6 Best Roku Channels to Stream Media Seamlessly to TV

Sunday, 26 March 2017

6 Best Roku Channels to Stream Media Seamlessly to TV

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Lately, there has been a lot of competition, going on with different companies wanting to use their product to stream media content. Let’s be honest here – there are a lot of different things that are being plugged into your smart TV. 

Nowadays, the new trend is for companies looking to try and declutter your media centre using an all-inclusive streaming device with tiny footprints. This helps in making the whole set up look compact, and you can plug stuff right into your screen.

Two of the most popular devices used now are the Google Chromecast and the Roku Stick. Here’s a look at the best features of Roku and the channels it has to offer.

Roku has a lot of experience in the digital streaming market. It began the streaming business in 2008 with the introduction of set-top boxes and introduced the Stick in 2012. The truth is that people don’t really care much about who’s making the devices that puts the content on their TVs as long as it reaches them in the best quality and uses as little effort as possible. 

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Roku has been great on basic content delivery but it has the same theme always. Every app is assigned a space on the user interface as a ‘channel’ and once you use the remote you're inside the content area.
Roku Channels to Stream Media
The Roku Stick comes with minimal remote access that basically just arrows and a few shortcuts. You can use Roku with iOS and Android so you have portable options to surf your channels instead. The downside is that your home screens will fill up with channels quickly if you consume a lot of media and it gets annoying to filter data after a while.

Roku’s streaming devices offer thousands of channels and have a big selection, but sometimes it gets a little tedious sorting through the content you want. To get the most out of Roku, you must find the best channels available

The best Roku Channels to watch are:

1. Crackle

Crackle provides you with a host of free big budget movies with just one catch – you may have to sit through a whole lot of commercials. If you’ve given up on cable TV and want to find a way to zone out n front of your cheesy action comedies simply, this is the app for you. 

The media selection tends to rotate frequently although it does keep its hold on a few important and memorable ones. 

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Plus you get some really cool original series which are definitely worth the watch like “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee!

2. Amazon Video

Amazon Video comes in two bundles – the paid subscription and the a la carte version. Whether or not you subscribe to Amazon Prime, the Video channel is pretty much worth everything you would be ready to shell out regarding the big bucks.

If you do decide to dish out the membership fee for Prime, you will be able to stream a large selection of movies and TV shows that aren’t always available elsewhere.

Amazon Video too offers pretty good deals with a lot of a la carte purchases and rentals including a large number of original programs like Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle.

3. Hulu

Hulu is a Roku channel that can be accessed using a member subscription. It has deals with almost all the major networks like Fox, NBC, The CW and ABC. Usually, all the shows that air on these channels are uploaded on Hulu within no time at all.

Hulu also provides you with the past seasons of all the popular shows and series and sometimes hosts entire series that have become akin to classics. These shows include Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Daria.

Hulu also has some pretty decent original series like ‘Difficult People’ and ‘Casual’.

4. Netflix

This list just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the site that has become synonymous to movie and series viewing. It is a subscription-based website that allows you to stream content almost unlimitedly.

Netflix is the original pioneer in the current art and passion that goes into marathon TV watching sessions. Whether you're craving to watch some brand new hits like ‘Black Mirror’ or a classic like ‘The Expendables’, Netflix has just the thing to suit all your tastes. 

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It boasts of some of the most well made and critically acclaimed original programs that spans different genres. It has Marvel tie-ins like Daredevil and Jessica Jones along with revivals of some of the most popular shows like ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ and ‘Fuller House’.

5. HBO Go/ HBO Now

Yes, this is the one that’s been around for a pretty long time now. HBO is obviously subscription based, and there’s no way of waiving the membership fee.

Although we all can agree that while we’re dishing out a lot of money for HBO programming, HBO Go and HBO Now make the whole ordeal pretty worthwhile.

Both of theses channels will let you watch the past and current seasons of all the popular HBO originals – like ‘The Game of Thrones’ and “Entourage’. Along with that, you can be sure to have premium access to different comedy special and hit movies.

HBO Go requires that you have an existing cable subscription but HBO Now is stand alone and can be accessed on portable devices.

6. YouTube

Available to you freely as well as on an a la carte basis, YouTube is not strictly a TV or movie channel. Although tin the amount of raw video it offers, the service is almost unbeatable.

On YouTube you are bound to find absolutely everything that you want – original web series, small clips from popular shows and movies, music videos, educational videos, narrated playthroughs of popular video games and just about everything that you could ask for. 

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YouTube allows you to access movies that you might not find anywhere else, paid movie rentals and even the much racier fare if you like.


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