How to Find Which WordPress Theme A Website is Using

Saturday, 17 December 2016

How to Find Which WordPress Theme A Website is Using

Posted by Rahul Gupta
WordPress being the most popular CMS and blogging platform right now has millions of daily users. The freedom to modify and as it is an independent platform, it is growing more than ever. Regular updates and continuous support are also taking it to another level.

However, installing and using the WordPress CMS is just the beginning. The real benefit of using this platform is the ease of customizations using hundreds of different themes and plugins. But the real struggle comes when you need to choose the perfect one according to your website.

Free Online WordPress Theme Detector
Many times, you’ve come across a website with an attractive layout, and if you’ve enough knowledge, then you can identify that whether the site is running on WordPress or not. And the one feeling or thought strikes that if you could be able to identify the beautiful theme on the website or blog. Though WP tweakers and developers can always find a sneaky way to locate the theme what about newbies like us? 

This is where a great tool, WhoisWP comes in.

Fortuitously, I came across a new online tool that equalizes the playing field. WhoisWP is a website that identifies the WordPress theme activated or running on the site. Apart from the theme, it also lists all the major plugins installed on the blog/website as well. So, without any further discussion, let’s start the review of WhoisWP.

Some of you might wonder that why it would be useful when you can view the theme name using page source. Well, for starters it saves you a lot of time and effort of reading through thousands of code lines just to view the Theme Name.

How to use WhoisWP for your benefits?

WhoisWP is a website-only tool so every time you need to check the theme for any website, you’ll need to open the site. So far, the developers haven’t released any Browser extension of the tool but I guess, it might roll out soon as the site is getting more popular nowadays.

So, if you’ve spying or stalking some of the favorite websites with beautiful themes, then your hunt is over now. It is very simple to use this tool, and within few seconds, you can get all the information about the website theme and plugins used on it. So, now whenever you open a new blog or website and find a theme that appeals you to use it on your site as well, then you know where to start your spying journey. 

Enter website url
The procedure of using WhoisWP is very minimal and short. All you need is to copy the URL/ website link of the Homepage and then open WhoisWP in a new tab.

After that, paste the link in the big search box displayed on this WordPress theme detector’s home page. Click search, and then you’re all set to rock. The smart algorithm of the website automatically starts analyzing the site’s link for backlinks, HTTP requests, and codes to identify the WordPress theme running on the site. 

Theme Detected
After few seconds, this theme detection tool displays all the results that more than sufficient for you to locate the theme. Not only WhoisWP identifies the name of the wp theme but several other essential elements.

For example, I’ve tested my other website which is also proudly hosted on WordPress. The site started looking for the theme information as it crawls the primary information from the main CSS file of the wp theme.

And within a few seconds, it displayed all the information about the theme that was active on my blog. From theme name, theme website, to the theme version, WhoisWP displayed it all.

Not only this, but the tool also revealed the Theme Author and its description. I guess this information is enough for all the bloggers or wp developers to get started. If it is a premium theme, then you can further inquiry it on Themeforest for the price and live demo as well.

Wrapping Up 

So, this was my review of a free WordPress theme detector that can help you to identify all the information about the theme on any website. Cheers!!


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