4 Kind Of Android Apps One Should Not Have

Monday, 15 February 2016

4 Kind Of Android Apps One Should Not Have

Posted by Rahul Gupta
All the android users after a certain period often complain of the reduced performances of their phones. While some of this are accounted to heavy storage, mostly android phones show abbreviated operations due to the installation of heavy apps that harm the normal processing of your cell phones. Some of the apps do not get killed and are retained in the background processes hampering speed and available storage in the devices. It is very important to mark these apps and to take the required precautions while downloading them or it is better to avoid keeping these apps in your Smartphones.
Android Apps One Should Not Have
Listed below are a few categories under which performance affecting apps are being classified. They are as follows:

4 Kind Of Apps One Should Not Have In Android Mobile

1. The Performance Draining Apps: - There are basically two kinds of apps that reduce performance on your smart phones or tablets they include apps that affect the device during boot-up or apps that affect its functionality during processing. Performance draining apps usually slow down the operational speed of the phone and cause it to stay in a hanged situation, which can then only be overcome by restarting the phone only, that is by killing all the apps functional at that time. 

Some of the top apps that reduce performance are Facebook, snap chat, Google Play service, Instagram, Messenger, Amazon, Netflix. Some of these apps run in the background process even when you believe that you have killed these processes.

2. Battery Draining Apps: - Again battery draining apps can be divided into two subcategories – the ones which drain battery during boot-up while the others that drain the battery at run-time. Some of these apps auto-run during startup even when the user has not opted to use them they include Google Play Service, Samsung Security Policy Updater and others. 

While the other apps which can battery drainage when run by the users include Snap chat, BBC News, Walmart app, Amazon shopping App and others.

3. Storage Hogging Apps: - Storage is a limited premium luxury, some apps consume a lot greater storage space than others hence affecting the device's work efficiency. Also, this may lead to unavailability of storage for other requirements. Some of the storage hogging apps include – Spotify Music, Chrome Browser, Amazon kindle and Aillis.

These apps consume the storage when used by the mobile owners while there are few apps that deplete the storage and are on auto-run mode they include – Facebook, Instagram, Sp-Mode mail and Google Play Service.

4. Data Consuming Apps: - Many apps consume unnecessary data and increase the data traffic on a phone. Data connection comes at a cost and it's essential to figure out the apps that lead to much of the data consumption and to avoid their usage. Data consuming app during run-time include Tumblr, Netflix, Snap chat and the ones that are auto run include Facebook, Yahoo!, Instagram and others.

What if I Can't Uninstall Some Of The Above Mentioned Apps?

It's obvious that one can't simply stop using these apps. We're bound to them in our daily life routine. Just use the below mentioned tips to improve

7 Proven Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Healthy

  • Know your device well: - Learn about all its configurations. The available storage space, the RAM accessible and in use, it's labeled battery life and other such features. Recognize your device's strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Remove Unnecessary Apps: - If you are not using any of the apps regularly or you believe that it is no longer required, remove it from your phone as soon as possible.
  • Disable Unwanted Apps: - There would be some apps that you might not be using regularly, disable these apps from your phone's settings.
  • Update Phone And Apps:- Most of the update versions of android and of apps too, intend to reduce their size and the other flaws possessed by these apps that might prove useful for your phone. So, update your apps for their improvements.
  • Avoid Live Wallpapers: - Live wallpapers not only reduce the performance of the phone by reducing it's operational speed but also cause storage hogging. It is better to avoid their usage and instead use the simple wallpapers.
  • Kill Processes From Time To Time: - Close the background running apps in some time regularly. Avoid overloading your phone with too many background processes they reduce the phone's efficiency heavily. Try using some phone cleaning apps that would clean your phone at regular time intervals.
  • Limit Memory And Data Usage: - You can change the app settings and limit the usage of these. Also, every time you exceed the limit you shall be notified moreover then you can choose to carry further with a process or to drop it.
Here's we come to the end. If you know more such apps then let us know, we would love to share them with our readers. 


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