4 Methods To Turn Youtube Videos Into An Alarm

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

4 Methods To Turn Youtube Videos Into An Alarm

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Bored of waking up to the usual and monotonous alarm tones? Then why not look for a more interesting way of setting your favorite youtube video as your morning wake up ringtone! In this post, we shall get to learn how to set a youtube video of your choice as your alarm.
Turn Youtube Videos into an Alarm

METHOD #1  YouTubeAlarm

  • This free online website lets you set any of your desired YouTube songs as your alarm. First of all, open the link. 
  • As the page opens up, you will see that you need to fill a certain form of time and video to get going. As a first step, fill the alarm time. The web tool supports 24-hour format so input your alarm time accordingly in the form of "hour: minute: second." 
  • Next step is setting the video. Go to the "Select Videos" section and enter the keyword of the YouTube video. For example, if you want to select a Bollywood song input "Bollywood" in the blank space. 
  • According to the keyword, a list of YouTube videos will appear, and you need to choose the desired video out of those lists. 
  • Play the video and stop it at the time you want the alarm to stop. Also, adjust the volume according to your need.
  • Some important things you need to keep in mind is that the site should be open when you want the alarm to ring, and also you must make sure that your device doesn't sleep during the needed time so as to let the alarm ring.
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METHOD #2  Easy Alarm Youtube

  • This app is available on the Google Play Store. Once you install this app, you can get back to enjoying YouTube songs for your alarm. 
  • As the app adds itself to a variety of other "sharing-system" menu in your device so once choose a YouTube video, you can quickly send it to Easy App. Or else to avoid all these hassles you can search videos from the app itself. 
  • In the case when it's time to ring the alarm and your Wi-Fi is off, then the app itself will turn on your Wi-Fi to stream the video.If you want to set multiple alarm, and you need to assign a different video to each alarm, then that too is possible using this app. 
  • One more interesting feature of this app is the Double alarm system. If under any circumstances, a video or song can't be played as your alarm, then the general ringtone alert will take effect.
  • The volume of the alarm will increase progressively. 
  • To snooze your alarm you just need to shake your phone.
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METHOD #3  Online Music Alarm

  • This web application is available easily in the Chrome Web Store. 
  • After downloading this app, go to the "Set Music Alarm" tab. 
  • To select the song you want, first enter the name of the song you want to set as alarm, the click on the "Select Song" button. 
  • Next step is to get into the alarm time. 
  • Now just wait back and enjoy to your YouTube song as your alarm song. 
  • You can also set multiple alarms using this application.
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METHOD #4  AlarmTube

  • Go to this link. 
  • As the website opens, then you can see two blank spaces for inputting details. In the first space, you need to input the alarm time in natural alphabetical language form. For example, if you want the alarm to ring after 7 hours from now then type "In 7 Hours" in that blank space and click on "Set Alarm." 
  • Next step is to select the youtube video. To do this, you can either paste the URL of the video into the next blank space or else you can choose a featured video by clicking on "YouTube Featured Video."


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