Hetman Partition Recovery Review: A Complete Tool To Recover Lost Data

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hetman Partition Recovery Review: A Complete Tool To Recover Lost Data

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Let’s admit it, we accidentally delete or lose some of our most valuable data and precious photos occasionally and then cry for it for the rest of life. Virus attacks, Windows crashing and accidental deleting are the main reasons behind all that loss and Instead of sobbing around the house, try using your brain to recover those files from your desktop or laptop.
Hetman Partition Recovery
Luckily, there are plenty of software available online to save your day and ones of the most amazing one is Hetman Partition Recovery Software.

Introduction to Hetman Software

The company (Hetman Software) is one of the largest software developers who provide premium solutions for data recovery and restoration. They’ve been on the market for over a decade now and have a broad range of data recovery tools and programs that are being used by over 14 million users since 2006.

Hetman Recovery Programs

Whether you have a corrupted memory card, or you accidentally formatted your hard disk, Hetman Software offers an abundant collection of tools that can recover various types of file formats & extensions. Some of the major tools are as follows: 
  • Partition Recovery 
  • Photo Recovery 
  • Office Recovery 
  • NTFS & FAT Recovery 
  • Uneraser & Data Recovery 
  • Excel & Word Recovery
Every recovery tool by Hetman helps you restore files lost during crashing, formatting, accidental deletion, deleted files from Recycle Bin and much more. Hetman Software is super compatible and flexible when it comes to supporting system and compatibility. You can use the software for Internal Drives, Partitions, External SSD Drives, Hard Disks, Pen Drive, Memory Cards and so on. Recovery Software also supports NAS and RAID level drives which surely makes it “One Hell of a Recovery Software”.

Installing the Hetman Recovery Software

You can download the latest version Hetman Partition Recovery (2.5) software from its official site free. The software is pretty small (14 Mb only) as they say “Big things come in small Packages.” The installation process is child’s play and within a few clicks, the software is ready to go, and you can recover all the important files that you lost, but the free version is limited to only detecting the lost data. 

You have to purchase and license the software to recover the data. The software is available at very affordable prices which I’ll be discussing later in this review.
Install Hetman

Super-Fast & Super-Simple

Using the tool is pretty simple, it has a minimal and fast interface which is very easy to operate. You’ll easily familiarize with all the functions and the recovery options. Also, you can customize the interface according to your needs. All these things are integrated with the performance and varied functionality that look like the icing on the cake which makes the user experience more amazing. 

On the left of the window, you can see all of your removable media and the drives such as memory cards, Pen Drives, etc.
Simple Interface

The Amazing Line Up of Features

The program is a beast. It can restore any file whether it is deleted, corrupted or is existing in the unsupported formats. It can restore file of every possible size, From FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32 to NTFS. The features are extended to external removable media drives such as USB Pend Rive, Memory Cards and much more. With this Partition Recovery Software, you can easily recover from all supported files like pictures, music, documents, videos and all other necessary extensions.

The Hero of the Day ‘Recover all your Lost Files'

The most important and necessary function is the recovery tool which helps you restore and recover various corrupted and deleted files from any partition. You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to learn how to recover these files and documents. Hetman created the software with such a simple interface that you can restore all your files within few minutes. With the File Recovery Wizard, you can quickly perform the necessary steps. Just follow the steps below. 
  • Choosing the File Location/Disk: - Just select the partition or the drive from where the files were deleted. The File Wizard automatically displays all the disks and removable media drives. Just Select the Location and Click on Next. 
file recovery wizard
  • Choosing the Data Scan: - In the next step, you have to scan the respective drive. The Program offers two types of scans, Fast & Full Scan. Fast scan is the basic one which does a quick analysis of the disk and the media content. It comes in handy when you deleted a file recently and wanted to restore them instantly. The scanning process was pretty fast and took 14 seconds to scan my whole drive which was around 256 GB.
Whereas, the Full Scan was pretty thorough and provides you an option with a detailed scan of the particular file system type.
  • NTFS: - You can select this option to recover from Windows Partition. The software supports all the versions of Windows, from NT to 10.1! Great? Isn’t it. 
  • File Allocation System (FAT): - You can select this one to scan from your removable media drives.  
  • Content-Aware Analysis: - This is the unique type of analysis method developed by the Hetman Software using an advanced algorithm and recovery options.
The process is pretty broad, so it consumes a lot of time for sure, but it finds all the deleted, corrupted and degraded files. The software scanned about a million files in my drive. Gosh! It is one hell of a beast in the recovery software category.
After the scanning process, you can select the file which you want to recover and then you can save them by the following methods since Hetman Partition offers restoration after purchasing the software.
  1. One can save the recovered files to your hard disk, pen drive or any removable media drive. You can further backup them on the cloud too.
  2. You can also burn the restored files to CD/DVD as it can be saved for future.
  3. You get other options as well; you can either create an ISO file, or you can just upload the files on the server via FTP.

A Glimpse at the Plans & the Pricing for this Amazing Software

Unfortunately, you can’t recover any file without purchasing or license the software but ever seen any recovery software which does all this? Well, Hetman Partition is offering all of these amazing set of features at a very reasonable price of 37.95 $ for the registration. Also, you can certainly buy its other tools as well if you have any particular need. But I recommend going for the All in one Pack.
Plans & Pricing

Additional Feature of the Recovery Software

Hetman Software were not satisfied with all these tools, so they added some more amazing tools with the recovery software.

Hex Editor: - Apart from all the searching and data recovering tools, the software also has a powerful HEX editor that allows you to access files, partitions, and its content.

Virtual Disk: - You can also create a virtual drive on your system and can mount, unmount and edit all of its contents.

System Requirements for the Software

You will be shocked when you will come to know that all this software need’s a minimum 64 Mb RAM (My phone has 3GB of RAM).

You can run this software on any version of Windows regardless of the processor and an active internet connection.


All in All, Hetman Partition Recovery is the ultimate software for recovering and restoring lost and deleted files from your system. The software works seamlessly with every type of file system and extension and can quickly restore every type of the corrupted file, document, music, videos. You can also use this recovery tool for any removable media drive such as Pen Drives, External Hard Disks, Memory Cards, MP3 players and much more.

Hetman often comes handy for all those people who are always at the risk of losing important files that are either corrupted or not backed up. You can download the software for free and can try and test all of its essential functions but to use the recovery tool; you will need to purchase this software. 

I consider it to be worth buying and will recommend this to all the Photographers, Studios, Corporates and Marketing People as well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it and start recovering all your lost and deleted files and documents. Restore all your precious photos and the memories stored in them.


  • Can restore all types of files 
  • Recover data from partitions; USB drives and memory cards 
  • Small in Size 
  • Works offline too
  • None. It is much ahead of all of its competitors.


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