WordPress Security Ninja Plugin Review: 40+ Security Tests With 1-Click

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

WordPress Security Ninja Plugin Review: 40+ Security Tests With 1-Click

Posted by Rahul Gupta
“Hackers fundamentally trust no one, including each other,” an eminent quote from Mr. Robot.

For almost every newbie while paving their way towards the blogging journey commits the mistake of not taking the proper advancements towards the security of their website. WordPress has always been everyone’s favorite CMS for a stepping blogging platform. One because it’s free and other because it has so many awesome themes and plugins to customize your blog. 

In fact, most of the well-renowned blogs and publishers use WordPress, but the established network and popularity of the CMS has made it more prone to vulnerabilities and security breaches.
Security Ninja WP Plugin
That’s why this post is drafted to protect your blogs from all that malicious hacking and unauthorized content comprises, and the things can be simply avoided just by installing a premium security plugin on your website/blog. So without any further talks, let’s start the review of Security Ninja Plugin.

Why Security Ninja WordPress Plugin?

Just like an antivirus for your systems, this premium plugin has been saving thousands of websites from malicious codes and hackers for over three years now. Since it is a premium plugin, it offers too much of worthy features that you can rely on. It is regularly updated along with its directories as new viruses and vulnerabilities are introduced daily. 

Moreover, using outdated plugins and tools also compromise the security of the website/blog. You can get more information on why outdated WP plugins are harmful here. 
Analyze Website
In the latest, the plugin developers have also released the lite free version for its users to try out the rich features of the tool. Just like any other tool you can add the plugin from the WP Repository and “Activate” it to start the monitoring and protection.


The minute you activate the plugin, it starts detecting any serious vulnerability or security threats in the database, themes, plugins, and directory files. Within a few minutes, the plugin performs over 40 different security tests, and later on, it displays all the issues and errors that are needed to be fixed with the correct method. It also provides you with the details to repair any possible vulnerability with external links.
Analyzing Website
One good thing about this plugin is that it doesn’t manipulate the WordPress directory files and keeps track of all the broken or deleted fixes on the website. So, you can rely on the plugin’s security to protect you from all the threats and malware on the site.

One premium feature of the plugin is the multiple remote access feature for all the various sites that is protected by WP Security Ninja. You can control all the different functionalities on all your blogs from one dedicated Dashboard. Moving on, let’s view all the amazing features offered by the website.

Features of Security Ninja

  • Over 40+ Security Testing with Brute-Force Attack 
  • Deep Scan for Vulnerabilities for bugs and holes
  • Protection from Script-Kiddies, and Adware
  • Reliable Support and Checkup
  • Quick Fixes for Code Snippets
  • Add Extra Protection with Premium Addons

Final Words

All in All, WP Security Ninja is the prime tool to protect your WordPress websites and blogs from various threats, vulnerabilities, and security breaches. It is the most recommended plugin on CodeCanyon regarding reliable protection. 

You can purchase the plugin from the official website or upgrade the free version directly. All the pricings with necessary features are mentioned here. 
Security Ninja Plans & Pricing
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