10 Best Android Apps for Free Wi-Fi Calling Experience

Sunday, 16 October 2016

10 Best Android Apps for Free Wi-Fi Calling Experience

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There was a time when we people used to struggle to call via telephone numbers and then suddenly performing voice calls became a piece of cake. In the much similar manner just a few years back some people were struggling even to access basic Internet facilities where now almost 1/10 homes or offices have WiFi Internet connections. With the evolution of technology, we switched from GPRS to 2G, 3G and now 4G.
Android Apps for Wi-Fi Calling
As the technology is advancing for people, it has become much easier to use them in today’s Modern world. Now most of the Smart Phones and even software have started supporting LTE and VoLTE. You can easily find hundreds of Android apps on the Google play store for free calling via Internet(either mobile data or wifi). To avoid confusion which one to choose; we present you a list of top 10 apps for Calling over Internet or WiFi.

1. Whatsapp Messenger

One of the widely used messaging application not only for Android but across the major platforms. Whatsapp has now even launched its web extension and voice call facility. You can use it by just logging in with your phone number, and then you can send messages, multimedia and even call other WhatsApp users who are in your contact list. One can even reduce the amount of data consumption for voice calls. The app supports all Androids from 2.3 and above.

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2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger was one of the very few basic apps that were successful with the both voice and video calls over mobile and WiFi networks. Previously it could be used to contact only the ones who were on your Facebook friend list. But now it has added the ability to reach anyone using messenger if that person is present in your phone contact list without adding them to your Facebook friends. It is one of the most broadly used apps for calling over WiFi or the Internet.

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3. Skype - Free IM & Video Calls

This was one of the most essential and favorite apps used across the platforms for video and voice calling. It’s one of the most used and highly recommended apps featuring video and voice calls along with the IM support. You can perform group/conference calls up to 25 people at a time. Being cross platform adds more advantages as if you wish to use it for professional purposes. You can send multimedia, emojis, and text as you can with any other messenger. You can even use it as dialer app for your phone.

4. Tango: Free Video Calls & Text 

Tango allows you to perform free video calls over an Internet connection. While you’re on the call, you can even add filters and play games with the person opposite to you. It supports both smart phones and tablets. You can make groups for your family friends and close circles to send text and other multimedia quickly. Downloaded by over 35 million people this app could be on your list.

5. WeChat

This app is one of the favorite apps downloaded by over 47 million users. You can use it as a messenger as well as a dialer; it claims to provide low call rates in some regions. You can use it for free voice and video calls over the Internet. You can also use it from desktop and can perform calls connecting up to 9 users at a time. This app supports up to 20 different local languages and can translate messages to any language.

6. Line

It's yet another popular app which competes with the apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. This app claims the ability to perform video calls with 200 people at a time. You can send messages, multimedia, stickers, etc. You need to login into the app with your phone number, and then you can contact other app users that are present in your contact list. This app similar to We Chat can also be used as a social network. Over 87 million users download this app. 

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7. Imo Free Video Calls and Chat

IMO is one of the highest rated apps on the Play store. Imo allows you to perform voice and video calls not only over WiFi but also via a standard mobile data connection. It works well even on mobile networks. You can perform group video calls, share photos, send texts and multimedia, etc. This app is available for both Android and iPhone so you can even enjoy calling your friends who have iOS. All the calls are made over an encrypted connection that makes it even better and secures over other apps.

8. Viber

It is one of the top messaging who can be compared with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. The app can work with your phone number and allows you to send text, multimedia along with the voice calls and video calls. The calls and messages have an end to end encryption, so it’s pretty secure even for voice and video calls. It’s a cross-platform app so you can even use it from your desktop or other smart phones. It even supports iPads and smart watches.

9. Hangouts

It's one of the pre-installed apps that come along in the Google suit when you buy the phone. Hangouts is also one of the most favorite and widely-used apps. It’s a cross-platform app so you can also connect to other users if they don’t use Android devices. You can even use it on your PC as it uses your Google account and sync simultaneously. One can use it either as a messenger to send/receive text and other multimedia or for voice and video calls. It's one of the oldest yet useful apps.

10. Google Duo

It's one of the latest apps from Google launched recently. It’s one to one video calling app that focuses mainly on video calls. You can even see the caller before you pick up the call which Google calls as the “knock-knock” feature. It’s a straightforward and reliable video calling app even if you’re on mobile data.


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