SendPulse: Is It Most Reliable Bulk SMS, Email Marketing & Campaigning Service?

Saturday, 21 January 2017

SendPulse: Is It Most Reliable Bulk SMS, Email Marketing & Campaigning Service?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In a world that is full of new startups, online advertisement and marketing campaigns, everyone nowadays looks for the best strategy to market his brand/products. Though social media and video advertising have dominated the marketing industry, it is still the known fact that email marketing is one of the best techniques to gain leads and conversions.In a nutshell, they serve a bunch of different purposes for all the companies and businesses.
SendPulse Review
One such company that deploys all the necessary tools, content, and the planning to craft such creative and remarkable marketing strategies for all the major brands is SendPulse. So, without any further talks, let’s know more about this.

Overview – A little about the Company

SendPulse is a leading online platform that provides an array of different marketing and campaigning related services. Talking about the platform, SendPulse has famed itself by getting recognized as one of the best startups by The Next Web in 2016.

It has evolved into a successful agency with its proficiency in bulk SMS, emails, SMTP and web push notifications for all the companies. So, you can communicate and interact with more than thousands of customers, potential clients, and users all together at once. Increase your online and offline presence with these services, generate more user traction and get satisfactory results from your marketing campaigns.

The company uses an AI, or “Artificial Intelligence,” based platform that smartly predicts users’ behavior and therefore based on the collected data, the system automatically determines the most suitable time to contact the users. It observes the mail receiving and opening timings, days, and targeted age group interests. Based on the results, SendPulse aims to get more impressions and compression as possible.                          

Getting Started

What’s better than free? A free service, and that too forever. Yes, SendPulse hosts a small free plan that offers you with limited services but with full capabilities. Without any doubt, the restriction free plans are premium and are subscribed on a monthly basis they are worth a buy.

Moreover, if you can ignore the little restrictions, then SendPulse offers some reliable services with its free trial version too. The plan is not that bad, but it doesn’t suit everyone. 

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With bulk email and SMS sending services, the company continues to grow as a dedicated all in one platform with all the available functions under one roof. The best thing to opt for these services is easy of operating them. SendPulse has a dedicated drag and drop editor for all the editing and modification stuff. 

However, you’ll need to sign-up for these services and some other templates. The registration process is easy, and you keep playing. The interface is heard to be the best one, but you seriously need to focus on better things. You need to log in and confirm the account as well.

Hands on Review

  • Easily Manageable SMS & Emails

Apart from the smart AI based platform, SendPulse has also differentiated itself from the competition as it offers a clear and neat user interface. Later, you can say whatever you want. Don’t hesitate, please.
SendPulse Services
Once the setup is done, then you need to focus on the users that can base for multi-level purposes. Apart from the dashboard, the company is focused on targeting and working on a freelancer basis. You can start by signing up and create an account on Facebook with the SendPulse branding.

Moreover, if you’re trying this tool for the first time, then I could help you with all the photos and email bulk sending strategies for free. Also, the company would prefer to sign up on the website and standard using the services via the internet. You are also entitled to import all your existing contacts and emails and helps us to export the backup in CSV, XLS and XLSX file formats.

  • Simple & Effective Campaigning 

Simple & Effective Campaigning
Accidentally or deliberately, you’d start to notice that the online platform is quite impressive as it gives you the privilege to get an overview of all the running campaigns. The internal templates with all the standard designs are a boon to the user. You don't have any need to start from the scratch. Just edit the content, change the color schemes, and that’s it. 
The drag and drop based editor help you to edit the predefined templates which are based on HTML. In fact, SendPulse has one of the best builder and editors for email marketing.
  • SMS campaigning & Autoresponder

The free plan allows every user to contact less than 2500 subscribers, with 15000 emails support on a monthly basis. I guess it’s more than enough to get a glimpse of all the premium features that this platform. From Autoresponders, A/B testing for developers, Subscriptions forms and much more by different requirements.
New SMS Campaign

Is SendPulse worth it? Final Words

This premium platform offers a different kind of pricing and plans for all its services. The cost depends on the number of subscribers that you want to target. The lowest 2500 subscribers cost you around $9 on a monthly basis. Other plans and prices and mentioned on the official SendPulse website. 

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Do share your thoughts on the services offered by this remarkable AI based platform. Comment below if you’re going to plan your next campaigns with SendPulse services. The pricing is affordable and if a go-go for the marketing agencies. Cheers!


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