Top 10 Yoga Apps for Health Concious People

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Top 10 Yoga Apps for Health Concious People

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Yoga or the Yoga Asanas are the ancient Indian traditional exercises for the fitness and flexibility of the body. Yoga focuses on the mental and physical fitness by performing and practicing simple poses rather than HICT. You can easily follow these poses at your home, in the garden, or anywhere you feel fine. There are a good number of Yoga apps available in the Play store, so here we are the best ten apps.
Yoga Apps for Android

1. Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness App

The app features a beautiful and clean UI which feels minimalistic and features the new material design. It’s a featured app in the store. It Includes planned yoga sessions for you. You can follow their prescribed schedules or can create one for your own. The instructions provided are fairly clear and precise presenting you all types of yoga from beginner to pro level. 

You can use the app on mobile, tablets and it also supports Chromecast. You can connect it with android wear and Google fit to check the number of calories that you’ve burnt. You can connect the socials and get updates and inspirations from the community. It’s one of the best apps in the free section.  

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2. Ramdev Yoga 2

This app combines the Yoga teachings and asanas by the famous yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Containing some asanas along with their explanations this app can be pretty helpful for the ones who don’t wish to miss teachings from their favorite teacher. It’s a light build app, with very minimalistic UI. It supports two languages i.e. Hindi and English. With explanation and pictorial demonstration of each asana, this app can be an excellent choice.


Performing Yoga can be quite tedious for a beginner if he/she is not clear about why they are performing it. This app divides your courses into objectives for which you wish to perform yoga. With different course plans and goals, it presents you detailed instructions along with beautiful pictorial and graphical illustrations that help you to understand the poses better. 

With some courses pre-installed a vast number of others can be accessed with paid subscriptions. It has a beautiful and clean material design UI, giving it an edge from other apps.

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4. Yoga Fitness Training

The app comes with the great design which is attractive and minimalistic. It provides you with many poses where you can explore and choose from. There are routines inbuilt that you can follow or just create one of your own. Along with detailed graphical illustration of poses, it also provides the explanations of each with details; you can know about its benefits. 

Routines are classified upon your objectives of performing yoga from the beginner to pro level. There are health tips and exercise guidelines to help you to stay fit.

5. Yoga 108

If you wish to learn Yoga in depth and want to know more details other than just benefits, this app is the one you’re looking for. You can learn the basics till the pro level of yoga asanas. It provides both English and Sanskrit names of the poses and explains each in detail. Courses are divided more as in the form of an audio-visual textbook rather than being an instructor fitness app. 

It provides you audio instructions that you can play at your preferred speeds. If you are looking for something more than just an app that can teach you a few poses this one is a way to go.

6. Simple Yoga FREE

This comes to our list as there are people who just wish to perform simple poses and do not want an In-depth tour, so for that kind of individuals, this app can be your choice. With minimalistic to clean UI, This app is more of a video player/instructor for you. With video playback, divided into courses of 20-minute workouts to 60 minutes for both men and women. This app can be a decent choice.

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7. Yoga - Track Yoga

If you wish to have a complete yoga studio on your hands then this app might be popping up on your list. It has a clean, minimalistic and beautiful UI. There are courses for beginners to Pro. You can read the details and instructions or can follow the videos where the instructor guides you along. It has all the data divided according to levels and objectives for performing yoga. 

You can message and get tips and ideas from the instructor and get a reply within 24 hours. It offers you features like setting goals and options to track your progress as well as a function set reminders to remind you to stay on track.

8. Pocket Yoga

As its name suggests, the app contains a broad range of detailed yoga poses and explanations for the same. All is presented in a neat and attractive looking UI. With the animated pose instructions and audio guidance, you can rewind and replay your instructions again. You can even choose the environment for the instructor which plays a soothing music in the background.

9. Yoga Studio

This app is a complete guide book to yoga. Right from the detailed instructions and videos it also contains the scheduled planner and timer for you to create reminders for your workouts. You can follow the routines created by the experts as well as can create your custom plans. This app is featured by many and can be the best yoga app available at the moment.  

It features you HD videos along with smaller versions of it that can be streamed over the little data speed connections. You can also connect it with the Chromecast. Choose your class environment and it sets music and atmosphere to your liking. Overall, if you’re looking for something the best in the paid section this one is a way to go.

10. Man Flow Yoga

It’s an app for the ones who want to follow targeted routines and want to choose from full body workouts or short targeted routines. The app presents you with instructions in detail which explain you everything from how to perform till the pros and cons of workouts. You can follow the inbuilt routines or can follow your own by choosing from a list of poses. You can also connect the socials and interact with the other users using the app and get tips and tricks about yoga fitness.


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