Top 10 Best & Legitimate Online URL Shortener Sites

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Top 10 Best & Legitimate Online URL Shortener Sites

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In this era where social networking sites play a role of paramount importance in the promotion of the company and even development of business, URL shortener sites and services do some serious help in this prospect. URL shortener sites reduce the length of a long URL to a short length URL, thus giving it a rather professional look.
URL Shortener Sites
Bloggers and webmasters primarily use These services. The user is automatically redirected to the main page once they click on the shortened URL. In Twitter especially, use of URL shortener is very frequent. As character limit of Twitter is just 140 so posting a long URL might consume most of the space, thus leaving petite for texts. URL shorteners come with various advantages like
  • Creating short links which are easy to share. 
  • Using the shortener services you can also track your link, i.e., you can see which link has been visited how many times by knowing the number of clicks on each link. 
  • Digg and Twitter have Integrated URL shortener services which let you automatically shorten your link.
In this post, I have listed down top 10 URL shortener sites.

1. Bitly

This site used to be the default URL shortener of Twitter. It was started back in 2008 and has gained a lot of popularity ever since and has come to become one of the most favorite of people. Along with performing the core function of shortening your long URLs, it also helps you to hide and track your URL. You can even share your URLs on social sites. One another interesting feature is that you can even bookmark your favorite web pages.

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Using this site, you can make e-mail friendly URLs so as to use on blogs, social networks, online publications, etc. You can also monitor your statistics, keep track of your URL. URL sharing option also is available on this site. Moreover, you can also edit and delete your URL. The copy of your link will be stored in your account. Custom domain option allows you replace with your private domain.


Owned by Google, this URL shortener site started back in December of 2009. With time is has become one of the most popular and most used. You can even check statistics of your shortened link. Just go to the site, and enter the original URL which you want to shrink in the blank space where it's written "Your Original URL Here" and tap on the button "Shorten URL."

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This URL site us ethically and is easy to use. They cost no charges for their services. They even make sure that their site never gets tangled with any 3rd Party Advertising. Developed by Richard West, a freelance developer, and technologist, this site offers service that is both fast, reliable and always makes sure to look after the best interests of their users.


This useful URL is shrinking site managed by the leading social media managing service Hootsuite. You can share your shortened URLs. Also, you can keep track of the statistics of the shortened URL thus getting to know which URL was visited by people how many times.

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This modern URL shortener website offers real-time traffic tracking of the shortened URL. Using this site you can even custom your domain and name it to your name and brand. You get the choice of viewing real-time statistics in which you can get details like date, hour and user's IP number. Furthermore, you can also track the country and city of each link. The shortened link created by this website come with no expiration date so that you can view them anytime.


TinyURL is one of the oldest & legitimate URL shortening sites which started way back in 2002. Just go to the link and type or copy paste the long URL into the blank space where it's written "Enter a long URL to make tiny" and click on "Make TinyURL." The shortened URL won't break up during e-mail postings and doesn't expire. Another feature of Tinyurl is that the users of this website need not create an account by registering themselves to shorten URL.

8. Moourl

This online URL shortener owned by the company Flexcode offers URL shortening services that are highly reliable. Just navigate to the website, copy paste the original link and then select the option "Moo!". One more interesting feature that I liked the most is that as soon as you create an account in Moo, it will be automatically copied to your Clipboard; so that you can paste your copied original URLs in much easier manner. You can even custom and personalize your URL.

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This website is a new entrant into the market of URL shortener. It provides some real great service that importantly not only shortens your URL but also assures the users that their long URL stays hidden easily. There are no charges associated with the services provided by the site; it all comes for free. Once you set a password after generating a short URL, you can even customize and monitor your newly generated short URL. One can even view the status of your URL by going to the statistics page. On this page, you can see geo and referral targeting statistics.


This URL shortening site, without any fail, gets the job done. Also after creating a short URL, you can also save it in preview mode through the Clipboard function. All the service that is offered by this site come for free. You can even share and distribute the shortened URLs via internet websites without breaking in email messages. This whole site works on zero tolerance on spam submissions, so you need not ever worry about coming about some spam sites.

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So that is the whole list of URL shortener sites using which you can shorten your URLs to stop them from looking tacky and giving them a rather professional look.


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