10 Best Free & Paid Employee Scheduling Software

Thursday, 10 November 2016

10 Best Free & Paid Employee Scheduling Software

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Starting a business or a managing your company business can be tiring and exhausting. Planning the proper working schedule for your employees helps them keep way ahead in the run for success in this corporate world. But on the flip side, the scheduling and planning job is a thankless type of work which demands an out of patience. 

Thus, using the Employee Scheduling Software it becomes easy and straightforward. This kind of software provides an automated process for doing the whole job of employee scheduling. 
Employee Scheduling Software
Below is the list of top most employee scheduling software.

1. Time Tracker Release 5.1

It is 4 times award winner employee scheduling app developed by Asgard Systems. It is primarily used for managing full and complex employee schedules by providing a consistent scheduling pattern. It can systematically keep track of the shift timing of the employees, their attendance, time off, vacations and absences. 

Before storing the employee data, it is properly validated, cross-referenced and summarized for your benefit. Depending on the varying needs and working hours of your staff, this app allows you to design your employee schedules. 

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So, first, you can make use of the free trial version of this software and then decide whether or not extend the utilization of this software by paying for it.

2. Shift Planning

With its powerful features and tools, Shift Planning can be utilized for both small scales as well as big size businesses. Ditch the traditional spreadsheet ways and methods of creating and employee schedule and jump to this new favorite software that comes with a friendly user interface. 

All you have to do is drag and drop, and your plan will be ready for you in about 10 minutes. It consists of 4 parts- Scheduling, Payroll, Time clock, Human Resources. 

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As it is evident from the names itself, Scheduling helps you by eliminating various conflicts while scheduling and takes care of overtime waking hours scheduling also; Payroll lets you process your staff payroll online with just one click as well as enables you to print or export it; Time clock keeps exact count of the working hours of each employee and Human Resource allows you to train your staffs, manage the HR documents and plan their vacations.

By providing a chance for public servants to set their work availability and enabling them to request shift trades and time off independently, you can boost up your employee morale using this software.

3. Workforce Schedule

This powerful scheduling engine creates a plan for your company by keeping in mind the actual market demands and trends thus adjusting your labor force to meet that demand. It takes into account employee availability, seniority, skills and certifications, labor laws, etc. 

It helps in managing the under staffing and over staffing problems and reduces dependence on supplementary laborers and unplanned overtime working hours. It even sends electronic texts to qualified candidates for filling the open shifts. 

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And in case any of your worker falls sick, or any equipment breaks down, or any such unexpected problem occurs then it also provides you with intelligent daily staffing decisions. In an overall level, it helps you reducing your costly errors, making better and faster decisions and improving operational business outcomes for bottom-line results.

4. Deputy

It doesn't matter whether your job is a single site or franchise type job, a small scale or bigger scale business, a long tedious 24-hour long work shift type or just a regular 8-hour long type job; Deputy, the leading employee scheduling software has got all your employee-related worries covered. 

The various features of Deputy include Scheduling, time sheets, time clock, payroll, communication, talking, etc. Create a perfect schedule in the first step in no point, then notify every employee by the help of the plan with the support of Deputy. Assign each employee with their tasks, and then you will even get notified when they complete their assigned tasks. 

Then by the aid of time sheets, keep track of the joining hour of each employee, how long they worked and all such details. Then send these time sheets to the payroll section where the software will automatically decide their payroll according to their working hours.

You can also have a proper conversation with each of your employee or share any important instant message with all your employee using this software. It comes with a free 30 days trial pack, after which you can go for various other types of plans like Strater, Premium or Enterprise. It is even available as an app for Android, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch which makes it even more easy to take care of your business from any place, anytime.

5. Appointy

This software helps in growing your business exponentially, by focusing on the very basic mantras of a successful business like proper scheduling, increasing productivity methods, customer-attracting techniques and ways of retaining all your clients. When you create an account on Appointy, you are provided with a sub domain using which you can create your booking page for free and thus attract more customers. 
This software lets you have flexible time scheduling along with providing you with open activity time slots. With the use of the mobile app, you get real-time notifications, automatic Google Calendar sync to help manage your business on the go. It also provides you with your business analytics where you can read about your customer and employee satisfaction, the individual performance of each employee, the overall performance of your company, etc. 

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The various business segments covered by appointed are Health & Wellness (Spa, Massage Therapist etc), Education (Colleges, Universities, Schools, Tutoring etc), Medicine (Doctors, Dentists etc), Fitness & Recreation (Health Clubs & Gyms, Personal Trainers etc), Salon & Beauty (Hair Salons, Nail Salon, Tattoo Studios) etc. You get 14 days free trial session after which you can choose from various paid versions available according to your use type.

6. Zoho People

It is an all in one employee scheduling app which lets you manage your schedules and employee tasks etc. in a very secure manner. It is best suited for freelancers and small scale businesses. It also provides you with a simplified process for managing the leave of your employees. 

You can keep track of as well as manage all types of available leaves like the vacation, training, sick day, etc. Also maintain track of employees check-in time, attendance, absentees, etc. Set jobs for each worker as well as give work teams to each particular set of people and maintain a record of all their work. 

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Build custom modules for your employees according to your needs by using drag-and-drop tools. Also it lets you manage performance and analyses abilities of your employee. It comes with a free 15 day trial basis and then you can go for various other type of paid services like Basics, Standard, Enterprise etc.

7. When I Work

Built especially to attend to the employee scheduling and communication needs of business field line, this software provides an complete solution to your all types of business related problems. It can be used in various sectors of business like coffee shops, restaurants, customer service departments, retail outlets, colleges, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, etc. 

It's available for both Android and iOS, so as to let you manage your work anywhere anytime. The various features available are scheduling, time clock management. You can create shifts for your employees in just a few minutes, and also filling replacements for your empty shifts in very less time. 

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On the Dashboard you can get to know exactly who is working when by the help of the snapshot that gives you an idea of what's happening with your schedule right now. Managing vacations and leave of your employees becomes ever so easy with the help of this app as the employees can directly request their vacations and leaves from their app itself. The employees can also self schedule themselves with the available open shifts.

8. When To Work

In the present era, this is one of the most efficient employment scheduling apps. Using this, you can create, view, change and track your employee schedules. You can develop a constant or varied employee program on a weekly basis with the help of easy drag and drop interference. 

You can either yourself assign shifts to the employees or let the employees choose their desired change online. The employees can view the published schedules either when they log in or else on Google Calendar, Outlooks, and phones. There are 12 different types of layouts available. Also, a reminder can be sent to each employee to make them aware of their upcoming shifts. 

By the help of the mobile app, you can quickly make changes to the schedule whenever you want. The changes on schedule can also be raised by the aid of a computer. And automatic notifications will be sent to employees to keep them informed about the changes. 

In case you need to have a significant contact with any particular employee, then a critical text alert will be sent to him to tell him about the same. It does come with 30 days free trial version after which you will need to shift to the paid versions depending on the number of employees.

9. Planday

It is another fantastic employee schedule maker that comes with great functionalities. The online clock of this device gets automatically connected to the payroll system by the help of which you can easily calculate the exact number of working hours or days of an employee and pay him accordingly. It also lets you keep track of employee clocking in and clocking out time. 

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You can even easily export and import data from your payroll system. When there is a vacancy in a schedule, then the employees will be informed to fill up that apparent shift accordingly. To have proper communication with everyone in work, Planday comes with services like reminders, emails, and texts. 

Planday can function properly on every platform like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. It can serve both small scale and big scale organization, and it also comes with 30 days free trial version, at the end of which you will have to shift to a paid version for further use.

10. Droster Employee Scheduling Software

Developed by Kappix, Droster Employee Scheduling Software ensures that shift scheduling, leave management, rosters and scheduling duties are handled with utmost precision. This scheduling software can design extensive changes, positions, and responsibilities for employees and let you save time and energy by cutting down the scheduling process time by 85%. 

You can also copy-paste your schedules for any future dates. This software comes with a flexible user interface, functions, and features that enable you to set up shifts and schedules as per your requirements and needs. It also provides you fully change coverage where you remain acutely aware of their availability, their reason for absence, positions, and changes. And upon need, you can also send instant email notifications to employees regarding any sudden change or update in shifts.

It is the complete list of some top-grade employee scheduling software that will save you the menace of old times manual employee scheduling along with providing you other features.


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