10 Best Software to Create Fabulous T-Shirt Designs

Sunday, 12 June 2016

10 Best Software to Create Fabulous T-Shirt Designs

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Wearing regular clothes on special occasions has become a trend these days. College students get the same pattern T-shirts during college day, farewell or other celebrations. You can find the same thing in offices too where the employees pick the same clothing for all. What stands out about these dresses are that they have a custom design.
Software To Create Tshirt Designs
The color, logos or prints on the T-shirt will be designed specifically for the people who wear them. Now you could either visit a shop or an ask designer to make it for you. But that is expensive and often, you might not get what you are exactly looking for. 

When there are websites or tools to do this designing work for you, why waste your money and time running behind busy designers? Here are 10 Software to Create T-Shirt Designs.

1. T-Shirt Factory Deluxe

With T-Shirt Factory Deluxe software, you can design T-Shirts, bags, aprons, visors and much more. There are around 6300 ready to use designs so that you can just use them without creating a new model. And for designers, there are 20,000 premium quality, royalty-free clip art. 
T-Shirt Factory Deluxe
You can also scan photos of your family and insert them. T-Shirt Factory offers about 1500 photos and 500 fonts which can accurately assist you in creating fresh designs. And you can add effects to these images, crop and resize them to fit into your choice.

2. Advanced T-Shirts

Advanced T-Shirts
You can integrate Advanced T-Shirts with vector graphics application such as CorelDraw and come up T-Shirt designs quickly. It has tutorial videos to assist you in creating T-Shirts and to find all the features of this tool. You can get the same designs and logos printed on different colored T-Shirts simply by changing the color. You can download various art packs, fonts, and other stuff and use them on the T-Shirts.

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3. Craft Shirt

Craft Shirt is a T-Shirt designer with WYSIWYG editor. It helps you to pick a design, color, cut, and label. There are many fonts and designs available here. And Craft Shirt also can assist you in e-commerce by inventory controls, managing your shipments, accounting, and pricing. 
Craft Shirt
The detailed information regarding pricing is given in the Craft Shirt website. There are many designs, fonts, and colors to appeal any user and help you create an innovative product.

4. FlashT-Shirt Design Software

This software is ideal for T-Shirt companies and people who sell T-Shirts online. You can avail the basic version at $250. It has Admin panel and order tracking features to facilitate your sales. And as far as the designing is concerned, you can just drag and drop images, logos, and fonts. 
FlashT-Shirt Design Software
Custom fonts can also be inserted, and you can also change the position and adjust the size and alignments. For larger designers, Custom plan is available at $1000 and Owner program at $7000.

5. T-Shirt Shack Desktop T-Shirt Creator

T-Shirt Shack Desktop T-Shirt Creator
This is easy to use software which can help you create T-Shirts instantly. You can print, email or save the designs created. You can send the created designs to your friends via emails and get feedback instantly. A wide range of designs, colors, and clip art are present in this software to choose from. You can also make caps and other merchandise using this software. And T-Shirt Shack is available for free for the users.

6. Shirtinator

Shirtinator has an appealing interface which can make even a novice create designer products quickly and easily. You can design T-Shirts for kids, men, and women. To make things better, you can add images and insert texts. Images can also be uploaded from your device. And you can remove the background of the uploaded picture so that only what’s important is seen in the T-Shirt. There are custom designs available depending on the T-Shirt for kids or adults. You can also choose the size and get a preview of what it looks like.

7. ooShirts

You can create custom designs and buy them at ooShirts. You can also save the designs created. There are options to change the material, size, and color. You can add clip art or images from the device. There are many default choices and pictures to choose from ooShirts. While creating jerseys, you can add your name and number and personalize the product to a great extent. The service staff is available to assist you in the case of queries.

8. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics program which can be used to design and create your merchandise. This has a lot of features and functionalities that other software do not provide. But Adobe Illustrator may seem hard for beginners. You can create logos and detailed and intricate designs with this. There are many effects, colors, and other features to choose from.

9. Spreadshirt T-Shirt Maker

Spreadshirt T-Shirt maker can be used if you want to design a T-Shirt and buy it quickly. You can choose the fabric, color and the various sizes available. Create your custom T-Shirt and place an order to but it. There are special discounts available for bulk orders. 
Spreadshirt T-Shirt Maker
You can also save or share the designs on Facebook or Twitter. The created designs can also be emailed. There are over 150 products to choose from. This tool is ideal for T-Shirts, hoodies, caps, personalized gifts and even phone cases.

10. CorelDraw Graphics Suite

CorelDraw Graphics Suite
CorelDraw is also a vector graphics program which can be used to create advanced and sophisticated designs. You can upload images and make edits in them. It has a clear and intuitive interface which has been thoroughly documented. There is a great variety of tools available and many effects to pick from. Beginners may find it a little hard, but once you are familiar with the features, you can make the best unique designs. This one is ideal for professionals and designers.

Final Verdict

With a little creativity in mind, you can come up with brilliant designs working at home. Or if you feel you are not that good at designing stuff, get help from your friends and create funky T-Shirts. The group activity would be fun. Create your favorite jersey for the important tournament you are going to play or show your solidarity at a cause by wearing uniformly designed clothing. 

Now, everyone can be a designer. Even if you start with an empty brain, many of the default models will help you get a scintillating costume. Even for professional artists, there are plenty of designs, fonts and effects that will always assist them to come up with innovative works.


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