Quick and Easy Fix for Your Video Incompatibility Issues In 5 Steps

Friday, 24 March 2017

Quick and Easy Fix for Your Video Incompatibility Issues In 5 Steps

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Videos are great, aren't they? They represent the best way to convey information due to their compact nature. Moreover, the fact that they visually engage the receiver is a very efficient way of getting specific messages across fast and accurately.

The Importance of Choice

Having choices is an important advantage, especially in our technologically enhanced world. Thanks to the huge number of devices and platforms that can record and edit video formats nowadays, we have a huge array of alternatives when it comes to video formats. Unfortunately, we don't always know what is the best choice to make regarding the format of a video or audio file.

Video sharing platforms have made things incredibly easy. They allow anyone to share their creations online for the world to see. It benefits everyone. The user has a means of externalizing creative thoughts and ideas in a personal manner, and in turn, anyone interested can share constructive critical opinions, thus helping the creator grow and enhance his or her skills even further.

Sometimes Issues Might Come to Light

When working with digital files, in general, there is always a possible risk associated with incompatibility between devices. It might make the device or program responsible for reading the file, unable to perform the playback.

For this very reason, a simple, yet efficient tool has been created, the online video converter. One of the best thing about the web is the instant gratification it provides. Applications featured online tend to be extremely popular for this exact reason.

How to Convert a Video to Audio or A Different File Type In 5 Steps

Because there are so many useful Internet converters out there, the following example will be carried out using the most efficient one we've come across so far. It does the job while offering a decent number of features to enhance the experience, without becoming confusing for the user.
  • Open the video in an Internet browser and copy its URL from the address bar.
Copy Video URL
  • Paste the video's in the search box located on Videoconvert.com.
Paste Video URL
  • Select a file format from the accessible options.
Select File Format
  • Click or tap the Convert now function.
Convert Now
  • To download the converted file to your preferred device, all you have to do is press the Download button; once the video has finished converting. Additionally, you can have a look at the video tutorial given below.

Additional Features to Consider

Optionally, you could also use a trimming feature, before performing the 4th step. This extra option provides a way only to download a snippet of the original file you are working with. You just need to choose the start and finish time stamp of the video. This option is found in the Advanced options menu.
Trim Feature

Have Fun Using Your Results

The fact that anyone can easily create movies and that it is becoming easier for any Tom Dick and Harry to have access to the process, makes video filming, converting and sharing an increasingly popular hobby to take up.

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Makeup tutorials, DIYs, travel vlogs, audio books, meditation videos, and music clips are only a few of the options a website like YouTube or Vimeo offers its users. Sharing and expanding views via this excellent creative process is bound to be a most exciting journey for both creator and spectator.


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