How to Work Effectively With MaktApp Cloud Based Solution

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How to Work Effectively With MaktApp Cloud Based Solution

Posted by Rahul Gupta
This step came to solve Startups Companies’ problems concerned with productivity, time management, monitoring projects Implementation and managing bills, employee and customer data; easily with one App that you can access through web, computers, smartphones and tablets.

Despite there might be many global options that provide this services, most of them don’t provide it all on one platform, and none of them is Compatible with Arabic companies neither they understand the local environment of the companies.

maktapp cloud based solution
MaktApp's organizers fell proud that their platform is designed and developed in the State of Qatar by an Arabic pioneer team, that its' members understands the Arab markets very well and knows all the challenges and problems that are already facing local companies.

According to them, "From our logo "work effectively in less time" we started our business. And in MaktApp we are trying to reach small and medium enterprises and companies in the region, by offering a package of solutions and necessary high-quality and useful services; which are being continuously developed."

Easily Manage Employees & Team Members

Through this platform, you can register employees and team members, check on their presence and their productivity, as well as their progress in solving the problems they face. It means accurate knowledge of the productivity of each, which you can use to raise the efficiency of the team and to adopt appropriate measures depending on the status of each employee without losing the team or being injustice with hard-working employees.

Thus ensure a healthy working environment by appointing tasks for all employees including yourself and follow up the implementation process and proper evaluation of the performance of each.

On the other hand, the administrative documents will not be lost while using MaktApp, where it will be stored in one place on secure servers via cloud storage; there your employees can access them if this is allowed. Using this technology you can control the privacy and security of all files and synchronize them easily on various devices for you or your team members.

Manage More Than One Project at a Time

Not only that but through this platform, you can manage more than one project at the same time efficiently and follow up the progress of each project. This feature is useful if you are working on more than one product/service at the same time, or doing more than one process in the company.

Work files, including documents and messages, will not face the problem of being lost or hacked because of security threats, which regularly happens to enterprises and institutions in the region.

It is known that emerging and medium-sized businesses, unlike the big ones, are increasingly exposed to security threats, which may change the documents data, steal them or even spy on them for the competitors; all of that isn't possible through cloud storage of files and documents.

Customer Tracking & Performance Status

That's not all; the platform also provides you with customers logging and tracking for their applications and their performance, which would help to improve relations with them. Thus motivate them to buy from you and request your services, and also it helps you to adopt the right decisions about cuts and offers for your customers.

The platform provides you with the ability to held a meeting between members of the team where you can find the details of the discussions and participate through various platforms including mobile, computer and the Web.

It is well known that MaktApp is getting more updates and improvements on a permanent basis, and we are thinking of launching more services and enhancements that will develop the performance and improve results. The platform supports the Arabic language as well as English while providing safety and protection, as well as it supports the drag-and-drop feature in the personal account.

Pricing of MaktApp

The platform provides a free subscription to experience and preview the features, before purchasing a subscription, which comes at affordable prices starting from 199 QR "about 55 $". It may change regarding the size of the institution, its requirements, and conditions. Knowing that the number of newly registered on the platform reached more than 45 in the first few hours of launching.

MaktApp is working to embrace the various Arabic projects in the region and help them achieve their growth, success, and expansion. As well as understanding their challenges and provide solutions for them.


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