9 Best Free & Paid Guitar Learning Apps for Android

Monday, 20 February 2017

9 Best Free & Paid Guitar Learning Apps for Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Eager to learn guitar but don't have time to spend in music classes? Or already have some basic tactics of guitar playing and want to learn more with detailed lessons. Whatever the Condition is, but due to a busy schedule, we don't have much time to follow our passion by spending hours in music classes, instead if you are a teenage student. But nowadays, so many apps are available for everyone to learn whatever they want to learn with comfort without explicitly going out and pay for lessons.
Guitar Learning Android Apps
Let's take a look at below-mentioned apps & try the one that suits your pace and expectations:

Top Free Android Apps to Learn Guitar

1. ABC Guitar Video Lessons

As the name says, this app will help you learn all the basic to advance guitar tactics via video lessons. It's a highly rated app and hence is on top of the list. The guitars lessons are by professional tutors that will help you learn how to tune your guitar, how to read music sheets, chords & picking patterns to play. Songs are included to let you sync your learning with famous songs to make learning much easier. This app contains comprehensive printed notes for beginners for quick & easy learning.

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It's not only for a newbie, but even experts can explore in depth lessons of advanced level. Its premium version provides complete four-term course and access to forums, whereas free version has five videos for you to learn from basic to advance including various top genres.

2. The Guitar Thing

It's an app contains video lessons given by famous and talented guitar player Chandresh Kudwa. Thus it's again a very efficient app for beginners or intermediates to learn guitar. For a newbie, it contains essential lessons giving details about chords and how to tune chords. It also includes lessons of blues & legato licks

3. Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks

Another fantastic app for Android users to learn various guitar lessons with ease. It contains a variety of styles ranging from Blues, Country, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Acoustic, and Classical. Hue!! So it's one app one stop for learning various genres.

It's versatile in its lessons from basic to advanced levels and hence suitable for both beginners and experts. According to users, they found this app to be excellent in learning so much about guitar playing ant that too in short duration. It has 11,000+ lessons and 700+ songs playing lessons. It has a free version, but its pro version allows you unlimited access.

4. Learn How to Play Guitar

It's not exactly learning tool has it teach you through animations & not through profound lessons. But animations are easy to pick and play. If you are a newbie and don't know how to read music sheets or guitar chords, then you can see animations and act accordingly to play the guitar. Thus this app can be used beside your other playing lessons for practice. It includes 70 lessons of Rock, Classical, Acoustic genre, etc. 

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5. Gibson Learn & Master Guitar

It is 2010 Billboard Music App Award Winner. It features Standard and Traditional Chromatic Tuner, Chord Chart & Metronome. This app includes lessons from famous Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar. Thus if you have ever used Gibson's Guitar software on PCs, then you can have a try of its Android app.

Top Paid Guitar Learning Apps

6. Guitar Classic Pro

It's a great acoustic guitar simulator for both beginners and expert guitar players. Even if you have little or no knowledge about acoustic playing but have the eagerness to learn how to play acoustic guitar, then this app is a must try. After learning few basic lessons, you can play your favorite songs or try & create new tunes to play. 

This app has a virtual guitar for you to learn and play with ease even when you don't own any real guitar. It is entirely add-free so no hassle at all. Various genres to learn & play including Country, Classical, Acoustic, Folk, etc. with record and playback feature.

7. Guitar Lessons

It contains 16 music lessons for you to learn and play guitar. You can see through animations how to play chords and hear the already recorded ones to improve your chord tuning sense. It's a simple yet useful app with high user ratings.

8. Guitar Lessons Beginner 2

It's not another version of above app but is extremely different one. Lessons are by Famous guitarists "Franck Graziano." Its version #1 is for extreme beginners, so if you find this app bit difficult, then you can try #1 version of this app first and then continue with its #2 version. It is though suitable for both beginner & intermediate learner. It includes 41 lessons to learn easily with each progressive level or lesson & 82 incredible videos to see. Its videos get downloaded quickly but go for Wi-Fi.

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9. International Guitar Chords

It's an excellent app to learn all about playing guitar chords in expressive & detailed manner. It includes 447 different chords are easily transferrable o any key by dragging notes on the screen, making a huge collection of 5300 chords. It contains various unique features like 'Open String Locks,' 'Degree feature". Slow playback of chords helps in detailed teaching. It has manual note selection feature by just tapping the notes on the screen.

Bottom Lines

That's all, for now, guys. I hope the above list will help you find your suitable Guitar Learning app. Install your favorite one and dig deep into learning basic to advance tactics to learn guitar and then play sumptuous tunes & songs & cast a great impression on others or you can try these instruments in reality!!


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