10 Best Free & Paid Game Designing/Developing Software

Monday, 28 November 2016

10 Best Free & Paid Game Designing/Developing Software

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Looking for some good game designing software?
Either you are a newbie or want to work at the advanced level, you want software that eases your work so that you can focus on logic and rest all visuals or audio effects & actions are handled by design tool itself. While searching for best game design tools, some of the most common names I encountered are listed below. Hope you find the suitable one for you.

Game Developing/Designing Software

1. GameSlad

As the name suggests, it’s a mixture of certain useful features. You can add sound effects, music and beautiful scenes to your game. It has a drag-n-drop function that makes your work effortless and quick.  Also, it has an enormous behavioral library expanding from basic to must advance level of action behavior giving developer freedom to opt action of his choice. 

It also has an integrated physics engine so you can focus on models and design without thinking much about background effects. It’s available in 2 versions: Paid & Free. In the free version, you can create, preview and publish your work online or on iOS platform.

The paid version gives you Freedom to monetize your work, and you can publish them on Google Play store and Windows 8. Thus it's not only versatile in its features but lets you post your job for desktop, PC or laptops, Android users through Play store and iOS devices. 

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Thus it’s an easiest and quick tool to create games for Smartphones & PC that lets you focus on work with much ease.
So go & try the free version first, if you like it, then pay for Pro to experience more benefits. Since it gives the ability to preview your work before publish, you can quickly test your game by yourself.

2. Construct 2

If you don’t know or lag behind programming skills or just want to design out of your passion or hobby, then you can also try Construct 2. It can be used to create games or both iOS and Android platform. It provides side by side assistance to the developer during game development via central flexible behavior library. 

Thus this makes it suitable for beginner, amateur developer or even a designing student. It also has drag-n-drop features like above tool, making your game design flexible & quick. It has such a simple & user-friendly interface that it can be used even to learn basics of game design, animation, game logic & tactics, etc. 

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It also allows you to preview your final work before publishing it. You can add levels to your game and even can create events with the help of triggers. Thus on-n-all, it’s a must try for a beginner. A favorite game like Yokai was developed using this tool.

3. Game Maker Studio

It has an inbuilt script called "Game Maker language." You have the facility to import fabulous fonts and animations to beautify your design. It facilitates Box2D physics engine to create unusual design and actions. A game developed through this tool is visually impressive and excellent quality. It's equally suitable for both amateurs and expert designers. 

You can not only create your game effortlessly but also it allows you publish them on various platforms. Thus create stunning 2D games with this tool. Popular Android game "Aces of Luftwaffe" was created using it.

4. Adventure Game Studio

Another game design tool from TaleTelle studio."Dan that" is created using this tool. It's most suited to build adventurous games. It has a simple user interface and flexible tools to create your game with ease. Draw rooms; create views for animations, etc. Its script has an auto complete feature that helps in designing effortlessly. So it's good more for amateurs & beginners. 

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It also allows you to not only create but preview and debug your game before publishing. You require MS Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack to run this tool on your PC. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista, 10, XP and even lower versions like Windows 95, 98, etc. Thus it's a simple & easy tool to create your adventure games.

5. Unity

It’s another powerful tool beside Unity, GameSalad, etc. and hugely popular. It is not for beginners because of its sophisticated features. So if you are expert in gaming or have programming knowledge, then you can boost your designing using this tool. It is rich in its features. It has an inbuilt Integrated Development Interface. 

It provides tons of paid assets and various other supports that a designer will require during game designing. You can create both 2D &3D games. Thus have a try but only when you have programming knowledge and game design experience. Its license is expensive, though, but it's perfect for experts.

6. Click Team Fusion

Another design tool for amateur or the one with less programming knowledge to create games with much ease as it Facilitates Event creation through its Event editor system that has inbuilt triggers. Besides this, it has features that will inspire & impress advance programmers more. Like Game Maker Studio, It also facilitates Box2D physics engine to create unusual designs. 

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Yu can publish your game on a variety of platforms which is another feature as it leads more money making. Right now only paid version is there, whereas free version is expected to come soon shortly. Few things that irritate is:  you have to buy Android & iOS exporter separately as there are not the part of this tool. So you can either buy it to explore or can wait for the free version.

7. Enlighten

It is by Geomerics, an innovation-led ARM company. According to statics, Enlighten game engine has redefined lightening effect in game development. Global illumination can be operated at runtime, making it a dynamic tool to improve workflow. Through versatile lightening effects, developers can manipulate moods and atmosphere in scenes. It's lightweight tool suitable for PC & mobile devices. It facilitates bright cartoon visuals. It's incredibly realistic graphics will give your game astonishing visual effects. It scales to bring its illumination tech, real-time simulation of surface lighting and real dynamic lights. It is Compatible with PC, mobile & iOS.

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8. Unreal

Unreal Engine 4 is a complete tool for game developers. You can create games for PC just effortlessly with its vast tools. You can take help or use already included samples of scenes and game, audios. Just get started with your C++ code to design your game. Its usage ranges from simple 2D games to high-end visuals. 

It has inbuilt Blueprint visual scripting that enables you to create a prototype of your game quickly, animations & visualizations with much greater ease. It also includes Virtual Debugger. You have source code editor & C++ engine. You can develop from simple scenes to even highly complex Cinematic scenes. Highly used by professionals.

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9. Stencyl

Most suitable for designing games for mobile, though you can create games that can run on a variety of platforms. Its UI is flexible & versatile as there are so many buttons and menus. A unique feature includes "Education" section that acts as a tutorial for beginners. It comes in both free and paid version & thus you can try out the free version first if you are a beginner and if you want to create games basically for mobiles. Go for paid version later to have full publishing support.

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10. Sploder

It provides a variety of tools for a starter to design his game seamlessly. There is a huge collection of genres for a developer like shooting, arcade, space games, etc. with the vast toolset for each genre. Surprisingly, it has separate support for physics-based games via its physics game creator inbuilt tool. The graphic editor helps you to create your pixilated characters. The Only drawback is that you can design & publish your game for websites since it doesn't support mobile devices.
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That's all, for now, guys. I hope the above list will help you find your suitable Game Design software. Install your favorite one and dig deep into creating impressive games.


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