YouTube pays you depends on the location of viewers. For example, in India, YouTube gives Rs 100 per 100 views i.e. Rs 1 per view. Whereas in the USA, YouTube offers thrice the above-stated amount i.e. about $5 per 1000 views. 
  • Demographics: - The amount you earn depends on demographics. For example, if you are watching a Taylor Swift video in Bangladesh, her Vevo channel will make a bit less as compared to a viewer in the USA. 
  • Monetized Ad views: - On YouTube, you do not get paid for the number of views you get on your video but for the number of views or clicks on the ads that are displayed at the bottom of your videos.
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Is your video monetized yet?

The first thing to remember is that to start earning money on YouTube; the first step is to make your videos monetized. By enabling monetization, you allow YouTube to place ads in your videos.

There are certain requirements you need to fulfill to enable monetization which includes you acknowledging that there is no copyrighted video in your video, the video should be of high quality and user-friendly. After monetizing your video, you can check the payment you are eligible for on the dashboard of your YouTube channel. 

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For your view to be monetized, your viewer needs to see an ad. There are several formats of ads like display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, bumper ads, etc. In the case of skippable ads, viewers have to watch an ad for at least 30seconds or until the end of an ad (whichever one happens first). Otherwise, it is not counted as a monetized view.

So how much money per monetized view?

The amount you earn per monetized view is directly proportional to CPM which stands for Cost Per Mille. CPM measures how much an advertiser pays to show their ad to one thousand people. The range of CPM vary and could be as low as Rs 1 to as high as Rs 150. YouTube takes 45 % of ad revenue. 

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However, if your channel is a paid subscription channel, then you get 100 % of the money. Let us consider that CPM is Rs 120 i.e. 120/1000 views. So for one view, you get Rs 1.2 on average.


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