15 Best Zombie Games for Android | Free Download

Friday, 30 September 2016

15 Best Zombie Games for Android | Free Download

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Entertainment factories have sometimes been known for developing insane, illogical and irrelevant characters (in a good way) just for entertaining the general public.

One of the brilliant characterization is that of dead peoples as zombies. Zombies, wandering around the streets, eating the flesh of humans are quickly are becoming the must watch movies and shows. Even the cartoon shows are using them as props for getting higher ratings.

Zombie Games for Android
Taking in consideration of this fact many game developers have also created many games having hordes of zombies in them. Moreover, some of these games are based on their respective TV shows. Here is the list of some of these top notch zombies games available on Android.

1. Unkilled

Downloaded over 3 million times by users only after ten days of release, this game is a zombie based individual player game developed for android and iOS users. A typical story of a person trying to kill all the zombies before they become a menace is the base of the game. 

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The game is all set in New York City.  Players are given a range of weapons to choose from at the starting of the match itself. Sometimes he has to kill the zombies and sometimes save somebody from them by (also) killing them.

Controls of the game are very to maneuver. Just use the bottom left to move the player the forward and the opposite to look around for zombies. At the end of each level player has to defeat the zombies master to proceed. Many new features such as distance shooting timers challenge and quick move are added in the game.

2. Zombie Highway

Developed by auxbrain, this game was initially released for iOS users, but after its success, they also introduced the game on Android platforms. It is an existence based game. The scenery is that of a desert and a never ending road.

The player is driving a car, and he has to stay alive as long as possible because whatever the case he is going to die at last. But before dying he should collect as many points as possible by killing the Zombies. Each zombie has a health meter attached to it. The player has to shoot at them repeatedly to kill them. The controls are natural to use.

Tilt phone to control car and tap on the screen to shoot. Zombies will always try to bash your car by moving and tilting it from side to side. Two sequels of this game are also available on play store.

3. Stupid Zombies 2

Sequel of stupid zombies, this game, has many new features. The number of levels is increased. The game starts off easy with the zombies standing at one place with various barriers. 

The player is given a limited number of bullets which when fired will bounce off the walls before killing the zombies. Thus the player has to shoot carefully as many of these walls contain holes in them which can make the bullet go through.

On increasing the level, the difficulty level also increases such as the zombies start to move over and around the barriers. Points are given for the player’s accuracy and speed for completing a level.

4. Into The Dead

This game is the imitation of a TV show of the same name. The game starts when the player’s helicopter crashes into a field full of batshit crazy zombies. 

From there on the player has to move forward at any cost by killing the nasty zombies or get killed by them. There is no living after the end of the game i.e. you are going to die anyhow, and the zombies will eat your tasty brain.

The only aim is to score higher than the previous game by beating it. Oh! The player also has locks to unlock and missions to complete. This game is not as easy as it seems at first. Various factors are considered for playing the game.

5. Zombies Roadkill 3d

The player behind the wheel of a van is provided with an arsenal of weapons at his disposal. If one likes big noises of bomb blasting and guns exploding then this is the game to play. Zombies will attack your car from all the sides, and the player has to kill them anyhow Increase the speed of the car and mow down the zombies by running over them. Use the game points to buy more guns or a bigger truck. Tilt control and swiping are done to play the game.

6. Zombie Frontier 3

3D play field and amazing graphics, this game is full of cool weapons like sniper rifles and gruesome surroundings. Throw in some awful zombies trying to kill the player to complete the scenario. Gameplay is very simple, but the skill is tested with increasing level. Players need to shoot the zombies to move forward in the game. The levels are very short of the crossing. Players can use their rewards to unlock more sophisticated rifles or guns.

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7. Call of Mini: Zombies

Copied from very famous iOS based game this game lacks uniqueness. But the game play is remarkable at the same time. This game has a third person player and different players to choose from. The player starts killing the zombie at daybreak and continues till it dies. After dying the game will again start at the beginning of the day. The player is given three different types of guns. Zombies are of 12 different sort and players can use their precision and weapons to roast them.

8. Dead Target: Zombies

This game has a story related to the game. There is a feud going between CS Corporation and the government. The corporation invests the whole city with zombies. Now the player has to escape the city with his friend by killing the zombies coming in his way or get killed.

The features of the game include 3D graphics, huge weapon system, different zombie types, etc. and much more. The player can shoot the zombie any way he wants i.e. by a blow to the head, slicing the limbs or crushing them.

The danger includes the boss zombie who is chasing you continuously and the exceptionally dangerous ones who are filled with deadly viruses which can attack in a large radius. Earn points to unlock more cool weapons. Also, you can compete with your friends online and share your achievements.

9. Dead Trigger

The game play is simple enough but can repeatedly be played for enjoyment purpose. The player has to kill zombies anyhow, either by smashing their face or cutting their body parts. Graphics and sound quality, both are 3D and shows incredible experience while playing the game. Missions are given to be achieved at every level. Each task can be selected on the given map. 

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The player can carry four guns with them, and each gun has their characteristics such as accuracy, damage, clip, and range. The player can choose whichever weapon he needs according to the situation. All things considered, Dead Trigger is a pretty engaging game.

10. Zombie Smasher

The game has three modes: Story mode, time mode, and survival mode. Player only has to kill the little zombies by smashing them with finger tips. But he has to be careful before killing as some humans keep wandering in the streets and he should not kill them.

Also, there are seven different types of zombies attacking the neighborhood. Every zombie has different characteristics and player should pay attention while shooting them as some are fast like dogs and some slow like humans. The game is worth playing.

11. Dead Effect 2

Developed by BarFly Interactive, this game comes free of cost in the Google Play Store. In this game you, as an underrated shooter fight off a horde of zombies, monsters and sci-fi creatures on the space. The total game play hours of this application is 20-30 hours and it works on a large campaign mode. 

The story of the game character unfolds as you keep playing this game. It even has RPG elements using which you can upgrade and develop your character into a fighting machine. You can choose from over 40 weapons to fight against the evil. The graphics, content, and story line of this game are of top quality.

12. The Walking Dead - No Man's Land

The Walking Dead is inspired by the favorite TV show with the same name as the game. This game is not just about killing zombies, but it's more of a match that includes serious and strategic planning for surviving yourself from zombies. Lots of action and adventure are included in this game. 

Also in this game, using the RPG element you will be able to upgrade as well as develop your crew. One feature of this game that stands apart from most the other games of this category is that in this game, you need to make decisions like who gets to live and who has to die to keep your crew safe from any harm. This game comes for free in Google Play Store.

13. The Walking Dead (Season 1 & Season 2)

As they both are two different seasons of the same game so I have put them both at one single point. Developed by Telltale Games, these applications come free of cost in Google Play Store. In both the games, the basic story line is mainly according to the Robert Kirkman's graphic novels where a small girl Clementine, who is separated from her parents, tries to survive the hoard.

You will fight zombies, take tactical decisions like whom you need to save and who has to die. The story line, characters, and dialogue are all excellent. The graphics are also highly praiseworthy. Season 2 is a continuation of season 1 story.

But there are some upgrades and changes in season 2 like the exploring areas are smaller as compared to season one even the dialogue trees are also more prominent. As compared to season 1, in season 2 you will be required to make decisions more frequently. Both of the seasons are episode based games out of which the first chapter will be free, and the final four episodes need to be purchased.

14. Dead Trigger 2

This is a sequel to the Award- Winning original game Dead Trigger. The concept is that a large group of zombies comes marching towards you. Your duty is to kill them all before they can come and harm you and your crew. The graphics are top-notch. The game is based on a real story line. 

The main idea is to Jill and eradicates all zombies from the world to make it world once again a Zombie-free place. Each time you get some different and unique scenarios and game plays. The game areas keep expanding with time. There are lots of new and fresh challenges and battles that guarantee you huge amount of rewards.

15. Plants Vs Zombies 2

It is one of the most popular and most downloaded Android zombie game. It is a type of defense game in which you have to grow plants which upon growing up will provide you with energy. You need to use this power to fight against the oncoming hoard of zombies. The layout of the game is in the form of a checkerboard and on the checkered square you need to place your plants. 

Some plants will have some attacking ability while others will provide Sun-power. Your property will be located on the left side, and the zombies will start attacking from the right side. They zombies will be having various type of weapons. You have to kill the oncoming zombies before they can reach your property.

Try out anyone of these zombie games that you like to have a real zombie apocalypse type experience.


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