How to Create a Blog to Promote Your Business

Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to Create a Blog to Promote Your Business

Posted by Rahul Gupta
We all know that the world now is constantly changing. The changes that we feel around us are all influenced by the constant innovations in technology every day. The biggest change of all that is shaping our lives is the internet itself.

Through this borderless medium, we can communicate, learn, educate and connect with people all over the world. For businesses, this is the best thing that happened in the industry.

How to Create Blog to Promote Business
Companies can reach more people and cater to more customers than ever. One of the best ways to spread your business on the web would be starting your very own blog.

What is a blog?

If you google this, it is defined as “a regularly updated website of the web page, run by an individual or group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”.

For me it’s quite simple, blogging is like journal writing. It’s like having your very own online journal where you can write anything about everything. The difference is that everybody else can access it and read it online.

That’s why it is such a perfect platform for promoting a business. Blogging is already like advertising or promoting you to the world, so in logic, why can’t it be used to promote a product or business right?

We have got to start somewhere

To start promoting your business through blogging, you have to start your blog first.

First, we choose the blogging medium. There are a high number of blogging platforms to choose from. To name a few, we have WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, etc.

The best way to go in this process is to research and find out which platform can work for you. For example, if you’re a business in Kenya, the popular blog medium there is WordPress. It is just logical that you choose that platform because you are trying to reach Kenyan audiences as well. Remember also to register your domain. As a business, it is beneficial to have your domain for easy access.

Next step would be to design your blog. This part will personally introduce you or your business to the people. You have to consider the theme, the colors you use and the fonts. It’s similar to going out on a date; you have to make a good first impression.

This process may involve encoding some stuff, but if you don’t think you can do that, don’t worry. Blog platforms offer “free” themes to choose from. Just take the time to choose and make sure the image defines you or your product.

Fix it up a bit. When the blog is in place, try adding some things that can be beneficial to you. For businesses try to connect with a web feed management program. It will allow your audience to subscribe to your site.

Also, try out a “Google Analytics” account, it proves to be advantageous for businesses. Here you would be able to see your statistics and the impact of your site on the worldwide web.
Another thing you can add while fixing up your site, are plug-ins.

Well “Google Analytics” is already considered as a plugin, but you can also try adding Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest plug-ins. It will allow your audience or new customers to share your site.

Start writing, my friend. It is it, the core of the plan. For you to promote your business through blogging, you have to write. Write anything and everything about you and your company. From the history of your business to that great day creating that cookie in your store; you can go from personal to professional.

It’s your blog, so you make the rules. Just make sure that you consistently post a blog about your business, because this is how you boost your search engine ranking. More visibility means more business for you.

One of the best parts that I love about blogging is “it’s free.” Well, it can be if you choose it to be. Some bigger companies buy the space already and pay for domains and stuff, but if you’re a small business, free is fine. That’s another good thing about this marketing stage, big or small; you’re all at the same level.

With minimal effort, you can efficiently promote your business through blogging. This marketing medium will allow you to do so much for your business. Like connecting with the customers (through feedback and comments sections), here you will be given the opportunity to know their sentiments, and this may help you improve your business or product.

It can also quickly establish who you are, what your business is and what you are about. People will know where to find you, and through writing great blogs, they will consider you as an expert in your field and may come back for more.

Last but not least, blogging will give your consumers the ability to share you with others. Hey, that’s the power of a link, right? To connect you and introduce you to other potential customers. 

Blogging is such a tremendous tool for marketing. If used just right, business will be good for sure.

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