A Detailed Investigation on the SEO of Website Builders, Are They Really Worth it?

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Detailed Investigation on the SEO of Website Builders, Are They Really Worth it?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
With the growing age of Internet, everyone wants to get their business online. That’s why a large of number websites are designed and developed every day. Some get it developed from good agencies while others use the online tools available for anyone who can get his hands a little dirty with the code. 

Moreover, People are really going gaga over Website Builders nowadays. Even major Blogging platforms and CMS like WordPress are trying to make their layouts and customizations more simple like website builders. The one thing behind this recent success is the ease of creating a fully-fledged working website with a minimum effort. 

Plus, the designs are stunning and makes your site really appealing and elegant but as we know that design isn’t the only thing that affects a website presence these days. Most of the people know the importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO behind the ranking of a website. 
Wix SEO Detailed Investigation

Working on Website Ranking, Search Indexing and other important factors for the SEO of a website really matters and most of the Website builders lack it. Though some builders offer in-house SEO options, one such online service is Wix Website Builder. 

Known for its ease of accessibility, Wix also provides all the on-page SEO options for the website with its builder dashboard. However, the point still arises, whether is it good as compared to the detailed crawling in WordPress or any other CMS hosted websites.

A Little About Wix

Competing for its way around famous names like Webs, SquareSpace, etc. Wix came into being with some of its standout features like online storage, and title animations. Like any other website builder, you can create a free account and start with the Wix Website Builder but eventually, you’ll be charged for all the essential features like custom URL, and other non-promotional advertisements.

The basic account starts from a $5-per month with a Custom Domain, and other basic features. Moreover, we’re not here to discuss the design and development features offered by Wix but the SEO options that it offers for all of its users. 

This Drag and Drop editor provide various on-page optimization options that can help you make your website better in terms of search results, keywords, and indexing.

You can get more information about Wix SEO on its official website. The Website packs all the necessary options that can easily compete with other SEO tools. Just like premium Plugin Like Yoast or Squirrly deploy advance techniques for remarkable search engine optimization of WordPress hosted sites, Wix’s also works in a similar way with Page Meta Tags and URLs.

Things that affect SEO Results of a Website or a Blog

SEO is just like cooking; you need all the right ingredients (content and keywords in the case of websites) to be mixed in the right proportions and temperature (optimization techniques). To rank your website with good search results and user engagements, you’ll need to have the right tools and knowledge of SEO.

Unfortunately, most of the people lack it. So Wix has crafted its Website Builder’s Dashboard along with an SEO Wizard that guides you throughout the processes.

Wix V/s Weebly – The Hunt for Better Keywords

Being a Blogger and a Designer, I’ve done a lot of freelancing in the field of Website Designing & Development. Before having a sound knowledge of PHP & ASP, I always preferred my clients to have a website designed by a Website Builder. Though they were not that evolved at that time, but now you can even create a full-fledged E-Commerce website on it. 

I wasn’t aware of the fact that SEO matters a lot for a website’s success. However, most of the Website Builders supply all the basic search engine optimization features for the users. So, I took the liberty of trying Wix as well Weebly in terms of the SEO features offered.

About Wix SEO

Wix SEO Get Report
Targeting mainly on the advanced optimization techniques, indexing, keywords and backlinking, Wix has evolved its Drag-n-Drop builder and introduced dedicated SEO Wizard Panel. The in-house analyzer analyzes the whole site including the content, keywords, and all the Titles and Metas. 

After the analysis, it displays and interactive report which determines on what points you need to work on. In my case, I had to do so many improvisations as the website was not fully optimized according to the keyword that I targeted. 
SEO Features
Therefore, with a little research and efforts for the keywords, you can really improve and get a good Website Rankings and Google Indexing. Moreover, there’s a dedicated Wix SEO Review which will answer all your queries. Weebly SEO had a really different going on!
SEO Setting
A few weeks ago, I created a website with the Weebly Builder as well but the situation of search engine optimization was a bit different. The dashboard had an SEO panel but the options and features were pretty basic. Just like the developers provide a minimal C-panel type dashboard in typical PHP dynamic websites, Weebly seemed to be going in that direction. 

It was pretty basic; you can add the site description, Meta keywords, and Code Editor to add crawling links on the website. Check out this video for more in-depth tips.

Bottom Line

In the end, it came to the conclusion that the scenario of SEO with Website Builders is really different. Wix Website Builder seemed to be pretty good and the optimization techniques were satisfactory. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know if you’ve liked the website builders for SEO or not. Cheers!!


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