10 Best Free & Paid M4a to WAV Converters

Sunday, 12 March 2017

10 Best Free & Paid M4a to WAV Converters

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Often nowadays we need to transfer our audio files from one device to another for convenient playback. And more than sometimes, we find that the format of our file on one device is not compatible with the format on another device. For example, one must use the MP3 format on device 1. But device two, which is portable, does not support anything except the WAV format.

In such cases, it becomes very convenient to use an audio converter to play or even edit an audio file into another format. Audio converter tools are especially useful when you want to transfer your favorite music to your phone or tablet, but it doesn’t support the format that your songs have been initially downloaded in.

M4a to WAV Converters
It converts an obscure format into one that your device will support. Here are a few top ranked audio converters that make transporting and editing music easy as ever.

1. Free Studio

It is a group of several programs that work in cooperation to do the converting job for you.

You just need to click on the Convert button from the main menu and select the "Free Audio Converter" option to open the tool.

This software is easy to use, it is free, and it lets you choose your output quality, fill out the audio tags and will automatically shut down your system after it finishes converting, should you decide to configure it that way.

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Free Studio will also let you extract from YouTube, CDs and most video formats.

2. Switch Sound File Converter

It is another free audio converter that even supports batch conversions. You can import whole folders and use the drag and drop feature along with a host of other advanced settings.

Using Switch Sound File Converter, you can extract audio from your video files, CDs,  DVDs and also capture live audio streams online. 

A few of the advanced setting include deleting the source file after conversion and automatically normalizing the audio. You can edit tags and download CD album details from the internet.

Switch Sound File Converter allows you to set up to three preset conversion formats so one can right click on an audio file and choose one format quickly, thus saving a good chunk of time.

3. Any Audio Converter

As the name suggests, this is a versatile audio converter and extractor that has a very user-friendly interface and robust functionality.

It can convert between protected as well as unprotected audio formats. You can use it to extract audio from all the popular audio formats as well as from online videos on YouTube, Google Videos and Nico Videos.

4. Fre:ac Free Audio Converter

It is an audio converter and CD ripper software available free of cost and can support various popular formats and encoders.
With Fre:ac you can easily rip off your audio CDs to the desired format and use the hardware player to run them. Also, you can convert files that do not play with other audio software to the format that they support. 

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A plus feature is that you can convert whole music libraries that retain folders and your specified filename structures.

5. Super

It is the superior free audio converter that has a LONG list of audio formats it supports. Apart from the basic formats, if you have a rare audio file that you want to convert to something more common – or even the other way around – you should try the Super audio converter.

One can also use the converter to extract audio from standard video formats and save them as any Output format.

It displays several advanced options by default but doesn't let that intimidate you. Super is very easy to use.

6. Free Any Video Converter

It is a free audio converter that can extract audio from a video format to convert into any desired format. You can also use Free Any Video Converter to convert other audio formats including MP3, FLAC, M4A and WAV.

It has a host of embedded useful predefined options to choose from, and you can completely customize the settings manually by entering a value.

It supports the download of online videos from YouTube and Nico Video in bulk. You can convert these videos into audio by extracting.

7. FileZigZag

It is an online audio converter that converts most standard audio formats. 

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All you have to do is upload the desired file and choose your desired output format. After that, you wait for an email with the link to the converted file.

The only downside is that FileZigZag takes some time to upload the audio file and then send the link in the email. It’s not usually a problem if the tracks are small.

8. VSDC Free Audio Converter

If you want an interface that is uncomplicated and uncluttered, you have stumbled upon just that. VSDC has a tabbed interface without any unnecessary buttons to hassle you.

You can load the file you want to convert – it even accepts URL for online files – then chooses the Formats tab and selects the output format. Click ‘Start Conversion’ and sit back as it does the work for you.

There are a tag editor and a built-in player for listening to the song before you convert them. You can select an alternative output quality, frequency and bit rate if you like from the advanced options.
VSDC is quick and perfect for converting files to a standard format.

9. Zamzar

Here we have another online audio converter that supports most music and audio formats. You can use it like any other online service. Just upload your selection and choose your desired output format to convert your media.

There is a limit of 50 MB for the source files, and while many audio files are smaller, some small compression formats may cause problems if they exceed this limit.

The conversion time is a little longer – based on the size of the file. However, Zamzar can be used with any modern web browser and on any OS.

10. FreeMake Audio Converter

This audio converter supports most audio formats and has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use. 

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You can convert individual files into other formats, or you can do the job in bulk. Join multiple files into one larger file and do much more with FreeMake Audio Converter.

You can adjust the output quality and stream from videos online too if you like.


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