TeslaThemes Affiliate Program- Join it for 50% Commission

Sunday, 3 April 2016

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program- Join it for 50% Commission

Posted by Rahul Gupta
It is not a matter at all to bother if you don't know about affiliate marketing in prior because we are going to give you a clear view of it before getting the benefits of our program. This affiliate marketing is nothing but recommending an online product of a company to a customer and when this product is bought by him/ her under your recommendation brings you a commission i.e. promised by the company when recruiting you as its affiliate.
TeslaThemes Affiliate Program
You might wonder how they might make out that it was you who brought in that particular customer. It is actually quite simple, the URL offered to you is used to track down the traffic through your promotional technique or a referral code and email too are validated in accounting affiliate sales.

Every affiliate marketing company has its own TOS like offering you a 50 day cookie period, where when you get your customer landed on your marketing company website with your affiliate link and though he doesn't buy the product that day but any day up to 50 day time period from then too will entitle you to the sales commission.

So, affiliate marketing is simply and completely based on your efforts of bringing in a new visitor or a customer to your affiliate product website. Being an affiliate of a marketing company you will be rewarded for each and every visitor or customer you bring in for sales of your product as mentioned earlier.

Make Money with TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

Now coming to our TeslaThemes Affiliate Program, it offers a wide range almost all fields of website theme requirements and you are provided with referral links and banners that are easy to be placed on your site or to be suggested. And every time a user clicks on that link and buys themes, you are profited with a commission. As per with other affiliate marketing companies, their program deals with the best advantages for your benefits of sharing our community.

Advantages of TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

  1. Profit brought to them is evenly shared i.e. 50% commission for every sale you pull in as an appreciation for your efforts. 
  2. You don't have to sign in more than once. As one-time registration as a TeslaThemes member avails you both purchasing as well as affiliation dashboard with manageable settings.  
  3. You are offered a 90 days cookie period to grab your commission for every purchase by your referred user during this 90 days time period after the first use of referral link.  
  4. Better than the best is that you are given a complete toolkit for Affiliate Marketers consisting of links and banners along with their embedded code for easy placing of links on your site and also for making way for other advantages. 
  5. You going to get $15% commission on every sales made by your referrals. 
  6. Along with commission for every purchase through more than one purchase from the same customer unlike one time one- man sale , you'll receive your income every month starting from a very base value payout of 1$.

Stress Free Sign Up Process

Well, for you to avail the pre mentioned beneficial advantages, it requires nothing but a simple and free sign up. As soon as you enter their website, you can find a register option on the top left where you can sign up using your Facebook account or by entering some relevant information regarding yourself.
Sign Up Tesla Themes Affiliate Program

Once you are done with sign up, enter into affiliate program to find your availabilities to benefit from TeslaThemes toolkit. After logging into your account, the necessary banners and referral links are present for access. The best part about this program is that you can be benefited from the complete set of text links and promotional banners we created just for you.

Become Affiliate Member

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions are to be strictly followed given below in order to receive your leads properly.
  1. Having a PayPal account for yourself is a necessary element to receive your commission. 
  2. You will get your commissions within 5 days of the beginning of every month.  
  3. You are no way entitled to earn commissions from your own purchases.  
  4. You shouldn't use PPC advertising in order to promote our service with your affiliate links.  
  5. You are not allowed to use our brand name in your domain name or PPC keywords. 
  6. You should not spam or participate in link schemes to promote our products.
With a provision of win-win basis, your winning is our winning too so we will always make in a good response and help which is required for a mutual growth.

Give this affiliate program a try and start earning from today. Share you earning screenshots in the comment section below to inspire people.


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