10 Best FLAC Players for Windows to Download

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

10 Best FLAC Players for Windows to Download

Posted by Rahul Gupta
FLAC – Free Lossless Audio Codec is your new age audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio files. It gained momentous popularity when MP3 file formats started causing trouble with piracy. FLAC is an open file format with royalty-free licensing and reference implementation which is free software. It supports meta tagging, album cover art and fast seeking.

Audio compression in FLAC files happens without any loss in quality. It is one of the quicker and probably most widely supported lossless audio codec and the only one that has so many independent implementations. FLAC offers bit-perfect copies of CDs at half the size and is compatible with many cell phones, music players and hi-fi components.

FLAC Player
FLAC is like WinZip, but the difference is that it is made uniquely for audio files and will do better than WinZip in that domain. The compression will not compromise the quality of the audio file. As this is open source software, it keeps updating itself and improvements can be seen clearly.

Here are some FLAC players available for Windows Operating System:

1. VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player – VideoLan Player – is one of the most popular players amongst users that support FLAC formats for audios. It can also support video files. This feature of it being able to run almost any file type makes it a clear winner among the list of media players.

It is free and can run on multiple platforms. One doesn’t have to worry about installing it always because it can be run from a USB.

The interface for VLC Media Player is not fancy but simple enough to use nonetheless. If your intention is to play FLAC files on your device, this is the one player you need.

2. Real Player

Real Player is an excellent media player that supports FLAC files and is compatible with Windows. It is freely available and comes with a ton of features and a stylish interface. 

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Real Player allows you to easily download different files from websites in a click and access them through a cloud. These always get correctly formatted to the device and allows wireless connection for TV viewing of your videos or high definition listening of digital audio files.

3. 5K Player

This versatile music player supports all types of audio file formats including WMA, MP3, M4A and FLAC among others. The player allows free and easy download of audio content, CD playback and AirPlay. It is specifically designed for Windows 10 and guarantees amazing sound quality and a great conversion experience.

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You can tune into any Internet Music Radio stations and listen to random music listening like on Music Radio or Heart FM.

4. GOM Media Player

It is another versatile free FLAC player for Windows. It allows easy playing of almost any type of files and is a platform that offers advanced features to run your media files.

GOM is freeware and comes with an interactive GUI and crazy customization options. It provides lyrics support and synchronization of music files. You can easily convert files into any audio format using GOM. It plays damaged files and locked files too – without any difficulty!

5. KM Player

It is an adaptable and portable FLAC player for Windows that allows support of both audio and video files. KM Player is lightweight and highly customizable, available free of cost. KM has its internal codec that allows you to play any media file without any difficulty.

It has a very convenient multimedia setup that helps you modify your player environment.

6. FooBar2000

It is one of the best FLAC audio players that has been made for Windows. It is freeware and has great customization setting that is admired by many users. The customization it provides is almost unimaginable. 

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The interface is excellent and can be operated without a lot of effort. You can change the layout according to your preference.
FooBar2000 also supports plenty of other file formats and can handle a lot of content. New releases are available all the time to upgrade the player.  The ReplayGain is a feature available with this player that adjusts the volumes automatically according to your preference.

7. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is a perfect media player to run FLAC on Windows operating system. There is a whole range of customization options available for users that they can apply anytime. MediaMonkey will smoothly organize all your files according to their necessary information so you can fetch them quickly.

Even the basic version has features that will excite you for sure. You can manage your playlist and detect files from devices that are connected externally.

MediaMonkey even works flawlessly on your mobile devices and will provide an excellent easy to use experience.

8. Trout

Trout is an excellent audio player that supports FLAC format for Windows. It is portable and saves the headache of installing software.

Users can create their folders and files quickly. It doesn’t require a lot of resources to run and does not affect system performance. You can, tag search and edit content quickly on Trout and it is a lightweight media player compared to many others.

You can navigate through the interface easily enough, and track tasks can be implemented effortlessly.

This application is for people who want it clean and straightforward.

9. ZPlayer

It's built on the Java platform and supports a wide variety of file formats including FLAC. The player can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is very easy to use plug-ins with the ZPlayer, and it is popular among Android users as well. 

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It provides control settings to change sound using equalizers and can automatically convert between channels.

It gives us player history so we can keep track of which songs have been played in the past. Based on this, it can also generate a playlist automatically. You can expect language support and play videos here as well. This player is worth the try.

10. Pot Player

It is one of the best media players created exclusively for Windows. It has an all-around interface with lots of options for your use. It allows you to play different file formats including FLAC, with ease. You are provided with excellent customization options.

It offers playlist controls, and you can personalize how the player looks. It gives you the option of playing both audio and video files continuously. You can even play 3D files quickly and has great storage options for thousands of songs. Playback happens smoothly and effortlessly.


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