GetResponse Vs Marketo: Marketing Automation Comparison

Thursday, 11 August 2016

GetResponse Vs Marketo: Marketing Automation Comparison

Posted by Rahul Gupta
GetResponse and Marketo are the two most leading online marketing platforms. Both compare at many levels and claim to offer powerful marketing automation solutions. So where do the two stand about each other and which one should you choose?
Online marketing is no longer restricted to one or two strategies. It has to have a multifaceted approach to reaching the targeted audience. Here is how these two giants compare against each other.

Marketing Automation

GetResponse brings you a highly scalable, easy to use and affordable marketing automation platform that can be scaled as your business grows. Marketo also offers a scalable approach to marketing automation across channels for engaging target audience and customers. Both platforms allow you to measure and adapt your marketing campaigns to achieve better results.
  • GetResponse Features
Getresponse marketing automation
  • Easiest drag-and-drop workflow builder 
  • Create hundreds of scenarios 
  • View subscribers’ journeys in real time 
  • Keep a track over site visitors, cart abandonment, purchasers and take relevant actions 
  • Automate events based on user behavior or actions 
  • Create and apply filters for advanced targeting
  • Marketo Features
Marketo marketing automation
  • Drive the right customers by helping them learn about what they desire to know about your offerings 
  • Identify best prospects to increase profits 
  • Keep track of marketing campaign performance and adapt

Email Marketing

GetResponse is a veteran email marketing solutions provider that has grown into an all-in-one online marketing company. It provides one of the easiest-to-use and most comprehensive email marketing tools.
  • GetResponse Features
GetResponse Email Templates
  • Responsive Email Design: - Reach your target audience on all sizes and types of devices 
  • Email Creator: - An easy-to-use Email Creator with a drag-and-drop feature. Choose from hundreds of unique and fully customizable email templates
  • List Booster: - Import contacts from more than 16 sources including storage systems, services, and mail clients
  • Inbox Preview: - View your to-be-sent emails across all email clients even before you press the ‘send’ button 
  • Email Intelligence: - Optimize your email campaigns with complete stats and data up to the second. Take relevant actions based on user actions
  • Conduct A/B testing on multiple samples.
  • Marketo Features

marketo email marketing
  • Marketo also allows you to create email campaigns easily and quickly using its simple visual editor 
  • Provides a large number of responsive templates to choose from
  • Conduct A/B testing to boost results
  • Updates customer segments based on their behavior or demographic profile changes 
Marketo analysis
  • Provides email marketing performance stats and data.

Landing Page Builder

GetResponse is a complete online marketing tool at many levels. Get your subscribers to visit responsive and custom-designed landing pages that can be viewed on any device. GetResponse puts Marketo in a tight spot when it comes to creating landing pages for your campaigns.
  • GetResponse Features
Getresponse landing page builder
  • There are hundreds of responsive landing page templates to choose from
  • Customize your landing pages using a simple drag-and-drop editor that can be utilized by almost anyone
  • Host freely on GetResponse subdomains or your domain
  • All templates have their fully-customizable web forms
  • Choose from over a 1000 images and edit them with ease
  • Conduct A/B testing on landing page samples
  • Forget HTML coding
  • Integration with all the major analytics and remarketing tools
  • Integrate social media, YouTube and PayPal buy button

Auto Responder

Marketo has a decent autoresponder feature. It allows you to trigger response emails automatically based on user actions or lack of actions. Any changes in CRM system also trigger automatic responses. But GetResponse takes this feature further with its powerful AutoResponder 2.0.
  • GetResponse Features
Getresponse Autoresponder
  • Send out relevant and dedicated offers
  • Schedule action-based and time-based messages to build custom programs to address the subscriber needs
  • Create daily deals site for promoting offers, boosting conversions, and increasing engagement based on matching the content your customers are looking for
  • Automatically send out relevant messages based on opens & clicks, completed transactions, changes in contact preferences, birthdays and events, the day of the week, and much more.


GetResponse again makes a stronger impact with its new Webinar marketing solution. It allows you to generate more leads. One will be able to acquire new leads and nurture the existing ones because of advanced integration with the GetResponse webinar and email marketing solutions. This is another feature that proves the all-in-one online marketing capabilities of GetResponse.
  • GetResponse Features
Getresponse Webinar
  • Send our email invitations and reminders to nurture your leads
  • Generate more leads from social media by sharing your webinars
  • Use polls, chats, YouTube integration, whiteboards, and screen sharing for increasing engagement
  • Share higher-quality video recordings
  • Create follow-up series for strengthening relationships
  • Analyze metrics to optimize your webinars
  • Setting up and scheduling webinars is incredibly comfortable with GetResponse.
There are many reasons why GetResponse stands out against not only Marketo but many other marketing automation solutions.

Some of the GetResponse marketing automation features that make it to stand out include:
  • Visual Workflows editor 
  • Web traffic tracking 
  • Cart abandonment tracking and actions 
  • Personalize content 
  • Shopping carts integration 
  • Move to campaign
Marketo allows you to conduct A/B testing on automation campaigns, funnel analysis and lead nurturing, features which give it a slight edge of its own.

Why Choose GetResponse?

We can see that GetResponse is a more efficient and comprehensive online marketing tool from the results as mentioned above. There are many more unique features that make it a winner for your business whether you are an SMB or an online marketer.
  • Ease of Use: - GetResponse gives you simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editors for creating everything from your emails to landing pages. Anyone with basic Word skills can create powerful marketing automation campaigns. Marketo is almost equally simple. 
  • Affordability: - This is one point where GetResponse is miles ahead. It is much more affordable and is the perfect marketing automation definition of value for money. Marketo is much more expensive. 
  • All-in-one Tool: - With a long history of email marketing service behind it, GetResponse also offers landing page builder, webinar, and autoresponder solutions. It is the perfect all-in-one online marketing platform for SMBs and online marketers. Marketo has multiple marketing solutions with integration issues.


GetResponse has a simple visual editor that allows anyone to create the most complex but engaging workflows. If complexity is the reason pushing you back from using a marketing automation solution, GetResponse is an affordable and easy-to-use solution. Marketo is loaded with many features. It may lack in many against GetResponse, but it makes up for others. However, price and many key features give GR the edge.


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Thanks for the recommendation. I was looking for some other solutions that are actually affordable and GetResponse with its marketing automation may be worth a try. I find most of the platform too complicated. Is there a free trial?

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