BlitzWolf BW-ES1 Earphone Review: 39% Discount Coupon Code

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

BlitzWolf BW-ES1 Earphone Review: 39% Discount Coupon Code

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There's a massive shortage of affordable and good-sounding earphones, so the BlitzWolf Graphene Earphone BW-ES1, despite its weird nomenclature, fills the void.

It’s the one with better sound options and packs a lot more exciting features, all under the price range of 1000 bucks. The main attraction of these earphones is the boosted bass response. The output produced here is powerful and never distorts, and the earphones manage to balance between the lows and highs in the typical Bollywood Music.

Blitzwofl BW-ES1 Review
BlitzWolf has given a solid entry in the growing earphone industry, and despite the trend of all the Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones, will the BW-ES1 prove their worth. So without any further discussions, let’s start the review of these BlitzWolf Wired Graphene earphones.

Unboxing and My Thoughts

Being in the gadget market for quite a time now, BlitzWolf has raised my expectation from all their upcoming products. The musical sound signature came to me two weeks ago, and the parcel was in an entirely good condition. The box had some branding manuals, a carrying pouch, extra set of earbuds and the earphones themselves.
BlitzWofl BW-ES1 Unboxing
The BlitzWolf Graphene BW-ES1 In-ear Earphones gave a luxurious vibe in the first look, and the build material was quite good as well. I’ve also had the BlitzWolf VR headsets with me for the past one year, so one thing that I can assure is that company makes the products with robust quality.

BlitzWolf is well-aware of the fact that their customers want to get the best possible design features without being hard on their pockets. Fortunately, the BW-ES1 are something that will stand out and look great. The most striking aspect of their design is a rich matte finish that rides through the earphones, from the ear muffs to the jack. The fine cuts along the earphone edges give it a tough exterior look which is accompanied by the aluminium alloy body.

Earphone Matte Black
However, the earphones are limited only to one colour option, i.e. is the matte black. Though the earphones look spectacularly premium, I would prefer some other colour variants. 

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Pricing & Offers

You can buy BlitzWolf Graphene Earphone BW-ES1 from the official BangGood E-Commerce store. It is priced approximately Rs. 987 for all the Indian Customers along with free shipping and delivery.

The BW-ES1 gives a strong competition to the Skullcandy earphone which is also below a price range of 1000 bucks. Moreover, there’s an exclusive discount offer for all the Crunchy readers out there. Get 39% OFF on the BlitzWolf BW-ES1 Earphones. Just enter the following coupon code before checking out on the BangGood website.


To test out the sound production of these earphones, Bollywood Pop songs were the perfect baits, and I’m exceptionally surprised with robust bass response during the lazy drops. However, it could be a little irritating to the ears if listened for an extended time. The drivers do not distort, and the output quality was overall satisfactory. To understand better, I’ve divided the review into two further sections for all the potential buyers to get detailed information about the BW-ES1.
  • Build Quality
For a company that focuses on designing, these pair of earphones built to last long and cable is also made up of suitable rubber material. It is standard and matches the colour scheme of the earphones with its matte finish. They don’t tangle even when carried inside a pocket for a long time. A Velcro organiser is also included so you can quickly put the earphones without any risk of tangling.
Earphone Close Up View
There is a handy microphone on the earphone cable with a remote button controller to receive calls or change music without touching your smartphone. The sound output and the quality of the mic are good for its price range, and it somehow manages to suppress the external noise and distortion. 

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  • Sound
The sound quality of the BlitzWolf Graphene BW-ES1 in-ear headphones is slightly above average, but considering the price of these, you won’t be disappointed.

However, there are some other leading manufacturers like Sennheiser and JBL that offer earbuds and headphones that have more clarity and details regarding the audio output. 

Moreover, the earphones have a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz, and the graphene speakers make the music highly detailed, with crispy vocals and deep lows.

Build Design
Martin Garrix’s "Tremor", a track with deep bass and high tempo in the mix, offered a pretty and over the eye of the sound signature. The electronic beats on this track, which should usually make me bang my head weren’t the same on these earphones. The sound was full of heavy and massive drops here. Since the song didn’t have any vocals, I needed to check the quality on other genres as well.

There is a definite brightness in the music output when the guitar strumming comes in all the Pop and Country songs. The deep lows and the sub-bass presence made the vocals sound so clear.

Final Words

So, this was my take on the BlitzWolf Graphene Earphone BW-ES1 that packs the In-ear style buds and inbuilt microphone to receive/attend calls. You can also control the music via the buttons control in the earphones as well. 

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The earphones are priced at approximately 1000 bucks, and for all the features that they offer under this price range, you can say that these are affordable. Do share your thoughts about these earphones and let me know if you’re going for these matte black earphones in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to use the 39% coupon code to avail your discount. Cheers!


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