Planet Assault Review: Ready to Bomb in the Space?

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Planet Assault Review: Ready to Bomb in the Space?

Posted by Rahul Gupta

Planet assault falls under the category of Android games that allows full control to users of their space missiles and then asks them to destroy the enemy bases and conquer them on the planet. This game is supposed to be some artillery range simulator. The whole game takes place in space, and the players have to toggle between various weapons and strategically make choices to hit the target. 
Planet Assault Review
There are tons of things to dodge from, like smaller planets, asteroid belts, and a ton of space debris. To score high in this game, you need to choose the right set of missile and have a clear plan in mind. To make choices harder, the players unlock more and more weapon as they progress in the game.

Planet assault has three game modes: -
  1. Journey mode
  2. Survival mode
  3. Artillery range mode
Journey mode is much like the campaign mode; survival mode has procedurally generated levels, and so does the artillery, which is there so that users can brush off their skills.
Journey Mode
You can download Planet Assault at free of cost from Google play store, and because it comes free of cost, it wasn't much of a surprise that this game runs ads to make profits. The game also supports in-app game purchases to unlock exciting stuff.

If we talk about the game modes, this game has 3 (as I mentioned above). They offer different sorts of challenges to players who are quite nice to see in such a strategy based game. However, if you choose it, the game would keep throwing you the almost endless number of levels at you to tackle with.

Gameplay: Planet Assault 

The big picture that you have to achieve is to destroy the enemy base(s) which are featured in the level at which you would be at the time of playing. At first, aiming at these bases is pretty easy, because players have a lot of capabilities and missiles whom they can use to destroy and make their way through enemy bases.
When you open the main menu, you should first go through the tutorial. I know, gamers don’t like tutorials, but the tutorial does an excellent job of introducing the game to the players.

As I mentioned above, the game has tons of space debris, small planets, asteroids and a lot more which you’d need to clear to reach the primary target. This is indeed what I think makes it the perfect mix of patience and strategy. For adjusting the aim, the players are required to move the red reticule in right or left and adjust the aim. TO be frank, I find it very satisfying when I see a missile heading towards to destruct a planet (in a metaphorical way).
Armory Stock
If you use bigger bombs, you can clear you way faster and get to the globe with more certain weapons. It’s a fact that the smaller asteroids and planets you've destroyed, the more chance you hold to be successful. 

It doesn't matter which mode you are playing; you’d always have access to your missiles. Although, there are going to be some times when you won’t find that variety. On a funny note, it's still funny to look at the missiles what you might achieve and would be right for your next move.

When you are playing the survival mode, you’ll never know what you might end up facing (which is indeed the fun part). Sometimes you end up with a pretty simple enemy and end nearby, while sometimes you have a massive planet and debris to get rid of.
Sometimes, in the survival mode, the game generates tons of pain such as obstacles, shield and even a solid block to protect your enemy. I agree that all this can be a great pain, but the journey gets steady as it progresses.

One thing that you have to remember throughout this game is that gravity is your friend. It’s a great tool to plan things. You can use the gravitational pull of every planet that you encounter to cheat and get what you want despite how terrible the planet is. The game also supports in-app purchases, which no doubt helps you to hold a huge stock of missiles.


I think that the players who like playing space and sci-fi games would love this game as it demands a lot of brains and wise decision making. Overall, it’s a great game and runs smoothly without any flaws despite the ads which are placed in the game. 

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