5 Types of Popular Online Jobs Without Investment

Sunday, 16 October 2016

5 Types of Popular Online Jobs Without Investment

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Do you know that there are many popular online jobs that you can start without investment? They are getting very much popular in the world especially in United States, India, Philippines and Indonesia. One of the driving force for this scenario is that anyone can find jobs online without any investment. It allows anyone from any walks of life to start building an online career almost instantly.
Popular online jobs without investment
In this post, you will come across the top five types of outstanding jobs without investment.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most famous online jobs without investment in the world. There are many free blogging platforms such as Blogspot (some call it Blogger), WordPress and Weebly.

Blogging is fun, and it gives you the freedom of speech. You are the ‘king’ on your blog, and you can do pretty much anything under the sun. Of course, there are simple rules you need to adhere when using blogging platforms such as Blogspot and WordPress.

Bloggers can make money from their blog in many ways. One of them is by selling advertising space to companies or business owners. The real truth behind this is that it is much cheaper to rent an advertising space on a blog than to use Google Adwords.

Apart from that, you can also do review write up to earn money online.

Important tip: - If you are planning to start blogging, you need to have devotion as demotivation is one of the biggest and most common failures for bloggers.

2. Freelancing

According to Forbes, 35% of the workforce in America comprises of freelancers. There are many freelancer marketplaces that you can find to earn some bucks online. For example, there job boards such as on ProBlogger as well as authority sites such as Freelancer.com and Upwork.com to choose from.

What makes freelancing a favorite online job is a flexibility as well as the chance of earning more money on the side. You can also have a day job alongside if you are worried about job security.

Freelancing is very popular because there are many opportunities you can choose from. For example, you can select digital marketing, designing, and data entry to name a few.

3. Virtual assistant (VA)

What is a virtual assistant? According to Wikipedia, a virtual assistant is self-employed and provides professional administrative, creative or technical assistance to clients remotely from a home office. They usually work for other small businesses.

A virtual assistant is another attractive option when it comes to part time jobs without investment. To become a virtual assistant, one just need an Internet connection and a working computer. You can then connect with your potential employers across the globe at any time and getting paid based on hourly basis.

Most virtual assistants are required to do online filing, data entry and managing/replying emails.

On average, virtual assistants are paid anywhere from $8 to $50 per hour depending on the task required.

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4. Social media freelancer

Social media marketing is extremely popular in today’s world. For smaller businesses, they may not be able to hire full-time social media marketers or simply, they don’t have the needed expertise. Therefore, they will opt for freelancers who are much more affordable and still get the job done.

Social media marketing isn’t entire a tough industry to work on. However, it certainly requires a little devotion and understanding to ensure that you are constantly kept updated with the latest trends.
Freelancers doing social media could easily earn around $10 for a single gig, and the price can go up to thousands of dollars monthly.

Important tip: - If done correctly, social media freelancers are probably the highest paid freelancers in the world due to the importance of social media in today’s world.

5. Writers

Do you know that writing is one of the most popular online part time jobs that doesn’t require any investment? Currently, there are a lot of opportunities, especially within the freelancing writing industry.

Anyone can start an online writing career, and it doesn’t require any investment. All you need is a laptop, access to Internet and knowledge in language to be able to write.

Writers can be divided into eBook writers, ghost writers, article writers and even content writing. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities that lies within the writing industry that you can choose from.

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In most cases, writing is an excellent way to earn side income (and even starting a career) as you can charge based on per project basis or per word.


Thanks to the technology that we have nowadays, finding the right job opportunity aren't as hard as a decade ago. You can quickly reach out to potential clients to offer your services while even showing your expertise using freelancer’s marketplace.


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