Best App Store Optimization Tips To Increase App Visibility In Search Results

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Best App Store Optimization Tips To Increase App Visibility In Search Results

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Just creating an application isn't enough! You need to get it noticed, downloaded and used, right? I mean just "creating it" can't be the end goal? In fact, I'd say the "marketing" is more important than creation! Because if you are good at it, you can even market a shitty product without problems, but if not, trust me no matter how good your app is, it won't ever make it on top of the list.
App Store Optimization Tips
But then again, that's why I'm writing this piece over here today, to help you out with some of the best, easiest ways to optimize your apps for better rankings, so yeah I'm covering some of the app store optimization tips in this piece today.

How are Apps Ranked?

Title: - This is the "most" crucial part in getting your app ranked! Well yeah make sure you're targeting the right keywords, and your title is "brandable". Good apps entirely depend on how much people can remember the names.

Keywords: - to "target" the right keywords. You need to know which keywords to target, right? So well yeah before finalizing your app name, make sure you go through a decent keyword research. Cause trust me, the ranking? It's destined even before the app is launched.

Cause if you're trying to rank for "Best Soccer Android Games" and you haven't done your keyword research and instead named it something like "soccer android". Trust me; your app is over.

No. of Downloads: - It matters, and LOT! Well yeah, if you launch two applications, 100% similar. And one gets 100 downloads and the second 10. The first will be 100% ranked above the first because Search Engines think that the application is trusted and liked by people so it must be doing what it claims to be doing. 

And thus, it boosts ranking because if a request says "Rank Booster" and it's encouraging some ranks and people are downloading it, well then that's what search engines want anyway, User Satisfaction. So yeah make sure your application gets a good decent number of downloads.

Ratings: - They matter both "algorithm" wise, and human wise! What I mean is, when a person arrives on your app page, and he sees someone say "this app is shit" well that guy directly closes the page, right?

Meaning you just lost a "download," meaning you just lost one of your ranking factors. While on the other hand, if you get a 5-star rating and review, then you'll get more downloads, meaning more rankings.

That's how it affects the "humans". But well search engine robots? They are not humans, right? So how do they measure ratings? Well, they're algorithms, rankings and ratings, are algorithms too. So search engines just take 5-star ratings as "real" factors, and 1-star ratings as bad factors.

So you need "scores" but POSITIVE ones! I mean if you get 1000 ratings, and they're 1 star, your app is screwed. While you get just 50 maybe, but they're five stars? You just got boosted, and I can promise that.

But How?

Yeah, a legit question! I mean HOW? How will you get more downloads, get more ratings and reviews, and make sure they're all positive? Well not exactly the walk in the park, right? Yeah, I understand. That's where this article on app store optimization tips comes in.

The app store optimization tips we listed above are the most widely-used and useful for increasing app ranking in App Store search results. If you do not have enough time or you want to get better ranking and more organic traffic, you can also find a reliable app store optimization service provider for help to boost app ranking to #1 via app store optimization.

Do you want to see your app ranking #1 for the keyword you're targeting? Do you want more downloads? Do you want more eyeballs on it? Well congratulations, that's entirely possible. Now you could go through all those things I talked about in this piece yourselves, or you could just hire someone, probably like ASOTop1 (There are many, but I speak highly of ASOTop1 because it's the only company that I've hired, and been more than satisfied with). 

So well, the choice is yours. But I'd say I tried both the methods and with ASOTop1? I just had to tell them what I wanted, and I got that sitting and sleeping on my couch without moving a muscle. Still doubting it? Good luck with whatever method you go with, I'd love to hear about your progress, though!


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