15 Best Email Clients for Windows Free Download

Monday, 31 October 2016

15 Best Email Clients for Windows Free Download

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Whether you are a working person or student, much of the communication these days take place through emails. And when you have more than one email account to manage your personal and professional separately and neatly kept apart, you are bound to have more than one email account. 

Although multiple email accounts are helpful in preventing spam emails from mixing with other important emails and personal data, it is often difficult to open multiple tabs and check the emails on various accounts. 

The problem gets aggravated when the email accounts you use are from multiple clients where you have to open several browser tabs or log out of one account before you log in on a different one.
Email Client for Windows
Email clients make your email accounts organized and even let you integrate other apps such as calendar and RSS feeds with them. When there is much data to handle, opt for an email client, which will combine different email accounts of yours under one roof. Here are Top 15 Email Clients for Windows for a better, cleaner and less confusing desktop.

1. eM Client

It is most Probably one of the best in the market; eMClient has been a popular email client for around ten years. Its development and changes throughout the years, accommodating user needs and preferences has made it popular and sought after among the people. The free usage is limited to a couple of email accounts. 

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For commercial users, the paid version offers multiple accounts and many other features. eM Client supports Gmail, Exchange, Cloud, and Outlook.com. It allows integrating calendars and contacts and has a place for chat apps too.

2. Mailbird Lite

Mailbird Lite is an exhaustive and extensive communication network platform to which you can add apps for scheduling, chatting, file syncing and team working. You get a 30 day trial of the free version once you are signed in. 

Although it expires within a month, the free version can be used without any time restrictions. It allows three accounts with impressive features such as email snoozing, speed reading and a preview of attachments. You can simply drag your emails into your daily task list. 

You can also integrate your Facebook account, WhatsApp, Photos and much more. Simply put, Mailbird Lite is much more than an email client; it is your entire internet communication activities wrapped up into one module.

3. Opera Mail

Opera Mail is a handy option for people who use their email accounts for business purposes. They have plenty of templates for almost all types of scenarios. It makes your task much easier and faster. Clients can also import RSS feeds with automatic notification of updates on your favorite websites.

 Many label options are available so that your emails are sorted and put under the right labels quickly. The email client is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac users and it is free for Windows users.

4. Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird comes from the Mozilla Foundation. It has a bunch of great features that can be extended and enhanced with a huge range of third-party add-ons. It can link files that are too big to email and can read RSS news feeds along with your email. 

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You can get personalized email address for your family, business or your organization and its official use. All you have to do is provide your email address and details, and Thunderbird takes care of the rest. It helps you search through emails and chats by supporting multiple chat networks and email accounts.

5. Claws Mail

Claws are probably not the most attractive email client available out there. But if you prefer lightning speed and easy to use features over style, then this is the email client you should opt for. It is best suited if you are an experienced user who wants custom mail filtering along with support for an unlimited number of email accounts. 

Gmail users may also have to adjust the Google account settings and grant access for potentially less safe applications which are not something that is preferable. With templates, customizable toolbars and various other functions that are expandable via plugins, Claws Mail is a handy option as an email client.

6. Inky

Inky has a well-designed user interface which looks professional and elegant compared to other popular email clients on the list. Apart from the looks, it functions impressively by automatically configuring the email accounts of Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook on Windows 10. 

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The Email Client application has a mobile app, which makes it easy to sync your mobile data on the PC and vice versa. But the major downside is that the client doesn't work offline. You can also access Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and other IMAP accounts with a minimal monthly fee. Other than Windows, Inky is also available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

7. MetroMail

If you are looking for an email client that is custom made for all Windows devices, including mobile phones, then MetroMail is undoubtedly the first choice. With MetroMail, you can configure the app to use major email services like Outlook and Gmail. It also lets you store messages so that you can read them without internet connectivity. 

MetroMail gives a rich Gmail experience on Windows with support for Gmail-specific features such as archiving, label management, inbox categories, and much more. Fast, efficient, feature-rich Gmail experience is guaranteed. It also allows live syncing on all Microsoft devices.

8. IncrediMail

Incredimail is a vibrant email client with many options which are otherwise available to other email clients. It is best suited for students or personal use with plenty of emoticons, animated characters acting as notifiers, vivid email backgrounds and much more to give you a colorful experience. 

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It has a gallery with over a thousand animations, Ecards, 3D effects, sounds and skins on various themes. It is recommended if you want to get a break from dull and boring email clients who focus only on the functionalities. But for professional purposes, IncrediMail is not a wise option.

9. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the personalized email client for Microsoft. With many productive features such as syncing calendars, Notes, contacts and other features, Outlook has been serving many Microsoft users over the years. It has incorporated all the necessary changes required over the years. 

The features can be enhanced using ad-ons. With the latest features, you can have EverNote, Uber, Yelp and many other utility apps accessed through your Email Client.

10. Zimbra

Zimbra is another great desktop email client for Windows 10 which is known for its easy to use interface. Apart from the features of a typical email client mentioned above, Zimbra also lets you integrate your social media handles such as Facebook and Twitter within the application Zimbra can incorporate an unlimited number of email clients along with the added advantage that it works offline. 

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Zimbra supports the use of supports email, group calendars, and document sharing with an easy to use drag and drop features. Zimbra has been yet another great tool for emails, messaging and collaboration.

11. Scribe/InScribe Email Client

Scribe is a super-fast email client for Windows and other operating systems. It has won an efficient spam filtering module which blocks even the niftiest spam campaigns. It also supports a wide variety of popular languages with regular updates, fixes, and novel features. You can export and import contacts of many different formats and other important email data to and from external email clients.

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12. Foxmail

Foxmail has a fresh user interface which makes it an easy to use email client. Features such as attachment preview and delayed sending option which helps you check the email before it is sent which is crucial when it comes to customer and business emails. Contact lists are shown in well-structured indexes for easy access and also for easy merging and duplication. 

One can also import data from Google Calendar. All the folders are sorted automatically, and the favorite folders can be customized as well, and you can also view related emails all in one place.

13. EmailTray

EmailTray is an intuitive email client full of features. E-mail alerts can be configured as audio and visual alerts so that you never miss an important email. Business cards of contacts provide you with all the information about the recipient at a glance. Rich text, HTML emails can also be easily composed. 

For sensitive information, password protection for email database can be enabled which would prevent unauthorized access on shared computers. It can also sense and retrieve legitimate emails that are present in the spam folder. Alerts can also be configured for important emails with priority.

14. The Bat!

The Bat! Is made for Windows systems with features such as dual encryption process to keep your email communication completely secure. There is no restriction on the number of accounts, and a user can have as many as they want. 

The Bat! Also, supports sending of encrypted key-based emails through it. Unsafe attachments are detected, and the rest of the data is protected from it. You can also use the email templates suitable for various situations to speed up the email sending process. 

Premium version promises support for its unique biometric authentication system for added security preventing unauthorized access. Message Edit Window lets you compose and customize your messages, add smiles and stay connected in different languages with support for national code pages.

15. Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free mail client from Microsoft as part of the Windows Essentials 2012 suite. With an interface similar to that of Microsoft Office, live, mail is used by many due to the familiar-looking interface. Live mail has features such as calendar and conversation view, as well. 

Windows Live Mail allows you to manage multiple accounts with the calendar having the feature where you can note down events, save dates in advance and never miss an event. It keeps your account clutter free with a well-organized and well-connected account for all your personal and office use.

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Each user will have a different notion regarding the ease of use, although there are plenty of options to choose from. Microsoft Outlook and MetroMail are preferred by many users who maintain multiple accounts for professional purposes which require syncing your contacts, events, calendar and schedule. Pick the best email client based on the features and your email, collaboration and messaging experience over the internet is going to get better than before!


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