Best App Promotion Guide To Make Your App Popular

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Best App Promotion Guide To Make Your App Popular

Posted by Rahul Gupta
So you've created this awesome app, great! Guess what, no one cares! No matter how talented you are and what kind of awesome app you have the codes for, you still need to get your ass off and get it some exposure. Without exposure, no one would ever know about your application, so whatever level of "awesome" it is, it's bound to get lost in oblivion. So that's where this piece comes in.
App Promotion Guide
In this post, we have listed the best app promotion guides you're going to get on the internet so make sure you pay attention!

Personal Branding

It's more important than the branding of your "app"! Well, it is! I mean, right now if Kevin Systrom posts just about anything about his new app maybe, the world would go crazy about it because Kevin is the founder of Instagram. He's a fan following, people who know and like him and thus it's easier for him to get eyeballs on just about any app he wishes.

Well, Social Media has made Personal Branding remarkably easier. So yeah even before you launch your app, "Launch" yourselves! Trust me that would work better than (almost) anything in this guide. (With the one exception just below this section!)

Positive Reviews

I said the first strategy is the "second best" one to get your app some exposure, right? Well yeah, it would have been "THE" best if this thing didn't exist. But trust me, Positive Reviews? They're the magic charm. I mean they have the capability to get almost any app on the Top list in the matter of "hours"! (That's how Instagram made it to the #1 Photo sharing app literally in HOURS!)

Here are the reasons why it works, try posting a status that says "Hey! I created this application; it's awesome, please try it". And then another that says "Hey! This app is just awesome! don't know who created it, but whoever did, did an excellent job"!

And tell me which one has a better engagement? Of course, the second one. Well because in the first you're just promoting "YOUR" app. While in the second case you are promoting someone Else's work, which "isn't so common" in this century right now if the app didn't deserve it.

How to Get Positive Reviews?

The tragedy is that people don't "always' leave positive reviews! In fact, they don't leave reviews at all no matter how much they love your app.

And that's where Best Review App comes in! To save your time, you can gather positive reviews by working with some platforms that provide good app reviews. There is a large number of this kind of platforms on the market, and the one I would like to recommend is Best Review App which owns tens of thousands of app users around the world to write quality app reviews!

In-app Elements

Ever seen one of those "Rate us please" or "Rate us and Get 100 points" Pop-ups inside the app? Well, those work like a charm. One doesn't get something unless he or she ask for those things, and that's where this strategy comes in.

When users are using your application, you can make something pop up something similar to that. Thus, now all they have to do is either click on stars or something. It's easy; it's fast and people consider it.

So well yeah just do it! And if your app has anything that's like "points" or money, you can offer them that. For example, get 100 free points for rating us or something!

Final Words

So well yeah that was it folks on Best App Promotion Guides to Make Your App Popular! I'm pretty sure these should have helped you out. Seriously, if you're considering that strategy of getting positive reviews, I'd say don't miss out trying BestReviewApp! It does the job, trust me.

Just try them and I'm pretty sure you're going to thank me later. Because well, BestReviewApp has been doing this long enough, for big enough clients. And well, it's still surviving means it's liked knows it's job, right?

This was one of the best App promotion guides I’ve ever written! So what are you waiting for? Although if you've got any queries, you can make use of the comment box!

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