2 Ways To Lock/Unlock Any Widget In Blogger

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

2 Ways To Lock/Unlock Any Widget In Blogger

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Widgets can be created and removed easily in blogger. By default gadgets can be created, edited or removed. Such type of widgets are called UNLOCKED widgets. As they are editable and you can perform several actions on them. While some of the widgets are locked ones. If you're unable to remove any widget then it's LOCKED widget. Actually Remove button is not provided for such type of gadgets. You can edit them without any issue but can't remove them.
Lock Unlock Widget In Blogger
Lock Unlock Widget In Blogger
Not all the widgets are locked by default, only some of them are locked because of some reason. Header widget, Favicon widget, Navigation widget and Content widgets, these are some of the example of locked widget. You can't remove them simply as remove option is not provided for them. But there are some tricks to lock/unlock any widget. We just need to change the locked property of any gadget and that's it. Our gadget will contain an delete option.

There are two ways which I have provided below, just follow the step by step process and apply it. Be careful while implementing as a little change in your code can cause big trouble in your template.

How To Unlock/Lock Any Widget In Blogger

Method 1: - By Changing Locked Property
1. Navigate to blogger.com.
2. Login with your Gmail user name and password.
3. After that Open blogger dashboard and click on Layout from left side bar.
4. Now choose the widget which you want to remove and click on Edit button.
Edit widget
Edit widget
5. If widget is having remove option then it's fine otherwise copy Widget's ID from the URL bar. You can get the widgetID by placing your mouse cursor at the Edit link of that specific widget. It will look similar to the below code.
“WidgetID=’something’ “

Here in my case it is Header1. Copy this id and save anywhere.
6. Now head towards Template from left side bar and click on Edit HTML.
7. Press Ctrl+F and search for widget ID that your saved earlier.
8. Now you will see an option locked = 'true' , just replace the word true with false and save your template. That's it, there will be an remove option in your gadget.
Widget Attribute
Widget Attribute
Method 2: - Remove The Widget Code Completely
1. If we want to remove any widget then just remove it's HTML code and it won't exist. 
2. Widget code starts from <b:widget …> tag and ends with </b:widget>.
3. Do the same, search for Widget ID and then find those above two tags. Remove the entire porting of code between tags starting from <b:widget …> and ending with </b:widget>.
4. Save the template. Thus we directly removed the widget without unlocking widget.

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So we've complete our tutorial on locking and unlocking any widget. If you still have any doubt then leave a comment below.


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