Top 6 Voice Changer Apps for Android (Both Free & Paid)

Friday, 9 September 2016

Top 6 Voice Changer Apps for Android (Both Free & Paid)

Posted by Rahul Gupta
With the IT sector's boom in the recent years, practically everything has an app for itself. From alarm clocks to apps that maintain your health schedule, from maps and place finder to star gazers. All the technology of the world has been brought to our fingertips, just a click away.

Voice changers (or voice enhancers) earlier used by only musicians, movie technicians and over telephones for disguise, are now freely available as apps on Google Play Store and other online app stores. These apps let you change your voice with desired effects and give you the pleasure of recording them and even sharing it with your friends over social media.

Though hundreds of voice changer apps are available online, not all of them are decent enough to waste our precious internet on them. They should be every MB worth of it!

Hence, here I am, attempting to list the top voice changer apps for Android (As it is more commonly used), so that life in this aspect becomes easy for you.

1. Voice Changer with Effects

The first app on our unique list is Voice Changer With Effects. Other than being absolutely free, easy to operate, being able to do all the basics of a voice changer app efficiently i.e. allowing you to save your altered voice on your phone, use it as a ringtone or a notification tune and share your vocal creation through chat apps like Whatsapp, it gives you the most exclusive voice effects. 

From the most primary effects like a robot, helium, alien, cyborg, etc. it also offers effects like singing chipmunks, dragon, monster, evil puppet, Darth Vader and so on. Now who wouldn’t want to change their voice to Darth Vader’s and shock their friends with it?

You can then share the recording through Whatsapp, e-mail, Dropbox, etc. or you can create an image with that sound and then share it on Facebook too. The latest features include importing pre-recorded sounds and creating a voice from text. It is because of this wide range of features that it hosts, I have placed it at the top of my list.

2. RoboVox Voice Changer

Though the second best on the list, giving equal competition to the first one, our next voice changer is RoboVox Voice Changer. It boasts of three different modes to modify your sound:
  • Regular recorder to record your voice and then play it with the effect. 
  • Parrot mode which repeats everything you say after you.
  • Headphone modes where you hear your altered voice live as you say it.
Though it offers 32 sound effects only ten of them are free and more can be unlocked via in-app purchases. It attracts customers because of its striking Graphic User Interface (GUI) to alter the pitch of your voice. 

You can modify the sound of each voice by just sliding your finger across the X-Y control field. It, like any general voice changer, provides you with the necessary facilities of saving, sharing and using it as a ringtone or notification tone.  It also allows you to load your voices back into the app. Some of the effects, it offers are, imperial, croak, dark, epic and so on.

3. Voice Changer

The third on the roll is Voice Changer. Simple as its name suggests, it is probably the most straightforward and uncomplicated app which does what it is told to do, albeit efficiently. It has many fun effects like robot, smurf, reverse, hexafluoride, cave and the like. It is its unfussiness that makes it enjoyable above all.

4. Prank Voice Changer

The next, on the list of all the awesome voice enhancers, is Prank Voice Changer. This one offers four diverse modes of fun and pranks:
  • Classic Mode: - The essential of all voice changer apps. It involves the same traditional method of recording your voice, adding the effects and then saving, sharing or turning it into a tune. 
  • Parrot Mode 
  • Soundboard: - To create 64 different sound effects including hyper, whispering, robot, cyborg, etc. and to give background effects like a fart, gunshots, cricket noise, police siren, rain and so on. 
  • Moving Mouth: - A lip movement imitator which syncs with your lip movements in real time.
The only disadvantage of this app is that all of its sound effects aren’t free and require in-app purchases.

5. Call Voice Changer-Int Call

Ranking fifth on our list is the only app, which allows you to change your voice in real-time while you are on call with someone. It uses VOIP, that is, it will require a net connection for the job. It gives you a hoard of crazy effects to choose from like air horns, car crash, dog bark, bomb, elephant, etc. 

One can even change the pitch of your voice from the maximum to the minimum. But it is not entirely free; only the first minute of calling is free. After that, you will have to buy more minutes.

6. Simple Voice Changer

The last but not the least is Simple Voice Changer. With only 12 different sound modifications to choose from, it is probably the most straightforward and trouble-free app up till now. It proffers the primary alterations like Helium, slow, deep, echo, reverse, robot, typical, evil and the like. It does all the fundamental stuff a voice changer should do like saving, sharing, etc.

The list also includes apps like Helium Voice Changer, Change My Voice, Best Voice Changer which all offer a gamut of functionalities and features; each better than the other in some way or the other. But the best in the market are of course the ones mentioned above. And finally, it is the user who has to decide which app suits him/her the best.


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