Wondershare TunesGO Review: Is It The Ultimate Phone Manager Till Date?

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wondershare TunesGO Review: Is It The Ultimate Phone Manager Till Date?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you are some geek, you must love to sync your smartphone with your PC. Let it be for data exchange or syncing contacts; phone manager are always convenient to get things done in no time. Now, like every other category, there are tons of software in this category as well. When it comes to using a piece of software that handles your private and sensitive information, you can’t just go with any software. 

Being a blogger, I’ve been consistently struggling to exchange data between my smartphone and laptop quickly. This is why I started up researching for the best smartphone manager on the Internet. Out of many I tested, I found Wondershare TunesGO to be useful for almost anything.

Wondershare TunesGO Review
So, here is my review of the Wondershare’s TunesGO.

Some Salient Features of Wondershare TunesGO

  • Single Pane Management and accessibility 
  • Music Management 
  • Video Management  
  • Photos management  
  • Contact Management 
  • File Explorer 
  • Apps Explorer 
  • Exclusive Toolbox

About Wondershare TunesGO

As it looks from the usage, it is a complete suite for phone management capable of handling all sorts of tasks such as managing your music files, videos, contact, and much more.
Wondershare TunesGO Features Explained:

Home tab

To be able to control your Smartphone, you first need to connect your smartphone to your PC. To do this, connect your smartphone via USB to your PC. If your smartphone doesn’t show up as mine is showing in the screenshot, you may want to enable USB debugging in your smartphone and also installing the latest drivers of your smartphone.
Home Tab
Once you are sure that you’ve installed the drivers and enabled USB debugging connect it to your PC. 

If your phone is connected successfully, then you will see the following screen.

Home Tab 2
Now, from this screen itself, it is clear that you can perform four tasks quickly:
  • Rebuild your iTunes Library
  • Backup photos to your PC
  • Transfer Data from phone to another phone
  • Transfer iTunes media to a device

Music Management

The best section of this software, in my opinion, is the music manager. I like It because a lot of times I decide to create a playlist on my smartphone but due to the huge number of songs which are present, I cancel the decision and postpone that task.
Music Management
With the TunesGO manager, it becomes easy to sort all of your tracks, manage them, decide which one you want to keep and which to delete, create playlists and do much more.

If you are a traveler or listen to music while working, you’d certainly love this feature. Also, If you are a music lover, then you must be very selective of the music that you have on your smartphone. 

The music manager would make this thing very easy for you.

Video Management

Much like the audio control section, the video management section is quite excellent as well. You can also add more videos, manage the current ones change your views as well. 
Video Management
There are two views available to sort and view your videos; they are grid view and list view. There are also photo videos; I don’t know much about them because there weren’t any of these in my smartphone. If you have a lot of video songs on your smartphone, there is a search feature as well which can help you in finding the right song.

Photo Management

This one is the most important as I use this feature much more than the rest of features. A lot of times I click pictures and then decide to use them in my blog posts. 

At that point, photo management section proved to be the best option as it helps me copy the photos in my phone to my laptop for editing and post production.

Contact Management

To a guy like me, who frequently changes his Phones and SIMS, this feature is a great time-saver, not only this feature, the phone to phone transfer is even more impressive.
Contact Management
But sometimes all my data is on the memory card, and I only need to move things like contacts and some important Messages from the inbox. At that time, the contact management thing comes very handily.

Also, I like the fact that there is a feature in the right through which you can quickly create contacts in an instant. I don’t need to mention that building contacts on the computer are much easier than that on the smartphone.

So this feature does save time if you have your contacts written somewhere, and you are transferring it to your smartphone. You can also import your contacts from another source. If you have multiple contacts of the same person, there is this cool merge feature and for duplicate accounts, you can use the delete feature.

App Manager

The app manager or the app explorer works magnificently as well. It helps you manage all your apps efficiently. You can see how much space they are taking up and also delete any of the apps if you think that they are taking too much space.   
App Management
If you have an external apk in your smartphone, you can install it on your smartphone directly as well.

File Explorer

Last but not the least is the file explorer which is pretty similar to what we have in our computers named as windows explorer.
It lets you explore the files kept in SD Card and internal memory. This feature is excellent because through this you can immediately sync data between your devices and create backups as well.


This device also has a one click root option which I couldn’t test as my device was already rooted but it worked fine with some of my friends whose smartphones I tested.

Plans & Pricing

Wondershare offers various types of plans based on license validity. A basic info about them is as follows:
Manage iOS & Android: - 1 Year License ($49.95)
Manage iOS: - 1 Year License ($39.95)
Manage Android: - 1 Year License ($29.95)

For complete information regarding the price and plans, you can visit the link given below.


Overall an excellent manager, the only thing that can bother you is the price but taking a look at its features and how easy is to use, you should try the app once. 

If you have used this app, tell me your experience below.


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