[Free+Paid] 10 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

Saturday, 21 May 2016

[Free+Paid] 10 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Watching videos, you would have come across situations where you wanted to get a part of the video to be captured and saved. Did you know that there are tools that could do that for you? Here are 10 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac. 
Screen Recorders For Mac
With these, you can record part of the on-screen action that is happening or records video from the webcam or another source. Further, you can select the recording are and also make edits and changes to it. Screenshots can also be captured and edited.

1. Camtasia

Camtasia is an expensive yet remarkable tool for screen recording. For starters, it helps the user to record whatever they wish from the screen and other external output devices. Then they can perform edits, mixing and other enhancements to design a video like a pro.

The interface of the software is designed with a studio-like layout so that even a novice can learn and adapt quickly to the screen recording and editing process and make a masterpiece of their own. Also, many visual effects can be enabled such as the "green screen" whereby the user can insert himself into the video. 
The videos created are highly interactive with hot zones through which the users can interact and work across all kinds of devices. There is a companion app Techsmith Fuse, which can be used to import photos and videos from your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone to the Mac. Once the recording is done, for you to perform separate editing, this excellent software will import system audio, screen video, cursor, and microphone onto their tracks. 

You can also start screen casting by turning on your webcam. Camtasia will add that as a different track separately. Cut and patch of videos appear flawless so that you can create a perfect video from many broken pieces. And the original footage is saved so that you can go back to it whenever you wish. 

You can take a tutorial session to remove all your doubts and to explore the various functionalities. And you can split the clip into two using a single click and remove mistakes quickly. The split clips will later be stitched together. There are options for both open and closed captioning. Camtasia is designed for professional users, and there is only a one-month trial version. After than you can buy it at $99. The Camtasia Studio, which is the perfect package, costs $299.

2. Screenflow

Screenflow is yet another software designed to incorporate the needs of professionals. Screenflow has a simple interface that is capable of doing complex functions. The users won't feel any clutter in the menu and functionalities that it offers. You have the option to record video from your Mac's screen, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad using a lightning connector. 
Videos can also be imported from external webcams and other devices. You can edit or add commentaries to your screen casts. With the zoom function, your screen casts can be further perfected. The high frame rate renders excellent recordings as if the videos were happening on your screen. You can share your creations on YouTube on the go! However, subtitles or other text cannot be added to the screen casts. The free trial or the paid version worth $99 can opt.

3. Snapz Pro X

Snapz Pro is very effective for taking tutorials and training videos as it can capture a particular part of your screen leaving behind the rest. It has a simple interface and has only the most important functionalities that are needed to get your job done. And with a "live preview" option, you can see which region gets captured beforehand and decide to make changes accordingly. 
Snapz Pro X
The trial version can be extended to an unlimited number of days, but a watermark appears after 15 days. And yes, to get rid of it, the pro version is available at $69.

4. VLC Media Player

Everyone knows VLC as a tool for playing videos. But there is are so many things VLC can do such as play 3D videos, record directly from webcam, act as YouTube downloader and much more! Here we will see how VLC player can be used to record an on-screen action. 
VLC Media Player
For this, find the option Open Capture Device in the Media menu. Choose the input source as Screen. You can also record from the webcam. This is a very necessary option for screen recordings. But it is free and might be of good use to one time users who have no time to download other tools or pay for them. 

There are a few features such as to customize the audio input device that is capturing, adjusting the frame rate for videos and focusing well with the mouse. Yes, your list of reasons to like VLC just got bigger.

5. Snagit

Snagit is from the developers of Camtasia. It is also designed for professional users but cheaper and apparently less powerful than Camtasia. Despite that, Snagit still has a lot of winning features that would make you grab it. You can add annotations to videos, screenshots and comment over them for designing tutorial videos. 
VLC Media Player
Using the TechSmith Fuse app, you can add images or import media from other devices. And there is a feature called "scrolling capture" with which you can take screenshots of long web pages smoothly. And the capture area can be resized. You can also save the settings by creating a profile. The profile remembers the settings and adjustments. 

So the next time you want a capture or recording, much time can be saved by not making custom changes and adjustments in the Settings. The Pro version costs $49.95.

6. Quickcast

Quickcast is an app that you can get from the App Store for free. It can be used in your Mac for screen recordings. With Quickcast, you can get screenshots and video recordings easily. There is a 5-minute time limit. So you can get only 5-minute videos at once. To get longer videos, you will have to merge them using some other app. 
Using external mic or with a webcam, you can capture videos. The region of capture can further be customized. And you can also get a preview of what you have got so far. After capturing, you can easily share your work too.

7. OBS

OBS is a free and open source tool for video capturing. It has a lot of functions, so much that no other free tool can provide. But it is not very easy to work upon for an average user. There are many features that you can use but too few tutorials and forums that tell you how to do it. 
The basic settings and features can be seen in the guide given on the website where you download the tool. You can capture a particular region of the window and make all possible adjustments and customization. So if you are ready to learn, this is a much-recommended tool.

8. Screencast-o-Matic

Using Screencast-o-Matic, you can record videos online. If you want a standalone app, you can download the free version. Videos with a length of up to 15 minutes can be created using this. You can select the size of the screen. Recordings can be done from the display or the camera input. 
The recorded video can then be saved to your device or directly uploaded to YouTube. With the pro version, other features such as zoom, blur and overlays are available.

9. QuickTime

QuickTime Player is used for watching video clips. But on your Mac, it can also be used to record videos just like VLC. It is entirely free as you know it. In the QuickTime File menu, select the Select New Recording option. Too many customization are not available, but this option is worth a quick try. You can use it to record from your microphone too. 
The volume button can be used to record the audio while recording. And the quality of the video being recorded can also be adjusted. For recording from the screen, choose the New Screen Recording option. There are Start and Stop buttons to control the recording.

10. Monosnap

Monosnap too is a free tool to make screen recordings. You can make recordings at 60fps, a feature that is not available many other instruments for a smooth video. You can record on-screen and video from the webcam. It is simple but very useful for making instant videos. 
There are options to stop recording the audio. Valuable information can be highlighted using the arrow and the other parts can be blurred. Whatever you capture can be organized and stored in the cloud or locally.

Final Words

Get your favorite part of a movie you like or create one of your own. Using these tools, you can get screen recordings of games and other videos. Also, you can adjust and resize the area of recording and add annotations in case if you are making tutorial videos. These tools are also great for capturing screenshots of long web pages and sharing them quickly. And if you are not interested in getting a new tool, tap the hidden features from media players like VLC and QuickTime.


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