Top 10 Rar, Zip, Unzip Apps for Android | Free Download

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Top 10 Rar, Zip, Unzip Apps for Android | Free Download

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Android app store has millions of apps which bring you all the functionalities that you can think of having on your smartphone. Where some awesome utility apps ease your tasks with reducing your need of PC every now. 
Zip, Rar, Unzip Apps for Android
Some users believe that they need a Computer to unarchive their compressed files so to clear their doubts here we present you some awesome apps that do that for you within your smartphone so that you can work anywhere without worrying about the safety of your data.

1. Rar by Rarlab

Who isn’t aware of WinRAR for PCs? Here they bring you an Android app for the same. You can archive, unarchive, and encrypt your files easily with your Android device. This app is freely available on Playstore. It supports a broad range of extensions and formats and even includes a repair functionality to fix the damaged archives. With simple, clean and attractive UI this app stands on top of the list with over 500K users with approx. 400K users giving it a 5-star rating.

2. Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

It’s a very straightforward and efficient app to extract your archives quickly. It claims that it can extract a 710 MB RAR compressed movie in close to 2 minutes. The app includes all the premium features in this free version but has a separate premium app which is ad-free. If you need to remove ads from the app, you need to get the premium version.

3. ES File Explorer File Manager

Talking about ES, I know it’s not a separate RAR-ZIP application, but it’s a file manager that does a splendid job of archiving and unarchiving your files and even allowing you to view your files without extracting what’s inside the archive. You can encrypt your data while archiving and even share them via various methods which even includes emailing directly.

4. WinZip - Zip UnZip Tool

Your favorite WinZip Desktop utility is now also available on Android. Supporting all the major compression formats this app has two versions the free version does the work of archiving and unarchiving but the paid version aka the full version even has the Google Drive support built in along with the Dropbox support. 

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It can compress and send the archived files via email quickly. With premium version, you can even encrypt your files with AES 128 and 256 Bit encryption. It has a straightforward and clean, minimalistic UI which looks magnificent.

5. UnZip & Unrar - Zip File

This app is a unique add-on for UC browser. You need UC browser on your device to use this app. This app does the work extremely well as it says. It has excellent user rating where the majority of the users have rated it 4/5 stars. 

If you are a UC browser user and you don’t need to have an exclusive app for just extracting or compressing files, this little add-on for your great browser can solve your problem. You can directly download your files unzipped. As it even helps you to view the files before extraction.

6. ZArchiver

It’s a well-known app that’s been in the app store for a very long time. It presents you with a clean and attractive UI. It supports almost all types of the main compression formats used worldwide. You can view your files in archives, even encrypt them with passwords enhancing and ensuring their security. 

You can send the compressed files from within the app. It supports some features like partial archive decompression, opening files from emails and even extraction of split files. It's simple and yet a powerful app for your smartphone.

7. Simple Unrar

It’s a simple application which is a powerful tool for extracting and compressing files. It supports latest RAR version 5 and can help you to view file info before extracting as well. You can remove multi-part rar archives, see files in the archive, extract files in a selected folder, and extract only chosen records and much more. 

You can directly open archives from your emails using this and this app even supports files larger than 2GB. It can work with broken/Corrupt files as well. The app developers state that this app is still under development and we can see many more features shortly.

8. 7Zip & Zip - Zip File Manager

It's yet another favorite desktop utility available on the Android platform. You can archive, unarchive files, view them, encrypt them and can even email them directly from the app. It supports multiple file formats and can open files like Apk and jar compressions as well. It’s an entirely free app with no premium versions.

9. B1 Archiver Zip Rar Unzip

It is another cross platform application that is also available for PCs. B1 supports its extraction format which claims to have a higher compression rate along with the most of the compression formats that you can find online. It supports major archive extensions with ease and lets you compress and extract files easily. 

The UI is attractive and clean which is easy to navigate through the records and files. Some features are only available on the pro version like supporting unlimited extractions, and opening password encrypted files. You can partially extract the files with the free version.

10. AndroZip™ FREE File Manager

Being one of the oldest and yet powerful Android archiving and unarchiving applications this one is has extremely basic and straightforward to use interface. With over 200,000,000 downloads this app has an extensive user database. It supports a broad range of formats both for compression and extraction. You can view the files before you extract them. 

You can partially extract the files and can also encrypt the data with either AES 128 bit or 256-bit encryption methods. You can use it to backup your Android apps as apks, and it also supports tablets making it easy for the ones who wish to have similar apps for both their tabs and smartphones.

So this is our list of top 10 best android apps for archiving and unarchiving files so that you can work with your files where ever you go without feeling the need of a computer to compress and extract your important archives.


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