13 Must Have Apps For MBA Students - iOS/Android

Friday, 4 March 2016

13 Must Have Apps For MBA Students - iOS/Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you are doing MBA from any of the top schools in India, chances are your platter way fuller than you can handle. While cracking this highly valued management degree is a hard task, a little help from your smartphone can make all the differences. In today’s world where we have an app for almost everything, there are some awesome apps for MBA students too. 
Apps For MBA Students
Apps For MBA Students
So, if you are studying in one of the top MBA colleges in Noida or any other city, here are some apps that’ll help you on your journey. 

Top 13 Apps For MBA Students

1. Any.do
An MBA student’s life is often filled with events, meetings, classes, assignments, internship and so on. Keeping up with the busy schedule without missing out on any important task is quite hard. But not when you have Any.do. This amazing app keeps track of your to-do list, your schedules, meetings and what not. 

The app will give you a timely reminder and help you stay organized and productive throughout the day. Moreover, with Any.do you can easily switch from your smartphone to PC to tablet without any hiccups. The app is available in iOS and Android

2. Microsoft Outlook
Get all the convenient features of good old Outlook on your phone with this app. The app lets you send emails, prioritize emails from important contacts, keep track of your calendar and much more. This is one app that you are going to love for the rest of your life as an MBA professional. 

The interface is really great and completely user-friendly. You can even send emails with huge attachments without downloading them on your phone. Available in both iOS and Android, this is one app that you must have.

3. Weebly
In today’s tech-driven world, web presence means a lot. Often your future employer would check out your social media profiles and online presence before meeting you. Here, having a personal website with all your achievements, goals and projects can create a very professional image, especially when we are talking about management. 

Weebly(iOS/Android) lets you create your personal website where you can publish your latest projects, pictures etc. Through this app, you can also check the statistics on your website to understand its reach. 

4. TextGrabber
TextGrabber is an essential app not only for an MBA student but in general for almost every student and for all those who belong to the workforce. While there are many apps that let your convert documents into PDF, there are very few that converts documents into editable texts. TextGrabber does just that. 

With the help of this app(iOS/Android), you can simply scan any documents, be it class notes, a book or meeting schedules and convert them into editable texts to add your comments and inputs. 

5. Audio Memos
Often while scribing the notes down, we miss out on the actual teaching in classes. But not when Audio Memos(iOS/Android) is with you. This powerful recording app will record all your class notes, seminars, meetings and what not. The recording tool is quite powerful and you can actually bookmark important moments in the recording. So, let your fingers take rest while you engage in valuable conversation with your teachers and peers. It is a great app for students or employees in any field. 

6. Prezi
Prezi (iOS/Android) is rather a beautiful depiction of the age-old routine presentations and provides the classic power point presentations and innovative, and more interactive form. MBA and presentations go hand in hand. This superb app will let you create professional-quality presentations on the go. Moreover, you can sync it with your other devices too to get all your work on one platform. So, be it for your classes, a seminar or even a business proposal, you will never have to showcase a half-baked presentation.

7. Economic Times
Business and economy are closely related. As a management student, it is paramount to have the knowledge of latest business and share the market news. The app (iOS/Android) provides a complete and a detailed coverage of Markets, Business, Finance, BSE India, NSE India and Economy News as they happen. And if you are a management student in India business news gets no better than Economic times, it is considered one of the most authentic, reliable and swift source of news. Through their app, you can get your daily dose of business on the go. 

8. Dropbox
Dropbox (iOS/Android)provides services through its app as well as with its website. It allows its users to store their photos, documents, videos, pdfs, and other files easily on the app. Equipped with easy sharing of large files and email attachments it is one of the best storage and backup app. It stores the data on the cloud and allows the user to access them easily. The app is easy to use and contemplate with.

9. EverNote
Almost everyone needs to keep a track of their ideas, notes, researchers, important videos, necessary web page links etc. in this case you need an app that remembers everything for you and no app can be better than Evernote at this. It also allows its user to share their to-do list with others. Maintain sync with Google. 

A specifically designed business app is also available by Evernote (iOS/Android) which is useful in project management and task scheduling, it requires a small monthly payment.

10. News dictionary – WordSnitch
It is always a cumbersome and time-consuming act to switch from one app to another just to search the meaning of a word. So here is a dictionary app that is compatible with many news apps - CNET, CNN, USA Today Insta , The Huffington Post, Reuters, NBC, The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, ABC, Fox, CBS News, NPR, The Guardian, The Associated Press, India Today, Pagalguy and many more. 

The dictionary facilitates one to instantly open the meaning of the word in the app itself. This app(Android) can be beneficial not only for MBA aspirants but also for aspirants of other competitive exams that grills their General Knowledge.

11. MBASkool
The app (Android) is of around 2.5 MB it is the officially launched app by MBASkool.com and is considered to be one of the most renowned and comprehensive education portals for management in the world of B-schools and Business professionals. It is a user-friendly app and provides a large database for it's users consisting of the latest management articles, concepts/definitions, brands analysis, fun facts, events and college updates etc. The app is a must have for all CAT aspirants.

12. CamCard 
As you come across eminent persons, an exchange of cards is often required. As a student, you might not carry a card with your name but you will always come across situations where you need someone else's business card. It is a  perfect fit for salespeople, entrepreneurs, business developers or marketing experts, and anyone who want to be one. 

The app (iOS/Android) basically scans and stores the business card, allows you to exchange e-cards with people nearby. Enrich your profile to let others know about yourself and adds notes and reminders to contacts. With the free version, you can carry around 200 cards at once. 

13. LinkedIn
It is a sure a vital app for all the professionals and graduates. It basically establishes a connection between people in the professional world. Builds and nurtures a professional network and allows you to stay updated with the latest business and industry happenings. 

A LinkedIn (iOS/Android) profile is more like a professional resume and tells your story to the world, allowing you to develop as a brand. It facilitates sharing of articles, to establish ourself as a leader and widens your approach and contacts with other professionals.

These were some of the best business apps for MBA students. So, download these apps from Google Store now, and move forward towards creating a successful career in management. 


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